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Quick Roo

A quicky roo sketch done at All Fur Fun, a brand new small convention in Spokane, WA. It was fun and worth going to.
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vuk-91's avatar
You can do sexy Kangaroos.
when i look at this im thinking about a wella comersial
ArmoredKangaroo's avatar
Pretty flyer. I like the pose.
Ardhamon's avatar
She looks really beautiful. I love your style of Kangaroo.
Tiger-Prime's avatar
She's very beautiful :love:
DMajorBoss's avatar
Quite comely; well done.
EclipseDream's avatar
PLEASE Put this in Mature content :)

Anyways I like the pic its very nice :)
Katsudon's avatar
Aelius24's avatar
Ooh, pretty lady ^_^ So simple, yet so beautiful.
Genbe89's avatar
so sexy, I want to be at her feet
Darfix's avatar
Pretty impressive and nicely done :)
jeesup58's avatar
Very nice!
Looks something straight out of Jack.
Woopsieroo's avatar
Woah, a kangaroo!
That's rare here.
Togglekangaroo's avatar
its not so rare if you know where to look
Ardhamon's avatar
Like type in Kangaroo or Anthro Kagaroo in the search bar?
Flinthoof's avatar
Allllll of my art here is of roos, Mimmi. Take a look and enjoy.

I've been looking through your silly roo pics. Preeeeeetty!
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