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and stormtrooper
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In the Empire, rank hath its privileges . . . ;-)

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I keep on forgetting that Stormtroopers aren't Clone Troopers

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In the Eu they were a mix of both.

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Early in the Empire yeah, later not anymore.

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Yeah I mean they then had other genetic templates but 90 percent was natural born.

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True, true. Like the Incinerator Stormtroopers for example as they were also clones from a different genetic template.

Tough choice my butt that other guy is ugly with a capital U she was just being nice for some reason which weird sense she works for the dark side of the force.

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Eh. Better than disney's trilogy.

just about everything is.

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Sexual Coercion if ya wanna get technical.

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So pre-rape rape?

It's sexual assault if the defendant can make the case he was implicitly forced to engage in sexual contact or behavior. I bet he could make the case that the power imbalance between him and his boss gave her words an implicit threat.

Legally the definition of rape is a bit strict. In a lot of countries only the one who engages in penetration is a rapist and the one who is penetrated is not.

I'm not a expert though so take that with a grain of salt. Also this is star wars so I don't know the law at all.

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I see that makes a bit more sense. Also the Far Far Away Galaxy Star Wars takes place in has no real canon laws so it doesn't matter too much

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Time to find out if he was the lucky one... or the unlucky one!

Lovely, any sequel?

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With the right attention he will rise through the ranks.

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please more star wars imperials!

This is good. Any chance we could get one where that same imperial officer flirts with a twi'lek?

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