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Frequent Flyer Miles

ALWAYS read the fine print before redeeming those frequent flyer miles...
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Awww, she's so cute!!!!
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hehe Funny. :w00t:
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Lol people who aren't big into kangaroos or don't live in Australia (I assume since they're wild there people would know more) wouldn't know they're called Flyers. XD To be honest I had to sit and think about it because I missed that too :D;

Cute idea though, I like your style too! XD
tigerdemon2's avatar
makes me wonder what was in that bottle she was holding !! =p
Ardhamon's avatar
I remember seeing this on Transfur. Man I loved this alot back then when I first saw it.!!
Genbe89's avatar
nice large feet
PeshoZmiata's avatar
It would take only somebody who specializes in roos to get the joke... However, i think its pretty cool because i like Tf's, and roo ones in particular are one of my favourite. Oh yeah, good job with the pencils too.
Plish's avatar
xD They all missed the details like the ripped socks and small shoes! Yar! She has been morphed! :D
Flinthoof's avatar
Transformation pictures are amongst my favorites. Forced/unexpected ones especially.
Link5863's avatar
I have never heard of a flyer being referenced to a female kangaroo, so this joke is lost on me. I did noticed that her socke looked like they burst open and her shoes are now never going to fit her, so I assumed that frequent flyer had something to do with changing into a kangaroo. Sorry:sad:
Flinthoof's avatar
Male roos are boomers, the females called flyers, and their young are called joeys regardless of sex.

And they are all fascinating to me.
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This lovely lady just transformed into a female kangaroo, aka a 'flyer'.
Flinthoof's avatar
It's a pun, don't ya see! Frequent Flyer miles.... they just transformed into a female kangaroo... a 'flyer'.... I love puns. :)
b1k's avatar
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH THIS IS GOUGEOUS!!!! Kangaroos are my favourite animals & you have brought my love to a whole new level! How long did it take you to do this? I draw Kangaroos myself! Mabye we could show off each others art! Are you a big Kangaroo fan yourself? I am! I'm still looking for Dot & Keeto, Kissyfur & Widget the world watcher for kangaroos! Anyone know where I can find it?!
enigma-dragan's avatar
Maybe i don't get it but what's importent with me is how the piccie came out!
it's very colorful, cute, cool and erm well cute! ^^
Cactrot911's avatar
I'm not getting it either....
MrTrain's avatar
I don't get it, what's the punchline referring to?
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