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Journal Entry: Sat Jan 15, 2011, 12:38 AM


  • Beauty, dark, fetish & stock photography
  • Photo retouching
  • Photomanipulation
  • Illustration


Сommissions & Collaborations

I'm opened for commissions and collaborations.
Need exclusive stock?
Note or e-mail me.


THX my wife :iconbigbad-red: for journal design and her amazing dedicated art:

:iconbetter-blood: #Better-Blood This group is for 'darker' anthro or quad art.
Blood, gore, & generally macabre art c: Yay.

:iconbloodlesscoup: #BloodlessCoup A group for horror and conceptual photographic images with a hint of darkness or a twist. Think horror, think dark film noir, think carnival - what is hiding in the darkness, and sometimes walking boldly in the light.

:iconblood-and-sinew: #Blood-and-Sinew There's a wonderful supply of Anthro and Horror clubs out there- but I have yet to come across one that combines the two. This is what we're all about!

:iconbloody-sanctuary: #Bloody-Sanctuary Our main focus is to bring tougether the fans of the horror genre; horror movies, books, video games, or even artists with original ideas pertaining to horror.

:iconcreepy-craft: #creepy-craft We're tired of cute and cuddly crafts. We like our plushies, accessories, outfits, dolls, jewelry and sculptures to be weird, dark and super unique. If you like to craft on the dark side, come join us!

:icondadecadence: #dADecadence We are the Decadents of the modern world. We have a sophisticated taste. We share and are looking for inspiration.

:iconda-morgue: #dA-Morgue Dark art is found in all mediums of art. It's roots are deeply seeded in the horror films we all grew up with. We want to embrace the darkness in all genres and unite the artists.

:icondarkartists-inc: #DarkArtists-Inc is a group focused only in Dark Art. We like Dark Art and we want to expose it so, we welcome all Dark Art Lovers to our Group.

:icondarkartphotography: #DarkArtPhotography This group is dedicated to everyone whose vision looks below the surface of everyday reality. those who conveys their thought and imagination in a very mysterious but somewhat fantastic or in a bizarre style.  So, here’s a group of most momentous and conceptually imaginative surreal and dark art works.

:icondarkclub: #darkclub Darkclub is a community interested in art. We want to see Dark Art, Dark Stories, Poetry & Photography. We want to see gore, macabre and creepy works.

:icondarkness-area: #Darkness-area All members are able to submit their deviations. These works must be Dark/Macabre in nature.

:icondark-and-cute: #Dark-and-Cute This group is dedicated to everyone who likes dark and cute things. Like evil character as chibi style, skelanimals, dark and cute toons, Photos, craft and any style with the theme dark and cute togheter.

:icondark-asphyxiation: #Dark-Asphyxiation We are a club for morbid artists and fans of the macabre. We accept dark works from the Digital and Traditional art categories.

:icondark-arts-asylum: #Dark-Arts-Asylum is a very interactive cyber home for extreme and dark artists representing all art mediums. We encourage thought provoking visuals that could include but are not limited to: dark themes, horror, gore, death, bondage, blood, pain, conceptual surrealism and controversial content. Your mental mayhem is our passion!! We see art in any form, as therapy... and if you meet our criteria, you're invited to join us in the asylum.

:icondark-blood-gothic: #Dark-Blood-Gothic Welcome to Dark-Blood-Gothic(DBG).DBG is a group focused on arts/pictures/poetry/literature/etc with dark,bloody or gothic theme.

:icondark-emotions: #Dark-Emotions accepts work that is EITHER DARK OR EMOTIONAL, but where possible we prefer if submitted work is of a darker tone.

:icondark-fairy-tales: #dark-fairy-tales We are the ones who know that there is no fairy-tale-ending and that not only the stepmothers and witches have a dark side...

:icondevilles-rejects: #Devilles-Rejects Welcome to Deville’s Rejects a new group with the aim of showcasing some of the darkest deviants around. If you have a taste for blood that goes a bit further than merely a rare steak, a thrill for gore by the gallons and ideas that are just that bit more extreme than the rest of the heard, this is the group for you. Deville’s Rejects respects art of the most extreme nature for what it is. Art, whether it be shocking, horrific or just dam sickening this group is its sanctuary.

:icongothicpl: #GothicPL Polish Gothic Community. It's purpose is to gather polish goths in one place, and to promote our art and lifestyle. You don't have to be polish to become a member, if you love gothic culture feel free to join us!

:icongothictemple: #GothicTemple This is a group for everyone who likes: halloween, gothic style, dark art, Tom Burton, vampires, angels and demons etc. Welcome anyone who enjoys this world of darkness.

:icongothikromania: #GothikRomania This is a group for the lovers of dark thoughts...

:icongrande-macabre: #Grande-Macabre Macabre and horror themed work! Create, discuss, love, evolve. Join us to create a place for the alternative art that is horror and macabre.

:iconhells-society: #Hells-Society Hells-Society wants your demonic creatures featured. Demons, Dragons, Horror fan-art, Depressing, Happy, Gorey. Its a dark world, but that doesnt mean you cant smile. Take a demon, a demon can be happy, evil, sad... (Hells-Society is not a satanic cult) Praise Jesus ect..

:iconhorror-artists: #Horror-Artists You are here because you have an interest in drawing or looking at horror/gore/creepy/strange artworks!

:iconinside-dark: #Inside-dark Hello Ghosts the darkness, witches and nocturnal creatures!!! You like dark art, gothic and macabre? If you like the world of mystery, vampires and everything around you, then welcome, this is your place. The photomanipulation is accepted, the photography also, the only condition is that style is dark,and macabre or gothic...

:iconkinky-demons: #Kinky-Demons Welcome to the Dark Side! A place for all your sexy demonic OCs. If you have an original character who is a demon, fallen angel, vampire or anything of the sort please feel free to join and submit some sexy art.

:iconmadmen-asylum: #Madmen-Asylum What's our goal? To be a good art group, dedicated to the insanity. Showing how deep the rabbit's hole is.

:iconmaturexcontent: #MaturexContent We are a gathering place for all contributors to the mature content photography galleries here on dA, specifically artistic nude photography, and fetish photography, though we welcome pinup photography, glamor photography, horror & macabre photography, and any other mature content photography!

:iconmetalheadsanonymous: #MetalheadsAnonymous Hail! The metal crowd now has a face on deviantArt!

:iconmonstersandmaidens: #monstersandmaidens Expressly art and more featuring beautiful women and fantastic creatures, be they friendly or beastly in their advances. This group specializes in sci-fi, fantasy and horror related art collections where women and beasts are concerned!

:iconmorbid-fascination: #Morbid-Fascination We are a group for everyone who loves cemeteries and making art in and about them.

:icontwistedfairytales: #TwistedFairyTales TwistedFairytales is a group focused on the twisted, unusual, scary - and ALSO beautiful works of art.

:iconvampire-inc: #Vampire-Inc This group is for anyone interested in Harujuku,Gothic Lolly, Vampire lifestyle,Vampire Cosplay,Blood-play, Vampire Roleplay and the Basic modern Gothic subcultures.

:iconviolentlybeautiful: #ViolentlyBeautiful Horror photographers, look no further. A group for all your yummy horror/macabre themed photography has now arrived. Discuss, create and appreciate here.

:iconzombie-addicts: #Zombie-Addicts For your daily dose of zombies come to Zombie addicts! Join us in feeding your dark side and share anything zombie, from: poems, stories, art work, sightings, etc. anything goes!