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Sister Fedora

Sister Fedora won.
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Bad batch please

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And I will not argue with that decision.

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britt baker DMD will challenge sister fedora

She is considering grabbing the dialogus interviewing her as another prize.

Isn't that the in-universe Flick?

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To the victor go the spoils and "booty" included.

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hehehe she's seeking the spoils of battle.


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Now to take her prize home and enjoy it!

RIP Br. Demetrius. Best way to go xD

Cool, now we need a victory scene between the two.

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Panel one

Announcer: "And the surprise winner and new champion, Sister Fedora!"

Sis. Fedora's coach: *Whisper* "Remember champ, keep him hydrated and well fed, you've got all week with him."

Br. Demetrius: "Here's your belt, champ!"

*Crowd of women cheer and clap.*

Panel two

Sister Fedora: "THANK YOU, EVERYONE!"

Br. Demetrius: "Hey! What're you?"

*Crowd of women continue to cheer and clap.*

Panel three

Announcer: "You've won the match champ, what do you plan to do now?"

Sis. Fedora: "Enjoy some alone time with my 'prize'. Umph, the things I'll do to him."

Br. Demetrius: "Hey, this is is undignified. Put me down!"

*Crowd of women riotously scream as cheering and clapping gives way to explosion of loud whistling, and cat calling.*

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Not even a single scratch on her, sister Fedora is all about skills even thought she has the muscle!

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Heh, so I was right.

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Awesome muscilar girl

oooooooooooooh- she looks REALLY cute! I love how she's big and thick without being ripped. That "curvy muscle" is also sexy!

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:) Yes sir, made my models the same way. Clearly a big and strong figure, and still every bit as womanly.

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Is she an ogryn

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