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i want to get core to change my name to something less cringy than "flerzerandom" please donate for a good cause

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gotdamn idiot clown
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

fler | they/them | big bitch
"Now, let's fall together to the depths of hell"
hey what's up i'm fler i'm 17 and i never learned how to fucking read
idk what else to write?? it's all in the about so yeah


Pill Left by MenheraKaeoc folder .:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiucontacts .:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiueternal Pill Right by MenheraKae

037 by cyooti 109 by x-END-THE-PAIN-x 135 by x-END-THE-PAIN-x
stolen from sonny after he decided to point at me to do it

1. Hi! What's your name?
i'm fler and i'm a fucker

2. I see, say, do you like VOCALOID?
hell yeehaw!! i'm a filthy fucking weeb

3. Well, I do!
wowie, it's not like you created this ask meme for voca fa

4. Who are your Top 10 VOCALOIDS?
1. piko (wow who would have seen this one coming)
2. rin
3. iroha
4. fukase
5. rana
6. yohioloid
7. mikoto
8. oliver
9. aoki lapis
10. flower

5. What is your favorite producer?
there's many... but the ones that roll off the top of my head are pinnocchio-p, maretu, mushi-p,, kikuo, kairiki bear. dennoko-p and nulut

6. I prefer male VOCALOIDS, what about you?
i mean same but like. the big problem i have w them is that they either sound too high or too low so... :(

7. So, how did you come across VOCALOID?
i was a small kid who looked up pokemon music videos and the ones that ended up sucking me in were rolling girl, tripe baka and crime and punishment

8. Do you have any of the vocaloid, and have you used them to make your own song?
have vocas? Yes. have made an original song? not yet. but i have made covers so idk if that counts

9. Ever been to a VOCALOID concert?
crypton won't allow miku to go to chile :(

10. What are you favorite 3 songs at the moment?

11. What vocaloids appearance do you like the most?
please look at xingchen. she's gorgest. i love her space motif. and also moke!!! we need to give more attention to the chinese vocas gotdamn

12. what's your fav Kagamine Len song?
i'd say sincerity nature but that one's a duet song with rin so i don't think it counts : (

13. What about our all famous diva, Miku?

13. Do you find youreself liking covers more then vocaloid originals often?
to be honest yeah, mostly bc a lot of the songs use miku and she doesn't fit as much :/

14. Do you own a Fanmade vocaloid/utauloid?
i mean i tried to make one, but i'm in the process of straight up redesigning them entirely

15. Any vocaloid you really dislike?

yeah, i'm gonna say it. i don't even hate gachapoid. whatcha gonna do. stab me?

16. Have any nendoroids?
no : (

17. Do you have any other Vocaloid related merchendise ?
all bootleg merch lolol but i have a len plush, a small rin that looks a bit like the nendo and a smaller miku plush so. yeehaw

18. Are you more into the songs with deeper meaning, the dark-ish songs or the happy, cheerful vocaloid songs?
i'll just jam to whatever the fuck i want lmao one day i could be listening to completely emo songs and the other i could just be jamming to popipo and then ANOTHER day i could be jaming to nsfw shit like luvoratorry

19. I keep switching questions, sorry. Is there any vocaloid that lags originality in voice/appearance?
probably the v5 default vocas? like what's up with them hoenstly

20. What about the haters around Miku?
i mean i understand why y'all would hate miku, everyone else is now living under her shadow but maybe y'all being a bit too harsh

21. Are you okay with some of the vocaloids being private ? (for example galaco)
i mean it depends a lot on the reason why they're private so yeah.

people always find a way to leak them to the public tho (like it was w galaco)

22. Rinxlen otp ?

they're siblings please fucking don't

23. Im out of inspiration xD. Are their any songs you really cant stand to listen to?
nah. nothing comes to mind

24. . . *out of questions* tag some people or whatever bye :3
[piko voice] please give me a v5
[lui hibiki voice] please give me a fucking voicebank
  • Listening to: 阡年と螺旋、&#


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