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So, if you hang around my profile and gallery a lot, you may have noticed quite a large chunk of my work missing.
Getting straight to the point, I want to rid my public gallery of all the works that do not meet my current level of quality and works that I do not wish to be associated with. These range from old designs and concepts I find low quality, images taken with bad lighting, shitposts, adoptables that never sold, ancient commissions and requests, scrapped ideas, works depicting characters belonging to groups or people I no longer wish to associate with, and many other things.

I'm taking art more seriously now as a job and future profession rather than a hobby,
and the last thing I want is to leave a bad first impression to new watchers and possible buyers.

I don't need a 'fresh start' with my gallery, just a less expired one.
I hope to soon fill my folders with newer art that I'm proud of and can continue to be proud of.

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February 21


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