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screenshot un-tutorial

This is nowhere near a tutorial. It's not nicely explained and it's just the way I do things.
But some people have been asking how I do the screenshot pics so I decided to post this.
Hope it helps :)

take a look at the gif I made for you guys [link]
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How do you do step 5?
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there are a lot of ways to get a similar result. On photoshop you can use the hue/saturation adjustment (or ctrl u) and change the colors one by one, or throw a blue layer over the colors with an overlay, multiply or whatever other blending mode seems suitable, or just paint them directly by picking a color from the color wheel... you'll have to try them and see what seems easier
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Okay, thanks! :)
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Pff I still don't get it :(
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It's okay now, haha I just found 'overlay' in Sai xd
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thank you
I was trying to figure this out for a while now
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Thank you very much! :) 

So helpfull!
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lol nice its good advice! :)
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wow thank you so much!! oh and this is for paint tool sai right? ^^
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Sure :) most of the steps can be done in any program, you'll just have to look out for the text of the subs which are done in ps
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yeeees im so happy i stayed up longer to find this gem , i've always wonder how ppl mimic an anime screenshot style
this is helpful i look forward to experimenting also you're an amazing artist! <3 <3 <3
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thanks :) and I'm happy it's useful!
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yaaaaaaaaay \ o /
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Love this!! Your style is amazing! And thank you for the help! :heart: :heart:
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Did you do this in Paint Shop Pro?
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Cool! This looks really good.
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I liked seeing the process very nice :)
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The way you made this was soo simple! :D
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