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Still Lusty

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After years of people doing that to her finally PG is doing the motorboating lol

Mickey051089's avatar


Harley's say: "I thought death by Snu-Snu wasn't literal"

Mickey051089's avatar

I Imagine the reason why Harley is missing the top half of her costume is because PG literally sucked and ate it with her super jaws the way some people eat panties

frokamen's avatar

she's checking to see how fresh and ripe they are while maintaining the true spirit of just gals being pals.

kaze26's avatar
soulSmith1's avatar

Nothing shall stop her

Fzak's avatar

Can't stop her, just enjoy it!:love:

hewhoonlyreviews's avatar

Looks like Power Girl is suffering from a Pink Kryptonite infection. I blame Harley for holding onto it for so long.

Daniloolinad's avatar

Damn, she thirsty!

DARTHTURDER12's avatar

you can't deny the horny just give in

X-Force02ranger's avatar

pg: oh yeaaaaaaaaaah i love trios too <3<3<3

BoneSatellite's avatar

Wonder how Robin's doing during all this. Hope he's getting molested by those vines.

Arcalian's avatar

for once PG isn't on the receiving end

ShadowDoctrine's avatar

Wow! Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy gotten their dream girl.


secretaccount80's avatar

So,...I'm not the only person who wants a "Harley and Ivy + Powergirl" series.

BoneSatellite's avatar

Plus Robin as their group sex slave.

MarseT's avatar

ivy: if it means protecting you i'll make this sacrifice

OurGuild's avatar

"Quick Powergirl! We need to save the city from Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn!"


"Quick city! We need to save Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn from Powergirl!"

Sulfelerin's avatar

Isn't she our collective spirit animal.

mhunt's avatar

Pink kryptonite ?

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