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Gallery Folders

Flight Rising Registration Window - January 12-15 by neondragon
Reg Window Nov15 by neondragon
Flight Rising: Snapper Dragons by neondragon
Flight Rising: Spiral Dragons by neondragon
Official Game Artwork
FRIcons by morjia
FR familiars by morjia
Flight Rising Items 2 by neondragon
Flight Rising Items 1 by neondragon
Bogsneak Dragons
'Thawed' - Calypso for MediP by Azurephyre
Pea by LiriaHarkness

Mature Content

Maraca by LiriaHarkness
A wild trio by LiriaHarkness
Coatl Dragons
Bingus by Ramcoon
Coatl-czech by D3niz3nn
Jacob by Ramcoon
Rainbow Coatl by MaudFS
Fae Dragons
Orion by Llassie
Raine doodle by rosebudmcm
Greetings, traveler by NostalgicBreeze
'Never Alone' - Mendiaris for GuacamacaYT by Azurephyre
Gaoler Dragons
GIFT: cherryfleck by prezialart
Lumos Headshot by Shufflet
Alfredo dragon by lieutenant-rovak
baby Cavalier by bonzzee
Guardian Dragons
number 2 by prezialart
Dragon Date by ArceusWarlord22
:Comm: Vanora by Keorano
Nebula by aksile11
Imperial Dragons
FennecRinny's Cadell [Draw the Dragon Above] by RockyDrago
I think Novocaine runs through my veins by linsaangs
Peach Pit by X-Prodromus
Zap Commission by GDTrekkie
Mirror Dragons
Neo by Ramcoon
Jaku by XxMandarinxX
Aesthetica by MaudFS
Food is Food!!! by TubesAnn
Nocturne Dragons
Graymist (flighrising) by Starwatchersky
[fr] palatrix by LeironAvian
Feathered Bones~ [Speedpaint] by Fellefan
Where Am I by OtterSoIm
Pearlcatcher Dragons
[FR] My Darkest Love by Doodeedoodah
Ridgeback Dragons
Ridge by yororai
Skydancer Dragons
Commission Luunai by Nioell
Snapper Dragons
Cinderbug by rosebudmcm
Spiral Dragons
Morning struggles by NostalgicBreeze
Tundra Dragons
[COMM] Galaxy by Doodeedoodah
Wildclaw Dragons
plagued by Blizzardrunner
Multiple Dragon Species
[T] Primalbabies by X-Prodromus
Dragon Gods
Follow the breeze! by starfruit-anon
[Flight Rising] Oceans blue by Fillyflight
[Monster Boy Month 2020] The Fool by Fillyflight
Humanized Dragons
agricultural domain by theshadow79
Misc FR Arts Crafts
YCH OPEN by KilianKuro
Lunar Koi (FR Commission) by PlutoniumElysio
FRFanArt Community Spotlight Submissions
Autumn Boi by ShetaWolf
Banescale Dragons
Zeta by Zorana-The-Dragon


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Bengaltigeress Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
This group is INACTIVE. It will not accept join requests or art.
Please, join our new, ACTIVE group!…
bruiseshulker Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2021  New Deviant Professional Digital Artist
Update as of January 2021: This is a lie. You can join this group and post art in it if you'd like. Please don't lie.
Bengaltigeress Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
It wasn’t lying, you just couldn’t post art in the last half of 2020 
Zicdragon Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Can I still join this?
AequorinFR Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2021
Bengaltigeress Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Bysthedragon Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2020  Student Traditional Artist
Hey I feel like I need to ask somebody for advice, can anybody help me out making a big decision?

My clan is part of the Light Flight, but I have recently been strongly considering joining the Arcane Flight because I don't want to exalt any of my Imperials to Lightweaver, I don't know if I can trust her with Imperials anymore because of her quote:

"I see the truth. Though it wounds my heart, the Imperials were a mistake that must be rectified."

Her "Rectifying" has not come yet, I don't know what's going to happen, when it'll happen, if it'll even happen or what it's going to be? Is it possible I have misinterpreted what she meant...does she actually want to help Imperials...she says her heart is wounded but then also calls them (My Favorite Breed) a mistake...I don't know what her intentions are and she's stayed quiet for so long. I wish I could speak with her at least get any sort of response but it's unlikely that anyone on the FR team has the time to talk to me. 

I'm just...I'm tired of waiting for something that may never even happen, I'm tired of the gods being cryptic or staying silent, and I know that practically if I want to be able to exalt my dragons without feeling bad about it I should just switch to the Arcane but I feel bad about leaving the Light Flight if there is a chance that she changes her mind or I was mistaken...I don't want to have this animosity towards her, I want to be able to like her again and be proud to be part of the Light Flight.
GoddessAshunera Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
Nothing will happen. Either way if you exalt them you will never see them again. Show some respect to glittermom. No need to worry, the imperial dragons will be safe. And rectify doesn't mean destroy. Lightweaver already replaced them with pearlcatchers. As for mistake, maybe not the imperials themselves but the emperor dragons from the imperial ones. Anyway keep fighting for the light clan! GoddessYune…
Bysthedragon Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2020  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for the vote of confidence
IMPLUCIUM Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist…

Got some dragons in my "UFT/S" folder 
FlittIngerman Featured By Owner May 27, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just posting this here and seeing if anyone is alive on here.…
feusoser Featured By Owner May 23, 2020
helloooooo :>
i draw fr fanart too!
Exterruit Featured By Owner May 8, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Man, where have I been the last 12 hours? This is home
DEAFHPN Featured By Owner Edited Apr 23, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
cant add to the gaoler folder edit seems as if stonehearts already said something
StormheartsArt Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Cant add to the gaoler folder
CalpineMC Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2020  Student Digital Artist
better add a banescale folder soon my guys
SparrowWrightheart Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2020  Student Digital Artist
Anyone know a FR group where you can post Adopts that accept Gems and Treasure as payment options?
shadowwindnightwing Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello to everyone here in Flight rising.
SoffiaisShiny Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello everyone. >3>
choppedmint Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Hum. :( I have Banescale art ... but no folder.
KIMMON Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
no Banescale folder yet?
PurpleTartan Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Is this group still active?? Seems none of my art is being accepted? :/
Caitybee Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Many dragons available:…
Fellefan Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it doesn't seem like you can submit art to the gaoler folder? it doesn't show up for me when I try to contribute my art.
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