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Optical illusion Flipsided

By flipside
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Thought i would post this version i did of a classic optical illusion, seen as ~ sushifreak said he was into optical illusion stuff. Been on my hard drive for a while, didnt know i still had it. No doubt lots of peeps have seen this. But i decided to redo it, with some more colour and stuff...

What colours are the dots people? Black or white?....:rofl:.....:?
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QCC-Art's avatar
white and wild :)
cwg83cwg83's avatar
this is awesome!!!
Blazemist's avatar
They're white with magical black dots
cwg83cwg83's avatar
let me know if you begin to sell this as a print, thanks
MartinIsaac's avatar
White... I think... :dizzy:
Lilac453's avatar
Wow~ That's amazing~
MEZO210's avatar
their all white !
Llauron-Mel's avatar
really good job - the balls are white, what me wonder is that the balls three rows 'round disappears and the lines breaks through... thats awesome!
FlatlineOnSteroids's avatar
I see flashes of many black dots all at once :D
snail-love's avatar
this is neat and crazy xD
foxthefoxx's avatar
Freaking dots?!
SilverSonicShadowluv's avatar
the dot are white ive made one of these before
spongefiction's avatar
White! I kind of cheated after looking for a while. I looked at large view, then small view. But you did a really good job on this illusion! :)
samypool's avatar
GRRRR!! Everytime I try to catch the Black dots, they vanish!!!!!!!! Now all I can see is a white dot and the others are black!!!
Lyioh's avatar
OMG I'm dizzy from looking at it xD
black and white[link]
Spidey Sense
Dark-Angel71's avatar
woah, my eyes hurt! awesome job!
Sesroh's avatar
My eyes are burning...@_@
fr3d's avatar
mysterious are the ways of the Lord...
flipside's avatar
And the wrath he brings hath untold side effects too...:D
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