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It's 's birthday and to celebrate I'm doing my first giveaway :)

Awaken's birthday giveaway! by Flipfloppery

You can participate via tumblr…
and/or via facebook [link]
and/or via twitter…

follow the links to get more info and join :)
Thank you so much for sticking with me and the comic for so long :DD!!

Hey everyone!
I’ll be doing a patreon revamp at the beginning of October, so I wanted to share with you some of the rewards that I’ve offered these last few months, and invite you to become my patron if you’re interested in any of these or would simply like to support me as I produce my passion-project Awaken.

New Pop avatar set by Flipfloppery Awaken Beach day by Flipfloppery Leila for Asorra by Flipfloppery Awaken Medieval AU wallpaper by Flipfloppery

There’ll be some new rewards added at the end of the month and some others that will disappear. One of them is the themed commissions reward for 15usd supporters, so if you feel like getting your OC (or yourself) drawn in Awaken’s style with Flux Ripples and a special super-power, don’t miss your chance to get a cheap commission along with a tonload of extra rewards- I’d love to fluxify you :)

Thank you very much for your interest and support, friends!

Read my webcomic Awaken
Become my patron at Patreon
Get your Flux Ripples themed commission
Buenas noticias, amigos!
Awaken porfin estrena nuevo sitio con el cómic completamente en español donde podrán leer de corrido más de 400 páginas de contenido que se actualiza semanalmente :D!!
Además de eso, se lanzan los 2 primeros capítulos del cómic en ComicConChile este 26, 27 y 28 de Mayo!
No se lo pierdan! Estaré firmando libros y llevaré regalitos para los que me vayan a saludar y se lleven un libro.

Espero verlos!

Voy a estar en la Comic Con Chile! by Flipfloppery
Ch5 has officially ended :)
Thank you so much for reading, and if you haven't here are some links to help you catch up!

Awaken cover art by Flipfloppery Prologue
AWAKEN-CHAPTER 1-COVER by Flipfloppery Chapter 1, Oversleep
AWAKEN-CHAPTER 02-COVER by Flipfloppery Chapter 2, Vigil
Incoming call by Flipfloppery Chapter 3, Incoming Call
Chapter 4 - Masks by Flipfloppery Chapter 4 Masks pt1
Chapter 5 has started! by Flipfloppery Chapter 5, Masks pt2

1 by Flipfloppery 2 by Flipfloppery 3 by Flipfloppery 4 by Flipfloppery

I was looking back through my stuff and wanted to share this with you. I’didn’t include the intermissions, but I’m about to reach 300 comic pages, in 2 and a half years of work.

All the first chapter was done while I had a job in animation, posting a page per week, 2 towards the end of the chapter when I published on Inkblazers. It was the first year of Awaken. After that I got into Hiveworks and started posting 3 times per week (with some exceptions here and there)

It’s pretty incredible to think I’ve made all of this… I used to struggle with finishing stuff, and I even was uncomfortable with sharing my art and work when I was younger.
I’m so happy I got to start Awaken and kept on doing it day by day. I’m thrilled to see the comic has grown so much and I’m thrilled for all the things I have to share with you yet!
Thank you so much for sticking with me through all of this :D!

Chapter 5 finally starts on Monday so GET HYPE!!

and if you haven’t read the comic yet, there’s 4 pretty chapters to binge read through :)!
Awaken comic layout  chapter4 sc contest by Flipfloppery

This’ll be an open-vote contest that’ll take place as intermission between Chapter four & five. The winners will get their fanart featured as fullsize pages on the site, along with links to their work/ site/ blog/ etc. + a commission from me. 3rd and 2nd place get a cell-shaded bust commission, 1st place gets a full body painted commission.

The rules are simple:

  1. Submit your artwork as a comment on the pages reserved for the contest, starting on Sept 12th, on
  2. Your artwork MUST be 700px wide x 1050px high and feature any character(s) of Awaken.
  3. Traditional art, digital art, mixed media, animation gifs and comic strips are allowed.
  4. Pornography, gore, mature themes and bigotry are prohibited.
  5. Multiple entries with different artwork are allowed. Every entry is independent of the others, in case you submit more than once.
  6. Old artwork that wasn’t made purposely for the contest is allowed too. Use the opportunity to share your fanart!
  7. The voting will be public and up to you! You can upvote as many entries as you want. The 3 entries that get the most upvotes during the contest duration win.
  8. The submissions AND votes close on Thursday, September 22nd at 23:00 hrs EST. I’ll screenshot, count the votes and present the winners.
  9. I reserve the right to moderate any comment/piece that’s not suitable or polite.

The main idea of this instance is to have fun and share, while I get some days off to prepare the new chapter, so if you enjoy Awaken and/or are looking forward to the prizes, please participate! I'm looking forward to seeing your creations :D!
Hey friends!!
The Kickstarter is funded and really close of hitting the first stretch goal! YAY!
66cfb2f625f31efb981fecb2d9ee6749 Original by Flipfloppery

We're only $700 away! and we've got 30 hrs to make it happen!
We've decided to open 3 more slots of the "All Rewards" tier , that has been sold out since the first weeks!
Now is your chance to get all the goodies! Remember they come with a Tshirt included that we added mid-campaign :D!

