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Please don't bully me, Commissar-san

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poor guy, joins the Guard not get bullied then gets bullied!

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the soldier looks like he's counting down the days to the big mutiny ~ the Commissar is probably going to be tied to a tree out in Slaneesh cultist territory

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FEAR ME! but follow

this is the possibly the best thing to ever exist......ever
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Я не знаю как мне дальше смотреть это аниме)

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This definitely made me laugh.

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Commissar: "You had naughty thoughts didn't you Guardsman? I know you did! And so does Mr Boltpistol! Mr Boltpistol hates heretics, don't you Mr Boltpistol!?"

Commissar(Incredibly bad ventriloquism): "Yes, I do!"

Commissar: "And what do we do with heretics, Mr Boltpistol?"

Commissar(Incredibly bad ventriloquism) : "We take them back to barracks and spank them until they confess!"

Commissar: "That's right Mr Boltpistol!"

Guardsman: "Why can't I get a Commissar who just shoots me? Anything would be better than this endless teasing"

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Death Korps Trooper #1: "Hey look over there, it's that new Commissar. And she bullying that Cadian Gurardsman again!?"

Death Korps Trooper #2: "Really again? Because the way she's acting like that makes me think that she not effectively being good as a Commissar like at all?"

Death Korps Trooper #3: "Bet you guys that she nothing more than a actually a coward!

Death Korps Commissar: "Indeed in fact She'll probably wouldn't survive a bayonet charge and probably hide somewhere in a bunker!"

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More like please don't shoot my Commisar-Chan.

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Now that's just perfect XD

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hmmm...having a sadistic(?) smile while motivating a guardsmen via bolt pistol? Keep an eye on this one I sense potential Slaanesh shenanigans are afoot. In fact execute the commissar to be on the safe fact execute the gaurdman's too incase he is making the commissar act like this...just to be on the safe side.

too soft, let's launch an exterminatus to be safe and by the way we finish with whatever the imperial guard is facing, everyone wins.

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~You better not be thinking about heresy senpai~

~I bet you like being a filthy heretic, don’t you senpai?~

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I adore her starts playing in High Gothic

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I like how the Imperialis skull on the Commissar's hat has cat ears...

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First Komi-san, now Nagatoro.

Any hope for Hitomi-chan in the future?

Hitomi-chan Is Shy With Strangers Chapter 2 P6
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Hardly. I didn't read it. hardly

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a better title would be:

please don't execute me miss commissar

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