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Black Friday in a nutshell ponified03 (Animation)

By FlintEXP
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Youtube Link:… Watch at 1080p HD for clean quality


So we have the 3rd installment in the mindless insanity series of Black Friday In A Nutshell Ponified. We are really learning how Filthy Rich makes his money each year.

Featured in EqD:…

Black Friday in a nutshell ponified03 Teaser Trailer.

Featured in EqD:…

Fun fact: I cut around 20 minutes worth of content from the animation. This animation was supposed to really go places but though various constants I just had to end it early.

Fun Fact: During the intro charge and fight scene where the music “Immediate music - Lacrimosa AMV” Adobe Flash:CS6 changes the FPM “ Frames Per Minute” from 24 to 22. I lost  a good minute worth of animating room and did not catch the error until I was to fair into it to want to go back. This is why at the end of those scenes the animation seemed a bit longer. I wanted to do so much with that but could not do to that error. I Still don’t know how that even happened.

My YouTube Channel:…

Animated By: FlintEXP

Puppet Rigs used in this animation can be found here:…

Puppet Rigs built by:

Changeling © :icontoxicthundercloud:…

All other puppet Rigs © :iconflintexp:


OC Used:

Flint © :iconflintexp:

Voltage, Ultra Marine © :iconmisterz100:

Ultraw © :iconultraw99:
Shyfly Ref sheet *updated* (C) :icontwittershy:
Digital Echo (C) :iconpathfinder118:
Ferd Fletcher (C) :icontheferbguy:
Nightflare (C) :iconwarriorcatsgeek:
Pyrothieft (C) :iconlilykagminevocaloid:
Red Aura (C) :iconldinos:
Trump card (C) :icon22xander:
Ragna Blaze (C) :iconleairon:
Hyper Active (C) :iconcrimsoncolt7:

All My Little Pony Characters (C) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
All Half-Life2 Contect (C) Valve

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© 2016 - 2021 FlintEXP
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yes yes I am omg hearing my voice making  filthy come to life is just awww gawd I feel pumped 
FlintEXP's avatar
Haha, glad to hear you liked it.
leairon's avatar
yeah I showed my brother who isnt a brony and he loved it alot  said good job bro made me smile 
FlintEXP's avatar
Good to hear.
leairon's avatar
so what have u been up to after working on this for 2 and ahalf years XD
FlintEXP's avatar
It was a year+.
leairon's avatar
damn I was waaaaaaaaaaay off lol 
misterz100's avatar
SO much jeez, getting better at it too :3
FlintEXP's avatar
Ya all the wasted time was worth it.
misterz100's avatar
hehe then its not wasted if its worth it :3
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wow this animations is just STUNNING and it being 20 mins is such an awesome watch too
i really love all the chars you have added here, every scene is really well made and every time i see my 
OC im like ahh yay XD and lol i loved it when she punched that guy in the face, PERFECT lol but i do love
the concept and all the changelings there soo awesome lol and it was definitely worth the wait, was a really 
great animation ^^ so thank you also again for adding me haha this is SO AWESOME ^^
FlintEXP's avatar
Not a problem, glad you liked it.
TwitterShy's avatar
np this is great <3
22xander's avatar
Ok, pretty good animation though I'm sure ittle get better in time. When was Trump Card used, i couldn't find him.
FlintEXP's avatar
Re-watch it, it was very obvious but their was so much going on I can understand why you missed him.
22xander's avatar
Tin-Foil-Hat-101's avatar
That must have been HELL to animate all those things happening at once. 
FlintEXP's avatar
I can be very focused when their is something I want to get done. But yes it was.
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Haha this was great, awesome job on it!! Hey if you're ever in need of a voice actress I'd be happy to help you out! o: I can send you some samples if you'd like, if not, thats alright too! Have a great day and keep up the great work!
leairon's avatar
would love to here u voice act it would be awesome Wubcake
FlintEXP's avatar
Just watch my journal, I know I will need more Voice actors in the future and all are welcome.
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