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Australian Ringneck

"Australian Native Birds" series : # 3

The Australian Ringneck (Barnardius zonarius) is a parrot native to Australia. Except for extreme tropical and highland areas, the species has adapted to all conditions. Traditionally, two species were recognised in the genus Barnardius, the Port Lincoln Parrot (Barnardius zonarius) and the Mallee Ringneck (Barnardius barnardi), but the two species readily interbred at the contact zone and are now considered one species. Currently, four subspecies are recognised, each with a distinct range.

The subspecies of the Australian Ringneck differ considerably in colouration. The Port Lincoln Ringneck and Twenty-Eight Parrot (B. z. semitorquatus) subspecies have a dull black head; back, rump and wings are brilliant green; throat and breast bluish-green. The difference between these two subspecies is that Port Lincoln Ringneck has a yellow abdomen while the Twenty-Eight Parrot has a green abdomen; the latter has also a prominent crimson frontal band that the former lacks.

The two other subspecies differ from these subspecies by the bright green crown and nape and blush cheek-patches. The underparts of Mallee Ringneck are turquoise-green with an irregular orange-yellow band across the abdomen; the back and mantle are deep blackish-blue and this subspecies has a prominent red frontal band. The Cloncurry Parrot (B. z. macgillivrayi) is generally pale green, with no red frontal band, and a wide uniform pale yellow band across the abdomen.

The variation that I have painted is the Twenty-Eight parrot. What a weird name is that? The name of the Twenty-eight Parrot is an onomatopoeic derived from its distinctive 'twentee-eight' call.

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Where about in Australia do they live? I haven't seen on before