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SCaLPI v2.5 for Rainmeter

SCaLPI - Simple Cover and Lyrics Player Interface

A litte Rainmeter-Skin i've made inspired by RMediaCover but changed a whole lot!

Lyrics scroll automatically! Credits to smurfier ( [link] ) for this!

Works with almost every player using NowPlaying.dll

Rightklick and klick "Edit skin"
Change "Player" to Winamp, iTunes, WMP, etc,... ( Full list of Players here: [link] )

Change "Playerpath" to the Path of your Player

Also be sure to write me any suggestions ;)

YOU NEED(!) Rainmeter for this to work!
Rainmeter: [link]

Whats new in v2?

- Everything works seperatly
- Lots of new settings for size and color
- Lyrics can also be aligned right and centered!

Whats new in v2.5?

- Manual scrollable (Mousewheel)
- Auto, Manual, and Comboscroll-Option

- Still sometimes problems with autoscrolling of lyrics...
Works in most cases and is fixable by adjusting size

Videotour: (sorry for my english...)
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Is there a way to get it to work with WebNowPlaying?