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50 Shades Of Asami

I didn't read and didn't watch, but memes everywhere.
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[FBI OPEN UP meme goes here]
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Go away, FBI! Everyone in this 4koma is over 16!
somercet's avatar
tfw you learn you have a stalker.
Madam2012's avatar
Didn't know what to expect :P
112Tyranus's avatar
i think this song should be playing when everyone is looking ate Asami's room just my option start ate 0:12 end ate 0:31
Asami, you need to back off a bit-That's the face of an Avatar that will stick to boys
Tito-Mosquito's avatar
Korra has a feeling Asami's bed isn't as clean as it appears to be... :giggle:
Xesw's avatar
She is Korrasexual
AndRyu-TSD's avatar
I'm sorry but that body pillow had me dying...:D (Big Grin) 
MKbuster's avatar
Asami is all of us~ < |D
IAstartov's avatar
Хаха, это лицо в конце. %)
Sexual-Yeti's avatar
Hey, I'll have you know that Fifty Shades is mediocre at best, UNLESS done in the angelic voice of Gilbert Gottfried.
:iconiagoplz::iconsaysplz: STROKING THE FRONT WALL OF MY VAGINA!!!
Or in a super-deep announcer voice, as evidenced by the first Nostalgia Critic clipless review (Jurassic World, fyi).
Ishmael677's avatar
Damnnit you made laugh in public.
But its true gilbert gottfired's narration makes everything better.
Dragondud's avatar
i could definitely use a korra pillow.
somedude248's avatar
I'm with Korra.  "What friggin relationship?"
Ajax94's avatar
Dat banana! :XD:
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