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Do it, do it, come on kill yourself your not worth it, no one on here likes you, go for it

Me:Your right
Are you gonna jump off that bridge?
Are you gonna finish that life?
Are you gonna finish that cru-soul?
Are you gonna finish that croissant?
I'm not cut out to be an artist, it's just another waste of time of my life

It's just something I regret choosing as my favorite hobby
Why am I so hated?

Why do I have to be hated?

It isn't fair being treated so differently on here, I am a human to, i made mistakes just like you

I'm tired of saying sorry, I'm tired of being that nice person that always says sorry and it doesn't do nothing, it's like you guys don't see me as a person, it's like you guys see me as nothing

I'm tired of being nice to people, saying sorry saying hi, just to be turned away

And my friends, think about the support I gave you guys, think about the nice things I said to you guys

Look at me, I am a suffering mentally challenged adult with a slight bit of ADHD, but that doesn't mean you guys should look away from me and treat me so differently

For the past five years I have said sorry, but it doesn't do good

People telling me to say sorry, and I end up saying sorry just to be told they won't accept it

I have been abandoned on a high way when I was just a infant, my mom would always beat me up, my dad would always take me away from home in the middle of the night with no clothes, no money, not even a place to go, just to be picked back up by the cops to take me home to where my mom would yell at me, and oh yea this is true

Being picked on in school, being told I won't be successful, being picked on by my own mom, school, teachers, and now you guys

I shouldn't be ashamed, you all should be ashamed, don't just look at this like some troll

I have problems, I had a miserable life, I want to kill myself, but I'm to afraid to end it all

It hurts being ignored by so many of you I deserve to be treated the same

You don't know how I feel, it fucking hurts to be turned away, I cry everyday when I'm alone because of how much of a mess up I am to you guys, I only joined this community just to feel welcome and happy, just to be told I am not, it fucking hurts

I'm not happy I am hated on here or anywhere, and you guys think I enjoy it, I don't, I cry everyday because of this it bothers me

I have alot of shame, that shame makes me cry when I think of all the hurtful things, now I suffer from ptsd because of this

Now my friends hate me, now I am hated, thanks to that Mel or Sean dude now I am hated

It's hard enough I have to be hated and picked on by my family

This isn't a cartoon where you all hate one person for the mistakes he does

This is reality, let it go, I'm human to, why don't you guys see that

Why do you all hate me so much, I tried to change and apologize but none of you will accept it

Why am I so fucking hated?

Is it because you guys do want me to end my life and be happy?

If thays the case then that's missed up

Why should I be hated.
This account is no longer active
I'm sorry to everyone I hurted for five years, I'm sorry I did those things, you may have seen everything on my page,and I just like to man up and say I'm sorry for everything, we are all human, so am I, we are not perfect I'm not perfect, I don't call my self perfect flippy, I'm a person who should apologise, well I'm doing it now and I just want things to be back to normal, no more pointing fingers at anyone

I'm sorry for what I did all those years

Thanks for your time.
Guys we need to talk... I Just found out that I have abit of ADHD, and that's fine no big deal right?

Well I was about to go apply for college or university since I'm done high school, and I graduated

But I just found out, I won't be able to go to college for the next five years, wanna know how I found out?

Well my mom said I won't be able to

I was very excited to go for fine arts, but looks like it requires fine art skills, I wasted my whole life just to prove how much I can accomplish, looks like this is the end for me...

Welp looks like I should give up on my dreams.
I'm slowly starting to return to art once again

Don't expect to much from me.
Mass Character design (For The outcasts)
This character is for the Upcoming idea as a webseries

i'm unsure if i shall release it
Which logo looks good
I Know I Know it's like the Flipnote studio logo

I Am still a user of flipnote and i loved it since i was 10 years old

So which one should i use most?


2.Colored logo


3.Colored+glowing logo
Me: Okay I gotta make a new title name For my series!

My head: Why not change it back to The Flipnote kids, plus you did change it back in 2013 and your name is Flipboy12 and plus you love Flipnotes

Me: Hey your right, I am gonna do that!
Thanks head!

My head: Heheh no problem.
Returning to creating art

Anytime soon.
My Nintendo DSi Project
So I am gonna order an Nintendo dsi Shell which is white and I am gonna make it like this

That's all you need to know.


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This account is no longer in use
all projects are cancelled until further notice


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