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Rainbow Lorikeet

"Australian Native Birds" series : # 1

While talking and playing with my two cockatiels, Frost and Jynx, through the bars of their cage I was inspired to start painting a series of other native Australian birds. It was going to be just parrots, but I have too many ideas to leave it at just that. So I present the first installment of my new series: the Rainbow Lorikeet. The variation that I have painted is the Swainson's Lorikeet.

The Rainbow Lorikeet, (Trichoglossus haematodus) is a species of Australasian parrot found in Australia, eastern Indonesia (Maluku and Western New Guinea), Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. In Australia, it is common along the eastern seaboard, from Queensland to South Australia and northwest Tasmania. Its habitat is rainforest, coastal bush and woodland areas.

The plumage of the nominate race, as with all subspecies, is very bright. The head is deep blue with a greenish-yellow nuchal collar, and the rest of the upperparts (wings, back and tail) are deep green. The chest is red with blue-black barring. The belly is deep green, and the thighs and rump are yellow with deep green barring. In flight a yellow wing-bar contrasts clearly with the red underwing coverts.

Juveniles have a black beak which gradually brightens to orange in the adults.

The markings of the best known subspecies Swainson's Lorikeet T. h. moluccanus resemble those of the nominate race, but with a blue belly and a more orange breast with little or no blue-black barring. Other subspecies largely resemble either the nominate race or Swainson's, or are intermediate between them. Two exceptions are Olive-green Lorikeet (T. h. flavicans) and Shawl-collared Lorikeet (T. h. rosenbergii). In the rather variable Olive-green, the green of some individuals is dull, almost olivaceous, but in others the green hue approaches that typical of the Rainbow Lorikeet. Shawl-collared is highly distinctive and several features separates it from all other subspecies: Its wing-bars are deep orange (not contrasting clearly with the red underwing coverts in flight), the entire nape is yellow bordered by a narrow red band and the dark blue barring to the red chest is very broad.

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Hehe, looks cool... I want one! (equips an assortment of nets and other primitive equipment)
I'm gonna catch one like a pokemon! :P

No really, it looks good... The feathers looks great, I love how you've incorporated your own style. Looks much more interesting than an 'ordinary', 'boring', 'fishy' drawing... :D
FlightDesigns's avatar
*sits back and watches* Have fun!! :P

Thanks. I'm loving painting birds now, so much fun. I can't paint realistic, but I like my shiny style. hehe
Was wondering where you'd disappeared to...
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Painting realistically really isn't great... Realistic pictures are mostly like photos. Why waste all your potential creativity on making something look as it is in real life...

In my opinion making something with your own style is much more interesting, after all it's something we can't see in the physical world!

Soo keep it up :D

Also, I'm kinda busy with exams recently... Although I briefly go on to dA sometimes, it's really daunting to see 300 deviantART watch messages... *sigh* Unfortunately I'll disappear for a bit more, but once it's all over I'll be full time antisocial again! :P
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Indeed, that's why I like my shiny style. Shiny birds don't exist :giggle: unless they're made of glass or plastic. :XD: So I like my shiny birds that look more alive compared to plastic fakes. :D

Ahhhh exams. I hated those. Good luck mate.
And I know what you mean, since I started joining groups again I've been getting 70+ in my inbox EVERYDAY. And I still want to find more groups to join.... :faint:
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