Update to Pony Video 11/19/2020

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Update 11/19/2020

The website that does the pony voice lines "15.ai" has been down for some time. I do not know when they will be back online to continue work.

"Old info" 10/06/2020

Ya, that Pony talk simulator thing. I'm making something with that. It's all gutter humor too. It's all in the style of Black Friday 1 and 2. It's easier to do.

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Oof, that takes me back. XD

Yeah, I'm surprised more people aren't taking advantage of that. It may sound off, but it's the closest we'll get to the original voice actors.

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I can work with something like this. Wish I had this years ago. What I already made is funny. Might get banned off Youtube for this. But then again everything on that size is bad so this is normal. DWK did not get banned so i'm sure i'm good.