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Busted in Tatooine

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Published: December 9, 2015

This illustration was conceived for the commemorative exhibition of the Star Wars films in Expocómic 2015 due to the premiere of the Episode VII. Like many of those born in the late 70s, the Star Wars films have marked our lives. May it be I two years old when I went to see the first Star Wars movie but that I have a vague memory. I remember, however, the fear that gave me the scene in the swamp of Dagobah in The Empire Strikes Back. Already with seven years I went to see The Return of the Jedi with a crowd of children very excited and who did not know how important was the time they were living: the last chapter of a trilogy and the beginning of a series that would transcend all aspects and move millions of fans around the world 40 years later.

It is not the first time I did a picture of this universe. The first is from 2003, an illustration in the Mos Esley’s cantina, made in the traditional way, with airbrush and brushes. It took me a long time to finish. Another one was a pin-up for the cover of Eros No.12. A very sexy Princess Amidala dressed with her night suit and showing more flesh than Lucas could have imagined. The last two, already made in digital media, are illustrations of two characters from the Star Wars universe, Aylin Vel and Laina Kael, a pair of heroines who do not appear in the films. Both were taken from fiction to reality by the cosplayer Corellia.

It is difficult to find out an original idea for a drawing when many famous illustrators and thousands of fans do all kinds of amazing drawings based on the characters from the saga. At first I thought make a drawing of one of the new characters of Episode VII: Rey. But I found nothing that inspired me. For me the most suggestive heroine of the series has always been Natalie Portman in the role of Padme. So I focus on making a picture with she as the main subject. A few months ago I had collected images of the presenter and Playboy model Sara Jean Underwood wearing the white tight dress that wear Amidala in Episode II, posing very sexy while washing a car for a charitable cause. I have the pose, but I need the context. My love for videogames brought to my mind one of the illustrations of GTA V and then I composed a crossover style between GTA and the Star Wars universe. At the end, the idea become with Padme arrested in the desert of Tatooine by a group of stormtroopers, maybe for driving too fast her landspeeder.

The illustration has taken me twenty days, spending 2 or 3 hours average daily. While ago I didn’t work so hard with an illustration so large and with so many characters. I've done it calmly and slowly, trying to leave as clean and detailed as possible, with well defined lines and very smooth gradients. I really enjoyed myself and I learned the ways of use the blend modes darken and lighten in Photoshop, that I never needed to use before.

I hope you like it.
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ThroughTheDark1-2Hobbyist General Artist
Dayum 🤣
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batgirl1969Hobbyist Artist
time for a little R&R for the troops, well at least she will have fun
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Cyberdurc22Hobbyist Photographer
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Wrong era Stormtrooper Uniforms/armor, as Padme was around years before the armor seen here was current. Still, nice image, and the look on Padme's face says she knows something the stormtroopers/scout trooper doesn't :-)
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FunnyFrenchFakerHobbyist General Artist
Wow... this is VERY Impressive ! I create fakes based on photos, but this is just great !
A bit of Star Wars fun for you below ; )

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Aah that is how I met her. ^^ But she talked herself out of that ticket... 
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I dont anakin would be too happy about this 
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shadowyzmanProfessional Digital Artist
Man this is gorgeous! The poor girl has no idea what's going to happen to her!
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sohighlydubiousHobbyist Digital Artist
Great stuff! Lovely look and finish to the whole piece.
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drumstick207Student Digital Artist
If GTA was sra wars
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oi storm trooper!
is that a lightsaber in your hand?!
Or are you just happy to catch me!!
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I'd totally watch this kind of show.
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Great idea, perfect picture! Sexy and Star wars! Impressive!
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This SO Epic!!!  I love this pic!!  Beautiful work.
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Is this available as a print anywhere?
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This is fantastic. 
Artistic,  funny,  hot! 
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flipationProfessional Digital Artist
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SaariCorporationHobbyist Filmographer
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She is so gorgeous, the clones look good, a funny scene... Great work!
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