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Sudden DnD strip.
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plot twist: lawful evil acting as chaotic good

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And also he is an Eilistraee cultist, the Dark Maiden yearning to redeem the Drows.

Forget Drizzt, Greenwood already made good Drows back in “Drows of the Underdark”, which even had El Minister discussing with one of them in a forest without repercussion.

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There's one word for this situation, and that word is Score!
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Yeh, it happens, too bad that usually everyone is a dude using fem figurines, that was a weird hunt for Ashardalon.
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...No-one that sweet-faced can be anything other than Neutral good. For goodness sake, I'm male and I wanna pat his head and protect him (even though he's likely able to kick my ass)...
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lol, wait, check him for 2 scimitars! If he is just a Drizzt clone, return to killing him!
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1st theri so sweeet

2d X3
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Chaotic Neutral is more fun
MygoodGovernor's avatar
Honestly I thought the "He" was a she, TRAP!  
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Not only you XD
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The Drizzt Effect...
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Poor Little Drow
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Chaotic Good Drow a rare specimen? lol..thats funny.
vanBlood's avatar
Well, 1% is a rare specimen.
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He(thinking in flick the thief art the usually involves a lot of women and one man) 

Lucky bastard
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He looks really young
bastler's avatar
Yeah probably under 200 years...
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