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Year one of The Russo-Polish War of 1654–1667…
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remember that you can't beat us 1v1

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so do ukranians still hate polish and vice versa?

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their nationalists do

In Poland we butthurt that ukrainians praise Stepan Bandera. Imagine jews reaction when Germany would say that Hitler was their hero coz he cared for german people and their freedom.

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so the hate against him is justified?

Well, you cant expect love, when your people cut pregnant women in half with saws for shits and giggles :/

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still uncodintional hate from both sides. got it.

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Начало конца для идей об объединённой славянской державе. С другой стороны не Россия виновата в том, что ВКЛ прошаро..било сначала Новгород, потом Богемию, а потом и со своим населением договориться не смогло, все сильнее поддаваясь полонизации.

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History has never been more interesting.

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This is by all means wonderful :heart:

sorry, but...

whos who?

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Fighting blonde: Poland

Fighting brunette: Cossack Ukraine

The little one: Lithuania

On the background: Russia and... also Russia, I guess

thanks so much. Though I think the one in the background could be Sweden (looks quite Viking Shieldmaiden to me)

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little one on background is part of the Russian army sent in pursuit of the Lithuanian hetman Janusz Radziwiłł

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Speaking of which, I have a feeling that the robes of the little one pulling Poland's coat remind of one of Radziwiłł's portraits. Got any inspiration from that, or am I overinterprteting this? :D

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There were no more Vikings in 17th century, mate XD The tall blonde in the background looks like a boyar to me and the little blonde wears a typical armour of Muscovite reiters from the period.

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The two ladies fighting are Polish duchies, while the lady in the Background is Mother Russia coming to take it all while the others are distracted.

Welcome to history..... a long, long, looooong series of catfights.

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