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Agni Plush

By Flemmliplush
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"C'mon, your ass is mine!"

This is a plush I made of Agni, the Atma avatar of Heat from Digital Devil Saga.
He isn't a commission, I just made him from felt because I wanted to practice sewing different shapes, and seeing as I got really into DDS at that time, I decided to make him.
Is weird little dorito shaped orange/yellow armor is always amusing to me.
If you guys haven't yet, I recommend you play Digital Devil Saga and Digital Devil Saga 2. They are amazing games.
Speaking of DDS, recently the first volume of Quantum Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner had been officially translated by Kevin Frane and brought over by Bento Books. The story is written by Yu Godai (who was the originally story writer for Digital Devil Saga) and I really highly recommend it to all of you. The second book in the series is also being translated soon. 
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