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Komputer Kangaroo

Sometimes I would just love to give my computer such a thumping with a strong roo foot. Take that! Boot to the head!
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It refused to boot up, and the roo just gave it the boot, period!
werewolf28081999's avatar
There aint nothing better than a good Roo-Kick.
BaltoLuver63's avatar
Mmmm...yeah, I think we all sympathize with him on that... though I have to wonder is he perhaps kicking a Vista by any chance? ;) Because that's one system that deserves a good thrashing now and then!
Cyber-Twilight's avatar
Sometimes I feel like doing that to my comp. I'm just glad I'm not that computer though.
tigerdemon2's avatar
die you evil monster full of silicone chips !! :D
NerdyHippy's avatar
Sucks to be that computer. XD Maybe that'll learn it.
DCLeadboot's avatar
Sometimes, I feel like doing that too! :giggle:
And my character being a hare, he can!! :D
That is so awesome! Kick that computer's butt!!!
Genbe89's avatar
awsome, I like those strong feet
PeshoZmiata's avatar
Oh man, why does it have to get wrecked like that... tsk tsk, think of the costs. But the IDE cables+hdd and visible psu are a nice touch:P
Roo-meister's avatar
=D SMASH. How many times have I wanted to do just that...
True-Unicorn's avatar
I rather like my computer. It's a bit slow because it's only a laptop, but it's very mobile, and it's quite nice to me. I've only had to restart it a few times since I got it a little over a year ago. On the other hand, the new G5s at the shool should all be recalled...forever, but I should be allowed to destroy a few of them first. MACs are CRAP! Nice picture though. I LOVE ROOs!!
Kieseru's avatar
Omg, yes. That is sooo how computers deserve to be treated. xD
Flinthoof's avatar
Roos have rather vicious kicks. Don't get in the range of those toe claws!
Silver-Wolfe's avatar
That roo looks like it means business. I'm glad that computer is on the receiving end and not me. ^-^
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