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Trading Yeti! - Offer!
Trading this yeti geno
1 Female, yeti
Submissive - Healthy
Graying marked collared tawny with saddle and accents
She also comes with an alternate design.

What Im interested in
- Rare Manes
- Curlies + Barbaries
no Sphinxes unless has one of the new genes please
(can be any mane including normal)
Are the primary ones im looking for but feel free to offer anything!
just throw them my way!
I will also consider breeding's to rare genes/manes.
And traits and companions are welcome too!

I may not trade unless I find an offer I like, but don't be discourged, as I will take everything into consideration.
:iconjadedemberwolf:JadedEmberWolf 4 2
Genetics and Mutations

Color Genetics
Tokotas have their own unique system of genetics, along with birth rights (in-born heirarchy status) and several types of unique fur styles. There are four primary base coats. Tundra (common), Tawny (Uncommon) Brown (rare) and Black (extremely rare). As tones and hues get darker, they become more rare and less commonly seen.
(TT/Tt) ranges from very light, creamy off-white, to light flaxen color depending on parentage.
(Aa/Tt - AA/Tt - Aa/TT) can range from burnt cream, to a milk chocolate tan depending on parentage.
(AA/Aa) ranges from tanned brown to very dark mahogany, and can be saturated to a point depending on parentage.
(EE/Ee) remains within a few certain tones, and is not saturated. Black is an extremely rare occurrence, due to visibility against the tokota's native tundr
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DESIGNING TOKOTAS: Tips and Tricks (Part 2) by Hlaorith DESIGNING TOKOTAS: Tips and Tricks (Part 2) :iconhlaorith:Hlaorith 641 41 DESIGNING TOKOTAS: Tips and Tricks (Part 1) by Hlaorith DESIGNING TOKOTAS: Tips and Tricks (Part 1) :iconhlaorith:Hlaorith 770 81
Design Guide Handbook
Tokotas Official Import Templates
Picking a Base Coat
Special Base Coats
Eye and Skin color
Minimum White Markings
Writing the information description
Miscellaneous Information
Import Decoration Items Guide
Design Guide FAQ
Common Genes
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Import Information Template
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Import Info Traits, Deco Cheat Sheet

Markings and guides belong to Tokotas

It seems like a no-brainer, but often there are frequent mistakes with writing the information description. When doing so, always double-check to make sure that everything is correct. If your pup's information is not correct, it may cause large issues later on if it is not caught by design admins in the process of reviewing. For example, if your Tokota is missing lineage links, any future offspring may be subject to oopsies such as accidental inbreeding - as well as creating a mess for admins to clean up.
This is the standard template. All Tok
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~Inola 12453 Tracker~
Marked collared tawny with accents
Green eyes
Health: Healthy
HP: 29
Hierarchy Status: Submissive
Full Bodies:

3+2+2= 7
3+2+2= 7

:iconfaamiti:Faamiti 2 12


Your art is just splendid, but there are some flaws that I feel I need to point out if you don't mind. I feel you are going for a non r...

I find this piece of art for your concept design very thrilling and cute, so I believe this deserves a fair and honest opinion by yours...

Looking at this art, I feel it would only be fair to point a few things out. The creature seems to lack proper shading and highlighting...


:iconjolleraptors: :iconmarkiplier-fans: :iconwish-dragons: :iconpillowing-pile:




I need to sell my marked collared tundra! I really need the cash tbh! I have no price in mind, as I have never sold a Tokota. She has passed all her rights of fertility.  

Panua 2681 by TotemSpirit


Flimmi's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Photography
United States
Hi! I'm The Artistic Warrior, but my friends like to call me Taw. I enjoy pizza, drawing for people, and roleplaying Warrior Cats, and I absolutely love photography. I'm not very good at my art right now, but I plan to improve! I love getting advice from more experienced artists too! My favorite type of art style is chibi, and I love animations. I happen to be heteroflexible, but please don't make fun of me. My favorite mythical creature is the Dragon, and when I make enough money, I hope to get an apartment in London! I am also open for commissions be it drawing or photos! Each drawing commission is for 5 points, and if you would like a certain filter on one of my photos so you can use it for something, then you'll have to pay 15 points.


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qoldylocks Featured By Owner May 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I did a commission yesterday and only today am I realizing it features you 

Kiss Kiss ~ Commission by qoldylocks
bluesyCat Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2016
My commissions are open now! c:

you told me to notify you xD
Flimmi Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2016  Student Photographer
I'll have to cancel my commission
bluesyCat Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2016
Oh well, alright.
Flimmi Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2016  Student Photographer
I'm so so sorry rip
Flimmi Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2016  Student Photographer
bluesyCat Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2016
check the journal : D
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Meeka-Moo Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you for watching me :D
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Thanks for the watch! ;)
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