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Amnesia, the dark descent.



I love this game. I bought the day before its release and played it to completion. It's a really scary game. I have not been so scared since playing Thief: The Dark Project.
This week I played the new Justine DLC and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to resume an idea I had for an alternate cover.

I think, seeing other draws, we have all in mind how Daniel is without seeing him any time. He should look like Ben Barnes in Dorian Gray. I have this concept very clear.

Today I was very inspirated to search for references and compose a pose and background, so there is it.

I feel very successful and I'm very happy with the result. I will work in this illustration for the next weeks and make an illustration that honors this fantastic game.


Me encanta este juego. Lo compré el día antes de su lanzamiento y lo jugué hasta terminarlo. Realmente es un juego escalofriante. No he estado tan asustado desde que jugué a Thief: The dark project.

Esta semana he jugado el nuevo DLC de Justine y lo he disfrutado tanto que he retomado una idea de ilustración para portada que tenía pensada.

Viendo otros dibujos creo que todos tenemos en mente cómo es Daniel sin haberlo visto en ningún momento, para mi está claro que es Ben Barnes en el papel de Dorian Gray.

Hoy he estado muy inspirado buscando referencias para la pose y el fondo y creo que he acertado pues estoy muy contento con el resultado. Trabajaré en esta ilustración las próximas semanas para conseguir hacer una ilustración que honre a este fantastico juego.

Amnesia, the dark descent is a Frictional game. [link]
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I saw a lot of art with Daniel, but your's variant is the best. It's my IHMO, of course)))

Still, Clothes, face, hairstyle is correct for that period. Also, dark atmosphere and Bro (PewDiePie's name for grunt) on background.

What about emotions: there are a few people, who can draw fear and deduction together. Daniel on your work is scared, still, he is going to find Alexander. Not so many, who gives attention to eyes and face, especially to micro emotions.

But, I like the most is the correct emotion. Not female histerical fear, but a man fear, when he goes over himself and go further to dark.