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Subliminal Fantasy

By flightangel
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Life is never easy for those who dream.- Robert James Waller

The dreams of the Crown Prince range from the fantastic to the horrific. Even years after his release from his prison, no one knows exactly how many worlds his mind wandered through as he lay suspended for ten years...

This took me forever. Now it's done, I'm going to rest my hand.

- Photoshop 6.0
- Pencil
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SONIAAAAAAA it's ERIKAAAA from mrs. carl's art classssss
AND THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
flightangel's avatar

(I kind of miss everyone here... still getting the hang of college, I think /slow)
rikusch's avatar
Happy belated birthday by the way...
well i did congratulate you on your real birtdhay but you don't check facebook :(
how is COLLEGE???? MICA right?

college is fine. i wish i had enough money to go to risd though. :S
GAHHHHHHHHH miss you!!!
flightangel's avatar
FFFFF sorry! My brother left me a cellphone message to check facebook and then was like "harharhar made you check facebook 8D"

THANK YOU VERILY MUCH /I'm now OLD! (...for someone who draws anime rofl)

MICA's pretty good, though it's been a bit hard to adjust. Going here made me realize how much I would have gone INSANE at RISD... the workload here is already pretty heavy; I can't imagine RISD! And the more I find out about my major/career the more I realize how little I want to be in debt by the time I get out of school @u@;;;;;;

(but a little part of me wished I had money to go RISD too)

I miss everyoneeeeee ;u;
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well i have a friend that goes to RISD. and she loves it there. she is living in an alcove style dorm which basically looks like an apartment. it looks AMAZING!!!!!!!
are you ever coming back down to visit? :)
flightangel's avatar
We have apartment style dorms here at MICA, too (I have a balcony apartment, which is pretty sweet. We get to look over the entire dorm + the streets on the other side). But I'm struggling a lot now with deciding whether or not to transfer out of art and into something else entirely... problem is, I don't have enough skills to do anything else, rofl. BUT ANYWAY THAT IS A DEPRESSING THOUGHT LET ME STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS.

I'm pretty sure we're never coming down to visit... North Carolina isn't close enough to a "home" to ever spend money to go down there, you know? The only place we ever went back to visit was Boston and Taiwan, and now my family's back in Boston, the only other place to visit now is Taiwan, rofl x"D. Plus, there are people in NC I want to avoid... long story there, but it's true. Even if I miss a lot of people there. FFFFFF

Hope everything down there is still good *A*!
rikusch's avatar
WHATTTT you want to transfer out of art???? why???
too much work??

people you want to avoid? what happened?

STAY UP AT mica until i go to risd. :)

i miss youuu soooooo much.
and your drawings :P
flightangel's avatar
I sometimes don't feel that I'm cut out for it. And my art is crap compared to everyone else's (the field I want to go into is so competitive... I don't even know how it's possible).

Don't want to talk about what happened, sorry *A*! Crazy drama I want to put behind me.

But enough of this self-pity!

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Shien-Ra's avatar
Simply amazing Oo You should be more known ! :O
flightangel's avatar
Thank you *A*

/abashed <3
pikimomo's avatar
this is beautiful, and informative, and awesome. all at the same time X3 <3333!!

poor prince ;A;! but what a lovely and strange dream!
flightangel's avatar
Thank you OwO~!

Although he's crazy as hell, sleeps under the bed and likes hiding in small spaces, at least his dreams are always interesting >w>~
Sky-diving-Kiwi's avatar
The compositional flow in this is just amazing. <3
This is definitely one of your best. :3 I love it~
flightangel's avatar
I'm so flattered *A*. Thank you so much for the comment Kiwuine *sobsob* XDDD~
Sky-diving-Kiwi's avatar
Lawlawl <333
You're welcome Mangoki 8D
LuckyCricket's avatar

I can definitely tell that your overall digital art has improved a lot over the past few months. ;D You're so brilliant, chica. How many hours did this take??
flightangel's avatar many hours I can't count. A week, usually with at least 1-3 hours a day? XDDDDDD

Thanks *A*. 'Tis you who are brilliant! You should load your sketches on your dA so we can all ogle at them <O~
Sizerlyxdxthh's avatar
my godddd this is so epicly amazing ;A;


-featured the pic <3- :heart:
flightangel's avatar
Thank you O A O~~

mahamari's avatar
This is pretty! :D
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