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Danganronpa OC - Monohitsuji
In the upcoming fanfiction, Monokuma wouldn't be alone. I present you all his fiance, Monohitsuji.

She is robotic sheep and does more of the cooking, cleaning, and many more in the camp. She is really motherly-like and tends to be soft. Despite loving Monokuma, she doesn't like the idea of the killing game. She is really helpful to the participants, even if someone doesn't trust her too well.

Monohitsuji belongs to me.
Geez, i wanted to draw some arts and post it here but with school work keeping me busy...i don't really have time to do so. It's good thing my school issue will end at Friday so i can do more art.
I just want to share to my headcanons to all of you. Hope you guys like it. I'll update more sooner.


Age: 18
Personalities: Hyper-active, Kind-hearted, Naive, Caring, Friendly, Joyful, Childish, Careless
  • When someone denied her request which really is a big deal to her, she acts like baby till' they agreed to her request.
  • She's quite known by everyone even famous people.
  • She forms a fan club called "The Munchmore Fanatic" where Munchmore fans can talk about Munchmore and their snackimals.
  • Her favorite type of party are birthday parties.
  • She's into fashions just so she can show everyone her attire to every party (She wores different clothes in most of the parties she attended/threw).
  • She's really close friends with Trishna since she is really fashionable, she even follow The Trendiful Tangerine blog.
  • She knows every of Papa Louie's customers' birthdays for her to threw a party (Some people thinks it is creepy for her to know everyones' birthdays).
  • She also loves to watch some animes, movies, cartoons, eat snacks, and play some video games.
  • Her favorite time in the party is dancing, chatting with friends, and eating snacks.
  • Her first party she thrown is her mother's birthday when she was a child.


Age: 22
Personalities: Nice, Curious, Kind, Sensitive, Confident
  • He never met his father and doesn't know why, which got him to give more love to his mother and hopes that he wouldn't end up the same.
  • He is into the origins of the 4 suits of the cards: Club, Diamond, Heart, and Spade. This got him to represent each member of Scarlett And the Shakers with him represent the Spade.
  • He sometimes feel uncomfortable about represent the Spade due to meaning the death card.
  • He first played the bass guitar when he found a worn-out bass guitar from the trash. He taught himself to play which his mother admired him so much that she started signing him up for guitar lessons to learn.
  • Before Scarlett and the Shakers, he used to be traveling musician and play the bass guitar in every small places like coffee shops and fancy restaurants.
  • His traveling musician are over when he performed a song in a local coffee shop in Frostfield, which got him to know Scarlett.
  • He was always close to her mother and sometimes took care of her, he hopes one day to meet his father.
  • Rudy always have a sibling-like relationship to Clover and Marty. With Marty hanging out and play guitar together, and Clover offer him a snack and plays music together.


Age: 22
Personalities: Mischievous, Flirtious, Tough, Rebellious, Cool

  • Before he moved to Oniontown, he was once a nice and easy-going person that was kind to everyone.
  • He likes to annoyed Robby about he and Captain Cori being a couple, which made Robby so angry so much.
  • He is afraid of Bertha due to her anger and looks, but she tries her best not to be afraid of her.
  • He and Robby has this rivalry ever since they reunite in the opening of Papa's Taco Mia.
  • He dated many girls but ended getting beat up.
  • He hates going to Oniontown since he didn't want to see some bullies, the only time he went to Oniontown is to eat at Papa's Scooperia and hangs out with his friends.
  • When he was in Oniontown, he made friends with Sarge Fan and Radlynn. He always love to make fun of them being a couple.
  • He has a crush on a certain female chef but doesn't want to admit it and tries to flirt her.


Age: 22
Personalities: Grumpy, Brave, Clever, Hard-working

  • Before he was stranded in a uncharted island, he was lazy and unactive person who rather stay in his apartment.
  • He works and lives at S.S. Louie after being saved by Captain Cori from the island.
  • He and Captain Cori are best friends ever since he was saved by Captain Cori, so they sometimes do some fishing whenever they are not doing work.
  • He has a pet parrot named Harpoon who is from the island where he was stranded.
  • Before their hard past, he and Allan used to be good friends.
  • When he was teenager, his father kicked him out from home for dropping out of school. At first he didn't care about it, but he started to feel regret his past decisions since his time in the island.
  • When he got back to Tastyville, he discovered that he wasn't mentioned in the news about the storm, was fired, and his apartment was taken.


Age: 22
Personalities: Happy, Kind, Helpful, Brave, Hardworking, Active (Joy) Aloof, Brave, Grumpy, Protective, Serious, Mysterious (Ninjoy)
  • She secretly has a crush on Moe but too shy to admit it.
  • She mostly took the pizza delivery then cooking. The reason she took that is because she can patrol Flipverse easier without making everyone worried about her.
  • She tries her best to avoid Nowtime News, just so she wouldn't get her identity to be discovered and to spread rumors but also to avoid Duke Gotcha for being so annoying and a stalker.
  • She has gotten many fights from the Pepper Jacks since Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack.
  • She first met Moe when Joy was carrying some pizza boxes while Moe was carrying some boxes of comic books, which ended up bumping eachother and fell. They apologize in the same times, which got them laughing. They become friends after but Joy ended getting a crush on him.
  • Ever since her mother pass away and her father's disappearance, she always protect his little brother from harm due to him having lack of parenting care and no protection.
  • She is one of the students in Kunoichi Dojo, which is how she learns martial arts.
  • She has a love of Sakura Bay culture ever since she was kid.

