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High tech brushes

This is a pack of high resolution brushes, and they are really big, 1500x2500 pixels!

My boyfriend made them from various objects, so credit goes to him really for all the hours he spent on theese!

No use outside DA, and rules are here: [link]

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very nice, well done!
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<font><font>Muchas gracias por lo pinceles :3</font></font>
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no use outside DA? oh well thanks anyway
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Love these brushes! I used them here :[link]
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Thanks for the Brushes ^^
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My pleasure! :hug:
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Great brushes, I used them on my YT Channel [link]
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Wow that's so cool! Great use of the brushes!! Thanks for showing me! :love:
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These are some of the best brushes iv ever downloaded!! Thanks so much :D

o ps, they look great when u add styles to them (gunmetal, brushed metal, chrome)

Thanks Again
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I'm glad you like them! Too bad I don't use them all that often myself...:love:
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These brushes are beyond awesome. Do you by any chance know the name of the font(s) used in them as well? I want to keep the brushes and fonts consistent for something I'm working on, thanks!
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Hi! Thanks for liking them! I'm really not sure what fonts he used on's been a while since he made them, but there are two or three diffrent ones, and he says he's pretty sure that one of them is Futura, but I will ask him to check around closer, and then I'll get back to ya ok? So sorry for the really late reply!! :hug:
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Cool, that'd be appreciated, thanks! NP, take your time. IRL > Internetz. ;)
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Wow! Loving the new brushes! I'm going to try and download them this evening. I'll send you the link if I use them. :D :hug:
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Hehe, well, hope you can use them for SOMETHING, they're just a tad odd!! :D :D
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Odd is good. Odd is unique. :D
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