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300 ponies

My little pony!
Friendship is magic!

color version [link]
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lol this is great!!
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lol, i finnished a likewise piece this week, but with the justice league and the care bears ^^

you'll find it here: [link]
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hahaha ohh poor pickachu
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OoO.........that is AWSOME yet scary.......:P pinkypie's bad side
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They can unite together and fight for Freedom!
And cupcakes!! D8

a more appropriate saying would be PONIES TONIGHT WE PARTY IN HELL!!!
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this is the most winning picture ever.
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mwahahaha!!! this epic pic maid my friday!
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приятно слышать
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Confound these Ponies, they drive me to write short fiction!
Even though now words can possibly describe how epic this picture is, here is my attempt.

The Battle of Thessalian saw a force of six ponies, led by General Pinkinidas of Ponyville, hold of the advancing Pikachu horde, allowing the vast bulk of the Equestrian army to fall back and regroup. For days the six ponies held off wave after wave of the electric rodents. Until on the dawn of the fifth day Dashicus, the bravest of all Pegasi was blinded by a lucky thundershock from one of the countless Pikachus. Needing to relay the news of their impending defeat back to the rest of the Equestrian army, Pinkinidas sent Dashicus back to warn them, Dinkius, the unicorn filly who served as their shield bearer guided her as she flew.

Dashicus covered the ground back to the bulk of the Equestrian army in ten seconds flat. Now reformed and regrouped they charged up to Thessalian Pass, swords beating against shield in a deafening roar, but when they arrived the Pikachu menace had been routed. No trace was ever found of General Pinkinidas, or the other members of her squad.

Dashicus never regained her vision and spent the rest of her days traveling with Dinkius, telling all who would listen of the bravery of her five friends, and how they had saved Equestria.
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This is so messed up, I love it! Pinkie Pie's mane doubles as the helmet crest, a nice touch.

I have yet to see 300.
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the sad thing here is that the ponies will be overwelmed by the number of pikachu's. i mean, between the games and the shows, theres just too much pikachu!
oh well, kick flank ponies!
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*Awaiting for comments "anime suxx"*
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Ну тут не про аниме в целом, а только про пикачу.
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this is fantastic
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there's nothing more epic than this picture... and if there is I don't want to know, because it may cause the world to implode on epicness!....

And the drawing is awesome, man.... nice to see some traditional by you, your drawing skills are great!
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