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Sororitas Fight

Sororitas hand-to-hand combat competitions
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that ara ara in the top right... nice

This is amazing!

My money is on sister Fedora

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what is the name of the two who are fighting? just curisity

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Fight! Fight! Fight! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

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Pride never die, my friend. PRIDE NEVER DIE!

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Great job ʕ=ᴥ=ʔ

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The old school mma gender swap 40k sisters of battle art that I didn't know I needed but i did. Weird to me how attractive sister Fedora is considering what the irl fedor looks like lol

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MMA fights among the Sororitas? SIGN. ME. UP!

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Sis tested, Guilliman approved.

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very nice girls(sororitas)

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I understood these MMA references.

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So, what's the grand prize?

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If I was a betting man, brother Dimitri (I think that's his name)

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Brother Dimetrius. But close enough. And yes i do think he is the prize. Especially since he has been blessed by the Emperor.
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Pretty accurate to cannon. This is how they settle theological disputes between different orders.

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