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Yes, I am still here. I just haven't made anything that I've wanted to share for a while.
Maybe with the new Sims4 Island Living, some inspiration might strike me.

While I might not be making new art right now, I do see all the favourites that people give my current piece, and I appreciate every one of them. <3 So thankyou to all. Hopefully something new will appear for you soon.

As the title said... that happened. What is "that" you ask? Well I'll tell you... a burst water pipe is what happened, and it just happened that the fault was right underneath my driveway. And the fact that my dad is away camping makes it all the more worse. The extended family really didn't have much in the way of plans for a family get together this year so my dad and I just have a quiet christmas to ourselves with the dog before he left on boxing day to go camping with some family friends. I opted to stay home and look after house and dogs, as we were dog sitting for my step-mum while she was interstate. Everything was going fine as usual... Lyn came home, took her dog home so everything was nice and quiet again.

Then yesterday rolls around. I had gone out to investigate how much it would cost to get my hair dyed to a new colour (as I'm somewhat bored with the black ends and my duo-toned regrowth... yep, I have tri-colour hair at the moment), but after finding out the task would cost me $190 I decided to come home instead. Two and a half hours after being home I got greeted with a knock on the door from my neighbors to inform me I had water running down my driveway.

Getting in contact with the water company I was told to check my water meter out the front and see whether our numbers were scrolling, thankfully they weren't which means that it wasn't our pipes that were faulty, but rather that something was wrong with the cities pipes: which means that the repair work will be done with no expense to us. It was just unfortunate that it was underneath my driveway, which meant they had to break out the heavy machinery to punch a hole through the concrete, then dig out the dirt in order to get at and fixed the busted pipe. The pipe was at the end of my driveway, and the water had only been running down my driveway since the water was fanning out from the burst and spreading, finding at exit at the edge of my driveway before running down hill again.

Thankfully it's all over now and life can go back to normal.... just that I haven't got concrete where they dug the hole. However, they did put in a temporary asphalt/bitumen until they can get someone to concrete the hole for us. It literally is a case of "you break it, you bought it". They broke my driveway, they will pay for the repairs. I know my dad will not be pleased with the current state of the driveway, but here's hoping that the fact that we don't have to pay a single cent will ease the matter over for him.

But what a time for such a thing to happen....


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Thank you so much for the fav. :bow:
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Thanks for the watch! Watched back :)
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Thanks for the fav.
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Happy Birthday!!!!
I hope you had an awesome time this year! :D
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