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Princess of Time

"I've been waiting for you Link."

This thing drove me absolutely and totally insane. And I practically killed my back by sitting in front of the computer for so long (for those that don't know, I have a twisted spine... so yeah. And yes, I cope with it just fine).

Anyway... this idea started right after I had finished my last Legend of Zelda piece of "A Heroic Beauty" (featuring Epona and the blue glowing annoyance.. aka Navi), and it took me two full days (including staying up until 5am working on it in the process before actually sleeping), and I could not just satisfy myself with doing a manip of JUST Princess Zelda... I had to keep going, creating the Master Sword in the stone before even touching a background... which became a challenge in itself.

The background was inspired by an April Fool's prank that was played on LoZ fans worldwide by IGN via a "Movie Trailer" (which you can view here: [link]). Watch the video, and the scene where you first see Princess Zelda, THAT'S what inspired the background. So this is my version.

And for the record, I created every bit of armor and jewellery on the Princess, and created the hilt for the Master Sword from scratch. She is also inspired by the Twilight Princess version of Zelda, with some creative liberties regarding her hair and sleeves. I didn't want it to be a total recreation of the princess from that game installment, I wanted to have some of my own imagination involved too. And FYI, the title is "Princess of Time", because I've heard that Zelda is the "Sage of Time" along with the Princess of Hyrule... and Link is the Hero of Time, so it made sense to me.

So that being said... :faint: Can I go die now? :XD: :giggle:

Program used: Adobe Photoshop
Time: 2 days
Artwork © *FlightDesigns
Princess Zelda, Master Sword, and Legend of Zelda © Nintendo

You may not download or redistribute this for any reasons whatsoever.

The stocks I used for this piece are all listed under the respective detail shots for the components that I used them in. To see exactly what I used, please view the detail shots. I have done it this way to save space here.
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Wow, this is seriously awesome!
I like it a lot... Really!!!!

I think Zelda turned out really well, all the effort you put into this really paid off. It looks great! You're improving a lot, I really hope to see what you do next!!!!

Also, please don't die. That would be tragic, saddening, tragic and in all honesty... Stupid! I think I've made my point, keep it up
FlightDesigns's avatar
Don't worry. The dying part was both sarcasm and exhaustion talking. Lol. I wouldn't go die, I'd sleep instead
Agreed, all the work certainly paid off in the end... even though it totally overwhelmed me with the size of it (and I'll have to load up a version of just Zelda to show the details closeup). Challenge was accepted and defeated!
Haha, yeah, I do seem to be getting better with my manips every time! :D I'm gonna get an out-of-control ego at this rate. :XD:
I wonder what I'll come up with next!!
uniqueguy's avatar
Sleep? Now that's something we can both defiantly agree on!

I'm glad you managed to complete it. I know how satisfying it feels to seemingly defy all odds :D
Maybe you should try moving a way from Zelda and try more things. I mean there's literally an infinite amount of things you can do! Go ahead, nothing can stop you and your almost out-of-control ego now!!!! (HAHAHAHAA)
FlightDesigns's avatar
Oh I already have something in the works, something a bit "mixed media". And it will certainly knock your socks off. ;) You'll have to trust me on this one, been in recon mode and not giving any hints about it. It's going to be a total surprise. :XD: The fact that I'm acknowledging it's developing existence is the a dA first. lol. But I'm not giving clues. And while "teasers" are tempting, I think I'll leave things to the imagination for now. :D Keep you guys guessing. Mwahaha. I love defying odds and leaving my watchers with "what will she think of next?!". Haha.

And on that note.... sleeeeep..... *head crashes onto desk while passing out* Zzzzzzzz
uniqueguy's avatar
... No amount of screaming will make you give me hints *sigh*

I should sleep too now that I think about it..... *desk crashed onto head while passing out under the desk*
FlightDesigns's avatar
Hehehehehe. It's funny watching you squirm. :P Mwahahaha!
Nope, not telling. But you'll know it when you see it. :D
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