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Corra Linn

Corra Linn Falls
New Lanark, Scotland

I was in the mood for some waterfall scouting today, and with the 'Clyde Falls' being relatively close to home, I decided to head to New Lanark.
It was pretty busy round the entire trail, and the actual falls here are pretty difficult to get to. The trail goes round at a pretty high up level, so getting to a ground level with the falls would mean a lot of careful climbing down steep hills, and climbing of fences.

I patiently waited for some nice, subtle light through the clouds from up at the top of the trail. My tripod at the correct position, mirror locked up, and my Sigma 70-300mm telephoto attached to my camera, I was ready when the conditions were.
I really like the outcome of all the individual falls this one large fall creates at a zoomed in focal length. Very abstract like, and soothing to watch through the viewfinder.

I hope you all enjoy! :) :heart:

Black & White version:

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to view, comment, and add to their :+fav:

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Hey Phil! I've been browsing the web searching for long exposures with the 70-300mm and I've come upon this ehehe:D
I have the APO DG version for a long time and I have rarely used it, I was wondering how it would perform with my ND400 (plus ND8) on a seascape, anything up to 30 seconds, as I haven't bought the 7D's shutter release. Do you have any input on that, please?:)
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What would you need the focal length of 70-300mm for a seascape? I don't tend to use my nd filter much, I may look into buying an nd400 at some point in the near future for my new Sigma 10-20mm, but as for this lens, I've never really used it on it, maybe once. This was just a 2 sec. exposure, roughly, with a polariser. As for the shutter release, if your keeping your exposure time below 30 secs. the self timer works the same way as a shutter release.
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Because I have a nd400 58mm and no other lens to use it on.=P Both my lenses who fit it are ruined.:(
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wonderful shot my friend..:)
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Slower shutterspeeds rock.
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Very beautiful! You did it at just the right time, The lighting conditions are perfect. I admire the way the water looks like sheets of glass. The Angle is perfect. Good Work!
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Thank you for the descriptive feedback, I'm glad you like it. :)
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Very good composition for this waterfall :)
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Thank you Alexandre, means a lot coming from you!
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Great work, amazing blue :aww:
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You're welcome:aww:
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That's very cool ^_^
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Shockingly beautiful, in all the right ways :) Your photographs never cease to amaze me ^-^
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It's great! Lovely soft water and amazing detail on the wet rocks :thumbsup:
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