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Flintersroo Balancing

I think my best pics are the silly ones. Pictures I have no reference for and are just hard to draw without 'feeling' them. This is a pic that I could sence the balance of and the awkward limb posture helps exaggerate the sensation.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this one. Oh, and for the folks who like roo feet- loooooooook!
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What kind of vest is that?
I really want to know.
That's a pretty good picture
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aw man everyone seems to be moving to FA

And Well I plan on going there myself to try it out like you and see i like it or not

he looks very talented but a bit nervous doing that pose very good job

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Chibifubukit's avatar
this one is lovable <3
DCLeadboot's avatar
That's one really delicate pose! :giggle: I like it!
scrumpet360's avatar
wow, great pose!
the paws are cute :3
vincentwolf's avatar
I like the pose and all, really fits with the title really well! =)
MicrobROOd's avatar
wewt for sillyness
Temiree's avatar
I'm impressed with the legs on this one, especially his left leg. Nice angle/perspective on it!
SalenStormwing's avatar
Wow, nice! Great work!
Genbe89's avatar
I like his paw in the air.
DMajorBoss's avatar
Heheheh, quite a nice piece of work, my friend; well done.
DingoPatagonico's avatar
jajajaaj very good! is a great draw, and without reference! still better then!
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