Moe/The Dynamoe

Age: 28
Personalities: Nice, Kind, Nerdy, Helpful, Overexcitement (Moe) Sly, Charismatic, Gentleman, Brave, Clever (The Dynamoe)
  • He has a crush on Ninjoy, which he decided to flirt her and steal some gifts for her.
  • As the Dynamoe, he wore red color contacts to prevent everyone from knowing his true eye colors.
  • He is a fan of baseball that he collected some balls and baseball cards (He even sometimes steal valuable baseballs related things).
  • His signature weapons are the tazer and the baseball bat.
  • As the Dynamoe, he did not just flirt Ninjoy but also every women looking attractive to him like Shannon just to lower their confident.
  • He secretly wrote some fan-fictions about his favorite superheroes and Ninjoy while not working. He sometimes led people read his fanfictions about his favorite superheros and supervillians but not about Ninjoy since it is mostly romance. Moe only led Roy read it since he ships them.
  • He has secret lair beneath his comic book store.
  • He first met Ninjoy when he was robbing the bank. At first he was excited to beat his soon-to-be arch-nemesis, until he got his eyes at her and ended up falling in love with her. Which got him decided not to hurt her.
  • He likes to mess around with people especially news reporters and polices like Hank, Duke Gotcha, and Shannon.
  • He likes to spread rumors about him and Ninjoy being a couple, which Ninjoy is annoyed about it.
  • He learns to fight by watching some martial art tapes.

Guy Mordatello

Age: 45
Personalities: Short-temper, Impatience, Jealous

  • The reason he got out of prison so quickly because "someone" payed his prison fine.
  • He stole many people's belongings just so he could sell it and get his restaurant back.
  • He is the older brother of Papa Louie and the uncle of Roy and Joy. Guy Mordatello is always jealous of Papa Louie for being the best but he does love his niece and nephew.
  • His least favorite restaurant is Papa's Bakeria since he thinks that restaurant is a rip-off of his own restaurant.
  • He and the Dynamoe knows each other and they become close friends, but Guy sometimes think of him as a creepy and he doesn't know his true identity.
  • He might not like Papa Louie, but he does love his other younger brother (Roy and Joy's father). He blames Papa Louie for his disappearance.


Age: 18
Personalities: Cowardly, Nice, Nervous, Sad, Loneliness, 
  • He always think of himself the most normal one of all the residents in Flipverse since he met many people with special skills while he doesn't think of himself having a special skill.
  • Roy is a fan of Ninjoy and admires her heroic works and skills that he sometimes cosplay her.
  • Papa Louie made him the next head of the Papa Louie franchise when he retires, Roy feels proud and nervous at the same time.
  • He and Moe has this brotherly-like bond ever since they first met. They always read comics, watch some news about Ninjoy, and also cosplay.
  • He never met his mother since his mother pass away from birth. 
  • When he was a kid, he always get bullied from the kids from school which got him very lonely. Luckily he was saved by Joy.


Age: 14
Personalities: Nervous, Smart, Kind, Nice, Awkward, Hard-working
  • Iggy dreams of becoming like his grandfather, Professor Fitz. But sometimes get nervous and shy around people.
  • He is the youngest student in Eclair Academy, since he has highest I.Q.
  • He always help his grandfather assist in labs and tries his best not to cause harm.
  • He enjoys going to Powder Point Amusement park since the rides and games have science in it.
  • His parents are really busy on work and have less time with Iggy, which got Iggy to be raised by Professor Fitz.


  • Whiff and Mindy wore clothing with a lighting bolt to represent on the day fall in love with each other. They started loving each other when the lighting strike.
  • Trishna is secretly a fan of Scarlett and the Shakers, that she doesn't want to admit it and acts like a tsundere to them. Her favorite member is Rudy and has a little crush on him despite having a girlfriend.
  • Scooter and Gremmie are great friends but Scooter sometimes love to make fun of Gremmie for looking like a girl and also love to put him in dresses. Gremmie feel annoyed about it.
  • Duke Gotcha looks brave and confident in the news but he is secretly a coward and afraid to do things, which Shannon tries to help him.
  • The Disco Plumms has this hatred against Timm for beating in a dancing competition (Which is during the time of PL3: WSA).
  • Bertha has a secret crush on Pinch Hitwell ever since she first met him and hates to admit it, Kenji knows about it and tries to ignore it so he wouldn't be attacked by Bertha.
  • Hope, Yui, Elle, and Amy has a huge crush on Steven, which Steven feels unlucky about it. They are also called themselves "Kingsley's Smiles" which their leader is Kingsley where they spread happiness around Flipverse.
  • Sarge Fan and LePete hated each other since they always brag about who is the best boss and having a crush on Radlynn. Radlynn wasn't aware of it.
  • Scooter and Clover are best friends since they have many similarities.
  • Chester has trust issues from other people, since he thinks that everyone has a bad side. He also once part of a military during his younger years.


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I'm a just teenager who loves to draw especially some interesting characters that made me want to make me more characters


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