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Head and face tutorial

So this is my very first step by step tutorial on how i draw my heads.
I hope its helpful to some people who see this.
If you want me to make a more detailed one or a tutorial on anything else i will see that i can arrange that.
Id love to get some feedback on it and also if you got questions let me know. can be anything!

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thank you so much for sharing. Do you have tips on arms and feet too? I struggle so hard to make them looks somewhat natural

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Thank you for the knowledge

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It is my first time to draw and I find it very helpful. How do I make the parts more vivid? Thank you very much.

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what exactly do you mean by vivid? (sorry english isnt my first language)

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Thank you for sharing this...:+fav: :meditation:

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i hope it was useful for you! <3

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really like the tutorial! i mean I LOVE IT

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thanks alot! i hope it helped/helps you <3

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hallo! I love this tutorial--its so helpful! Will you do any in the future on eyes? I really struggle with them, from like the basic shape to the final piece...I always make them to big/buggy. :(

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of course! i can totally do that. ill try to make one either today or tomorrow ^_^. thank you alot for the feedback <3 do you also mean where to place them or just the eyes themself?

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ohmy! THANK YOU so much!!! The eyes themselves, please! ^^

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no need to thank ^_^. will do!

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Thank you! its my first one ever. im very glad you like it! ^_^

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i know wrong spellings

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