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OLD Ginga Collection:



Updated 12/22/09
This and more can be found on my site: [link]

Annnd Love Ginga Merchandise? Are you a collector, interested in collecting, or just want to look at and discuss merchandise? Then check out "Ginga Collectors"!
Ginga Collectors is a Livejournal community where you can do just that and more. I help maintain it with *SilverToraGe and ~Bloodthirstwolf
Check us out here: [link]


Updated: 12/22/09
I'm going to update this again within the next month, I have more goodies on the way!
Also please Note: I do still have my cels and other things that are not shown or hard to see. If you want better pictures of specific items please check out my website stated above. Thank You! c:

I made a video of most of this on youtube! :]
Found here: [link]

GNG = Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
GDW = Ginga Densetsu Weed


- GNG edition 2. vol: 1-10 [complete]
- GNG edition 5. vol: 1, 2, 4 Extra Wolf Saga: 1 & 2
- GNG Meteor Gin guide [complete]
- GNG Shin Gaiden [complete]
- Ginga Densetsu Riki edition 1. [complete]
- Ginga Legend Weed English 1-3 [complete]
- GDW Japanese 1-58, 60 [almost complete!]
- GDW Tabidachi Hen vol. 1
- Gamu edition 2. Silver Edition [complete]
- Byakuren No Fang complete edition [complete]
- Ginga No Inochi/Inutachi [complete]
- Weed World 1 (+ Weed papercraft, 31 stickers)
- Weed World 2 (+ GB papercraft, 33 stickers)
- Weed World 3 (+ Mel papercraft, Mousepad)
- Weed World 4 (+ Jerome papercraft, 1 bookmark, 2 postcards)

- small Weed [w/ tag]
- small Ken [w/ tag]
- small Jerome
- Large Weed [w/ tag]
- Large George

GNG cels:
- Akatora A13
- Kurotora A1
- John A9
- Daisuke A2

Magnets/ Stickers:
- 5x Magnet holders
- 1x Magnet Cover
- 1x Puppy Gin in Snow
- 1x Gin and Moss
- 1x Gin and Moon
- 1x Gin running w/ silver background
- 1x Gin w/ pink background
- 1x John and pheasant
- 1x Riki w/ group
- 1x Riki w/ green background
- 1x Bookmark holder
- 1x John, Ben, Cross, Moss
*Special Stickers</sub>
- 3x Special Sticker holder
- 1x Akakabuto w/ Bearhound legends: puppy Gin, Riki, & Shiro
- 1x Group: Riki, Gin, Ben, Cross, Smith Special
- 1x Gin & Riki, w/ John, Cross, Ben, & Moss

Other Merchandise:
- GDW Pachinko Booklet w/ pull outs
- GDW Pachinko Demo DVD
- GNG Record: LP Single "Tomorrow"
- GNG Teacup
- GNG Store Standee
- DVD GDW Japanese Vol. 5 episodes 9 & 10
- GDW figures box

Fanmade items:
- Custom made Gin paws [From Nurr]
- Custom made Puppy Gin, John, & puppy Riki statues [from Nurr]
- Fan made Stickers of Gin, Weed, & Victor [made by *FlannMoriath ]
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That's one impressive collection! It is a fun series, huh? :)
Did you get the comics from YesAsia? Or bought them in person? I've been to Japan a few times and I love visiting bookstores.