D80e8e7bca3db5e7422f7155bf58b571 Original by Flipfloppery

All your pledges are going now into the Stretch Goals! If we hit 22K, we'll announce another exciting one at 25K!…

Thank you so much for all your support :D!
snap KS countdown8 by Flipfloppery

Great news!
We reached 15K- 75% of the Kickstarter 's main goal!!
Thank you so much for your support!
I've been a bag of nerves, but seeing the KS get this far is exciting and like a dream come true!

Today's countdown image is brought to you by Piras' sexy punching bag!
 KS pillow piras promo by Flipfloppery
You know, the one you punch after reading every update of the comic where he does something stupid  >: D
It's a kickstarter exclusive and I don't plan on producing them again in the near future, so if you want one, you should consider getting it now as a reward for helping the KS reach it's goal :D!

We still got 8 days left! Thank you so much for what you've done so far :heart:
Promo Polera by Flipfloppery

Thank you so much for your support so far!

The kickstarter already crossed the 50% of the goal, and the count down of the last 2 weeks begins!

We decided we would add a new reward as a thank you and as an encouragement to keep the campaign alive and fresh!
It's the first time Awaken has a Tshirt, so I'm really excited about this new special reward!

You can check out the full update and details about this reward here:…/aw…

Thank you so much for all you've done already- we're getting closer to having the first Awaken printed version!!
Having an Awaken book will be like a dream for me and will mean an important assurance for me as an author in the future, so if you enjoy the comic and my art, please consider pledging to the campaign!

Promo For Site by Flipfloppery

We're on 30%! I need your help to make this book happen :) !

Help Awaken get its first print edition!…

Awaken is a free to read, longterm, action/mystery/psychological webcomic, that I’ve been publishing online for the last few years, and I’m extremelly excited to announce that the kickstarter to fund its first print edition is finally LIVE!

The first volume of Awaken will contain over 200 pages of fully colored artwork, including the prologue, the first 3 chapters, and extras made exclusively for the book! Besides that, the campaign features special rewards to celebrate the occasion, so if you’re interested in getting the cutest charms or the hottest dakimakura, this is your chance!

For years I’ve put all my passion and effort into this project, and now I need your help to reach the next milestone for the comic.

Please help me bring Awaken: Volume 1 to life!

Thank you so much :D (Big Grin)!

Want to learn more about the story? Read it here.
On board with the idea? CHECK OUT THE KICKSTARTER!
Commissions open on patreon! by Flipfloppery

I'm taking commissions from any Patron that supports the comic with 20.00 or more monthly!
So if you're interested in getting fullbody commisions from me, at a super nice price, consider becoming my patron!!

Check my Patreon rewards here:

Thank you so much for your support!
For all your bday wishes!
I had an amazing day with my family and it made me feel extra loved to read all your kind messages C: <3

Thank you :heart:

Hello, friends!
Chapter 3  of Awaken has ended, and the time as come for me to start thinking more about the future of my webcomic. I need to ask for your help so I can keep making this webcomic as my main job!

Some of you may have heard of Patreon already, but I realized not everyone has, so here’s a quick walkthrough to help you help me :D

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform, and a safe and easy way to support your indie creators so they can keep doing what they love to do! The big plus of Patreon is that it doesn’t require you to do big donations to help creators! You can pledge to donate very accessible amounts of money (A dollar is incredibly appreciated!) in a monthly basis, in exchange of monthly rewards.

You basically go to the patreon’s page , check the pledges, their rewards and the upcoming rewards (we're near unlocking the next milestone reward!!)…


decide how much you want to pledge to your creator…


and get extra goodies for your help!
Sample Rewards by Flipfloppery

It’s an easy and friendly way to help, so please consider helping me and making Awaken a dependable job for me in the future :)
Go to Patreon!

Thank you so much for your support!
Patreontumb by Flipfloppery

I'm really excited 'cause I've finally launched my Patreon account!

Please check it out if you like Awaken, and would like to support it and access the exclusive rewards I got!
They range from extra art, to spoilers, to exclusive comics requested by you... and some other little surprises ;)

Thanks a lot for your attention and support!
Have a nice weekend :D
I got tagged by EeNii 


You must post these rules.
Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
Answer the 10 questions asked by the one who tagged you.
Choose 10 people to tag (put the icons on the journal).
Make up 10 questions for the 10 you tagged.
No tag-backs. (Please. Don't.)
Make a journal entry.

