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Anybody Can Write a Novel - Outline
Anybody Can Write A Novel - Outline
A Step-by-step Guide for Anyone to Learn How to Write a Novel

This is an Outline of all my current articles, and a look at what is to come. I will try to update it, at least once every two weeks. Also note that just because something is absent from the Outline does not mean I don't plan to write it. This is a compilation of only chapters that have already been written.
(You'll notice that I have neglected some points and chapters within this Outline. This this is simply a result of realizing that there is so much to learn, when it comes to writing. Don't worry, I'll be sure to come back and fill in the gaps. Also, if this list inspires any requested topics that you would like me to address, please feel free to suggest them in the comments section.)

Chapter 1– Beginning to Write
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Joysweeper.8 by Onyxeva Joysweeper.8 :icononyxeva:Onyxeva 56 4 How To Draw A Portrait by kleinmeli How To Draw A Portrait :iconkleinmeli:kleinmeli 1,906 475
PE: Learning to paint with deviantArt
A lot of people want to learn to draw and paint better but they just don't know where to start. You don't need an expensive art course to learn and progress, sometimes the answers are not far away. On DeviantArt, artists not only share their artworks but many of them are willing to share their working secrets, they create tutorials and FAQ journals or simply answer to your notes if you ask them. When you know what you want to improve, searching for a good tip gets even easier.
:bulletpurple: Improve your drawings & sketches
:bulletpurple: Improve your watercolor painting
:iconjane-beata:jane-beata 490 30
Red - Transistor by ThelemaTherion Red - Transistor :iconthelematherion:ThelemaTherion 456 29 Red - Transistor by ThelemaTherion Red - Transistor :iconthelematherion:ThelemaTherion 177 1 Red - Transistor by ThelemaTherion Red - Transistor :iconthelematherion:ThelemaTherion 219 12
7 Ways to Form Healthy Writing Habits
1. Write Every Day
Christy Hall nailed it when she said, “A writer writes. There are no exceptions to this reality. No excuses.” There’s nothing sexy about this. It’s tough work and requires dedication and persistence, but it’s the only way to make consistent progress. Almost everyone who writes for a living or is a productive amateur will tell you this. It’s no secret, but it’s often ignored because it’s hard. Unfortunately, there’s no magical way to make it easier, but you can form a habit through discipline. Once habit sets in, you don’t have think about it—you just do it.
These are the five most effective methods I've used to build a daily writing habit:
- Have something to say. This should be obvious, but what’s the point of writing every day if you don’t have something to write about? Develop your idea first, and then start holding yourself accountable to the “write every d
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Facial Reference: The Ears by CGCookie Facial Reference: The Ears :iconcgcookie:CGCookie 18,919 269




fleurgranger's Profile Picture
Mary Anne
I'm a Chilean girl with a passion for books, games, cosplay, anime and everything fantastic. I'm an Anthropologist and currently studying a History master.
I wish one day to become a published writer~

Hope you have a good time around!



1) I don't edit my pictures, I hardly know how to use paint XD, but I do have some edited pictures thanks to some amazing photographers =D

2) Mostly everything you see around here is made by me alone or with a little help, if it's not I will link the maker/creator.

3) I write in English, but my native language is Spanish, comments are welcomed in both languages =D


~ Hello there and Happy New Year!
Hope you had a great start of the year and that your mind is set for you to accomplish everything you want this 2017, my best wishes for everybody. 

This 2017 I plan on being more present online and on my social media, especially this one because I can use dA to practice my English because you know what they say, "Use it or lose it". My father used to say that one a lot and even though he didn't speak much English in his every day, he used to read a lot in English and he was able to understand and speak with a perfect grammar. 

As I said earlier, I'm officially an Anthropologist and I'm planning to study a master in History now (a postgraduate course, don't really know how do you call it in English). I'm already accepted on the course and it starts in March so let's hope everything goes okay.

Regarding cosplay matters, I've had quite a change in my mindset, so instead of stressing over all year round to make my costumes, I decided to maker fewer, but being more responsible with money and my time (especially considering I'll begin studying again on March). I think this is the best decision to keep healthy my mind and be kind to myself as well.

I have many other artistic projects but I will talk about them at their proper time~ 

That's all, for now, ~
Fleur out~ 


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Just thank you for the amazing content!
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