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Trizi p.1

Humie and Trizi
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As a fella once said ain't that a kick in the head

cullyferg2010's avatar

Or won't that knock your hat into the creek!

Burksaurus's avatar
Uh oh. She got his cellphone.
Coll storyline and very nice drawing!
I wonder how disappointed he actually is...
Trizi is just too damn hawt!
Ownerest's avatar
wheres the rest of this!?
tehwatcher's avatar
1st if that how to pay her inn XD il pay her like that

2nd so lucky XD
A-Fox-Of-Fiction's avatar
Huh, kinda wondering if the human was as interested in the widow as he was in the green woman.
kaze26's avatar
NODOGAN's avatar
THICC wins all the time!
WhiteRavenLord's avatar
I love this goblin chick, she is the best!
SuperShanko's avatar
The crystal housing a lightning bolt for a phone charger is by far my favorite part of this because of how genius it is.
Bianca-Blonde's avatar
Scoring with the big boob thicc girl is one hell of a consolation prize XD
antcow's avatar least he got something out of it
ArchInccubus's avatar
Well, at least he had something in return for that "cheap chinese phone"
DeadCobra's avatar
This is so funny
Ritualist's avatar
"Well... not a complete loss."
OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD please do a comic of the sexy poor widow and the guy :). So cute!
LavaBatA1's avatar
How old is that boy? Seems a little young for this kind of thing...
Variasus's avatar
Speciality of the artist, small men and muscular women (not really in this comics, but usually)
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