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I'm available, girls

That's right girls, the roo's player is single and available. Please, no pushing or shoving, there's plenty of me to go around.
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hello fellow cute roo
HanzoBarren's avatar
awww only girls?
Kirydos's avatar
I've got to admit... this just might work!
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DCLeadboot's avatar
It's a funny thing that roos actually seem to relax like that a lot in reality! :giggle:
jumpen-jelli-bean's avatar
Hehe that's cute.. I don't think something like that would work for me though. <.<;;
Woopsieroo's avatar
hahah x3
Any luck yet?

Do male kangaroos have pouches?? I thought only the females did...huh.
Amber-jo's avatar
Well done! Good luck on the dating thing. ^^ lol I'd date the roo.
Great work!
FriskyWoods's avatar
Thanks for not drawing him with a pouch. Basic biology to furry artists... hello?
Tiger-Prime's avatar
I'm sure this is gonna work :aww: :D
Atimist's avatar
hahaha... great pose
Hope it works out for ya! ;)
Murrr. Very cute. But needs rings on that tail.
DMajorBoss's avatar
Heheheh, awesome.
Ardhamon's avatar
He really is a team playa isn't he?
roothragon's avatar
Okay, if you do manage to get a date from this, you have to tell us. >:^)

Hmm, this looks like badge material! :)
Temiree's avatar
Well done. =D I really like the pose you used!
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