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Chubby daemonette

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Chubby daemonette
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Why does she look gothic ? lol

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Extra Thicc Daemonette.

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Excellent :D

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Need a comic of her about to pleasure him with the claw and he's screaming no no no but then it changes to "OH BY THE EMPEROR DON'T STOP!"

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Fat purple crab gf

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AgrophiasHobbyist Writer
Y'know..... I've always said I felt like I'd be a khornate if I were a filthy heretic. But this? This is how Slaanesh would get me.
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She's so cute!

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God i wish that were not me.

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WhiteRavenLordHobbyist Writer

She's very polite for a daemon. I appreciate that, good on her.

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Knowing what daemonette's are like, he's in for pain either way.

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Could you possibly elaborate on that please?

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LoZCollectorHobbyist Writer

Slannesh and his/her demons are entities of excess. It starts nice enough, with everything just seeming better; food is tastier, sleep more restful, beauty more dazzling... Then like a drug, you start to need more and more to get the same high and start delving into ever more depraved acts just to feel the ecstasy Slannesh promised you. Daemonettes are the epitome of that. They'll do things to you that cause you unimaginable agony and you'll like it, thanking them for the privilege as they slowly peel your skin off, fry it, season it with psychotics and neurotoxins and feed it to you.

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Damn. 40k does NOT play around.

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And that's the Amish stuff wait until you hear about casual sex eqvilant

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Oh dear God...

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Yup then their kinky and Slanesh himself kinky.

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MirrorKhaosHobbyist General Artist


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Well that is now one very conflicted guardsman.

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Cute! I like!
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"Look, I come from the part of the Realm of Pleasures that has higher gravity, you gotta be more robust over in that neck of the woods.... Skinny Britches types just collapse into a mess of organs and chitin. It's kinda hilarious."

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For the guard there are far worse ways to go.

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fat shaming?!

i know this is the grim darkness of the 41st millennium but cmon

theres no need to be rude

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