My facts

1. I hate sweet flavor. I'm a cat HISS
2. I actually don't like cats xD I love dogs tho.
3. I get easily distracted.
4. I'm currently trying to learn more about MBTI cause I love personality theories.
5. I've died my hair of every possible color.
6. I'd like to die my hair black again, but it doesn't suit me. I look like a lost soul.
7. Speaking of which. I believe in ghosts and UFO and have seen both of them! Booooooo~~~spooky
8. I'm happy and pretty normal. Despite previous fact xD
9. I can speak 3 languages. spanish, english and french.
10. I...... get lonely easily :'D sniff

Questions for me

♥ How are you?
Cool. still on pajamas xD

♥ How was your summer?
Awesome!! I moved to a small town in the south of my country and lived near mountains and wood. I adopted a dog I found, her name is Puka, and she's the smartest creature on earth.

♥ What's your favorite music?
AAh I'm lazy to look for them. This is a song I love tho
♥ Do you have any goals on dA?
To post stuff. again. someday. xD

♥ Do you want to be popular? If you do, why?
Yes. I want people to read my comic! I love sharing my work with as many people I can.

♥ Do you have bucket list?
D: I don't even know what that is.

♥ What is your favorite thing to pass time?
Work, draw, hang around with friends, sing, cook, go out, eat.

♥ If you'd have the opportunity, which language would you learn?
Italian? Seems fun and should be easy for me.

♥ How did you get into your fandom you're in?
I'm not in any fandoms. I guess my last fandom was sailor moon when I was a kid hahaha

♥ Say something deep includes banana! c:
You'll never know what you get, until the banana is peeled~

thanks for the tag. It was fun!

Hola, amigos chilenos!!

Con mucha alegría y emoción, les comunico que este viernes 29, sábado 30 y domingo 31 estaré en Comic Con Chile, exponiendo por primera vez como artista!! 

Estoy súper entusiasmada porque compartiré el stand con los carismáticos y talentosísimos: Manly rainbow, Trik y Songoanda y porque los posters de mi webcomic Awaken están preciooooosoos~~~

Vayan a vernos!! Tenemos muchos posters, fanzines y stickers hechos con todo el amor y mucha MUCHA buena onda para compartir ;D!

Comic Con Chile 2015 by Flipfloppery
1 by Flipfloppery 2 by Flipfloppery
PLANTA COMIC CON 2015 MOD - copia by Flipfloppery
I'm starting to use more this account I had!

Follow me and talk to me! I'm still getting used to twitter ;u;
Thank you very much for your kind b-day wishes, you make my old heart go gooey ;u; splish splosh

I think I've never featured the amazing art gifts I've received over the last years so I'll use this opportunity to do so! These are some of the fanarts I've received, from newest to oldest. (if I forget to add yours, please remind me to add it)

Kotibday by HeldradHappy Birthday, Flip! by skhaiwhaelzAwaken chums for Flip by spacerocketbunnyHappy Birthday Koti Saavedra by KmSanchezHappy Birthday Koti by KidiMaster

Happy Birthday, FlipFloppery! by MaliceInTheAbyssHB- flipfloppery by MariPocket
Happy Birthday!!! by akozinskiPiras and Faen by RB-IllustrationPiras and Faen by spacerocketbunnyAwaken: Camille Audrey by WhiteWolfPrincessPiras lovin' by lacrimodePiras Dameschi by CirqueDuAwesomePiras by Uty-BacalaitoPiras by Ghostn0vaAwaken: Piras Dameschi by WhiteWolfPrincessThree musketeers by justvritGift Art For Flipfloppery 2 by SollinFaolan
Happy Birthday Flipfloppery By Yaoiobsessedfan by SollinFaolanAwaken Fanart by Uty-BacalaitoFanart Piras by AnonAzurePrias meets miki by Miss-PumpkinsWe're gonna CRASH by nanaereFaen Lengyel by justvrit

Kissing booth au by PointlessMuEryonxPiras - National OC Kissing Day by PrinceCaeruuFlipfloppery Fan art by JocyhopePiras x Tesla by LillyDWhite
Happy Halloween OMFG by nanaerePiras sugoii by nanaereaviary by caydettArt Trade with Flipfloppery by ebbaPiras. by EeNii Camille by PointlessMu Piras and Fean hug - B-Day Gift~!! by Asorra-Tatsumi Piras and Faen by LoliMiyoko Awaken dance fan art by Awesome-Matto Quick Sketch- Piras X Faen by shikalover678 We are with you by DICE-Shimi Flip by PointlessMu Piras by PointlessMu<da:thumb id="291862739"/><da:thumb id="282864012"/> Awaken Fan Art by AnonAzure Camille by LoliMiyoko
It has been so long since the last time I did this and I feel it's the perfect moment to catch up with you, dear watchers!!

Recently my life has changed a lot, I moved to another city (super small town actually), left the animation studio I co-founded and my job with it and I feel like I'm starting a new, happier cycle of my life :D

Now how about you?? What have you been up to? Who are you, how are you, are my old people still with me?? I don't know! I just want to have an idea of who watches me!
Newer and older watchers be welcome to talk to me and tell me a bit about yourselves, I want to know you better :heart: