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Smash Comic EPILOGE 1-1



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I know, you must be saying, Flint, whats with you and your nearly 10 year old smash brothers comics? Well, in 2005 I tried to restart my Smash Comic for a Website (N-sider, that was its name) the project was going quite well, but the part of the site for the comic was never finished, so it eventually stopped (with nearly 12 pages colored and 20 20 drawn). This is what you will be seeing for the next weeks, I intend to finish this one. Unlike the other one, this is not so long (three chapters, almost 12 pages each), so hope for the best.

This comic is "conected" to the other one, but its also independient, so you dont need to read the other, my goal its to submit 1 page every week until its done.

The old comic is here: flintofmother3.deviantart.com/…
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Tu comic se ve muy bien, mi cuate !!! XD