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I've now being expanding Flint's Bio to include a Summoned Entities Magical and Non-Magical abilities.

For some time I have anyways liked the "Conjuring" School of magic where you can summon addition entities to help you with tasks. It's about time I expand on that school of magic and enable Flint's entities to better assist him in whatever he might be doing. 

If you have every bothered looking over Flint's Bio you have noticed how detailed it is in what Flint can do. I really like going in-depth on what Flint can do rather then what most people do which is say something is good at something and not say how or why. All these abilities and what not can be brought down into a single idea which is "Flint can do the job no one else should ever have to do and come back from it alive." Let's face it people their will always be evil in the world. It's nice to have someone that can do something about it. 

I am looking to commission artist, writers and so on. If interested look at this journal entry or image. Note me if interested. 

<da:thumb id="736726169"/> Looking to Commission You by FlintEXP

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