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-But it's so cute!

Pink kryptonyte^^
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Hey! Overexposure to pink radiation can cause ovarian/testicular cancer in Kryptonians, very bad for an endangered species.

Bianca-Blonde's avatar

It's always a great day for me when you draw PG. One of my favorite artists of hers! Anywhere I can get some pink kryptonyte for some of her? XD

Mickey051089's avatar

A now Supergirl made a "Bad" situation worse probably on a random patrol a decided to "Help"

manati20's avatar

XD eso lo explica todo

Harley Quinn é sonsa e faz de propósito.

*Harley notices Super Girl* "Oh shit! Here we go again."

Daniloolinad's avatar

Oh... that explains a lot...

MarseT's avatar

something new has awakened in powergirl~; "mmmmooorrreee~".

harley: oops... i... forgot that was still there... heh heh.

ivy: sweet jesus harley you better make this up for me in bed.

(supergirl in background). . . i'll. . . just be taking him now.

She has to use all those vines to keep her back. Poor thing!

DiDark666's avatar

:) :) :) :) :)

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Wwwwwwwelcome back ladies & gents to "Flick's Comedy Gold", where our lovely Gotham City Sirens finally managed to stop the lusty Karen in her tracks by throwing those vines !! But it seems another Kryptonian joined the party and she has Boy Wonder for dinner !! Will Ivy and Harley get out of this kryptonite mess or they bit more than they could chew ?? Stay tuned till next time to find out. Same DevSite, same DevChannel.

thormemeson's avatar

Wait was it the pink kryptonite that caused this?

Mobius-52's avatar

It would be super hot if Harley and Ivy lost some ore clothes only for the curtain to open up to expose them to the talk show audience.

AraghenXD's avatar

Robin's gonna die a lucky bird.

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alexiaNBC's avatar

Ha! Called it!

I knew our sweet Harley had Pink kryptonite on her the whole time

The question is, was this all a distraction to save Robin? Or is Kara about to be affected and pounce Robin like Powergirl to Ivy and Harley?

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