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This story contains explicit language and sexual content. If you are not 18 or whatever your respective legal age is in your area you shouldn't be reading this. This story also deals with a lot of stuff breast, belly, and butt expansion or inflation of varying size, nipple penetration, lactation, futa, multiple insertions. There's a lot going on. This is purely a work of fantasy and is meant as nothing more than a bit of fun. If you know what BE and all that other jazz is and like it, enjoy. If you know what it is and don’t like it you might want to steer clear. If you’re curious as to what BE and the rest of that stuff is then read on you’ll find out. Please have respect. If you don’t like it that’s fine but please refrain from negative comments. Thanks for reading.

Layla glanced around the massive room nervously, her hand brushed some of her purple hair behind her ear. So far she was alone, Shanoa had called Layla up offering a pretty hefty sum to help her run some tests, by playing guinea pig. Layla knew what kinds of tests Shanoa liked to run, they were always something lewd. Layla couldn’t say no though she needed the money. Layla clutched her hands subconsciously in front of her breasts, squishing them in against her body. This made her pillowy, pale, breast flesh spill out over the top of her bra.

Layla did her best to ignore it, she had lost so much weight, but her breasts hadn’t gotten smaller. If anything it seemed like they were bigger. Her huge boobs just reminded her of being heavy, that bothered her. Though not as much as being stood up in Shanoa’s lab in nothing but a bra and panties did. Layla had argued against it, Shanoa insisted though, ultimately Layla conceded. At least the lab was warm so she was comfortable. Her ears twitched as she heard footsteps approaching, turning towards the sound, Ann came into view. Layla’s brow furrowed, the slightly taller than her, but still short, navy blue haired girl was not who she was expecting to see.

Ann’s eyes lit up as she spied Layla across the room “Layla!” Ann called excitedly, before bouncing across the room. Ann was exceptionally light on her feet, she practically floated with each skip. Layla tried not to stare at Ann’s bouncing breasts, they were only help back by a thin band across them. The tops and bottoms of Ann’s boobs were exposed for all to see. How they didn’t slip out was beyond Layla. Both of the girls were quite curvy, but Layla’s hips and thighs were a little plumper and wider than Ann’s. That’s no surprise though, Layla was always plumper than her friends.

Ann finally landed in front Layla, taking Layla’s hand between her own Ann spoke quickly “I see you got roped into this too huh?” Ann didn’t wait for an answer “yeah I was gonna say no, but I needed the money. We all know what a perv Shanoa is, so this is probably going to be something super kinky and weird. Even though she calls it science,” Ann paused for a second taking a breath. Hey eyes drifted down towards Layla’s breasts “holy crap Layla are you even bigger?” Ann cupped Layla boobs squeezing them together. Layla chewed her lip, stifling a moan, doing her best to ignore the pleasurable sensations from her breasts. She was to polite or maybe meek to stop her friends groping.

Ever since Shanoa helped her lose the weight, Layla’s breasts had gotten much more sensitive. Layla could even cum if she played with them enough. Though, they would just be even bigger the next day when she did that, so she tried to avoid playing with them “Ahh A-Ann,” Layla stammered.

Ann didn’t even seem to hear Layla now “look at these big things,” she said as she continued to rub her friends breasts all over. “I mean mine are nothing to sneeze at, but these big things they’re just huge, like blimps, they take up your whole torso! God I wish mine were that big.”

Layla squirmed a little, starting to get flushed in the face, she could hear a creak coming from her bra as it grew just a little tighter. Ann was playing with them to much, making them swell bigger “I-I ahhhh I thought you could make yours bigger?” she said trying to get Ann’s attention of her boobs.

Ann looked up at Layla her hands stopped their roaming “yeah but it isn’t permanent, they always shrink back down.” Ann’s attention started to go back towards Layla’s boobs, “not like your big, plump.”

“Girls!” a cry came from across the room, Layla and Ann both looked over at the same time to see Betty jogging over towards them. The cowgirl’s thin white tail swished happily behind her showing her joy. Betty looked for the most part like a normal human. Aside from her tail and her two small horns that just barely crept out past her long black hair. Ironically despite being a cowgirl, her breasts were actually quite a bit smaller than both of the other two girls. Betty was only wearing her underwear as well, she sported a cow print pattern on both her panties and bra. She liked to play up the cowgirl angle.

The much taller woman embraced both of her friends with a big hug, going so far as to pick the two of them up. Cowgirls were naturally stronger than humans and Betty liked to work out, so she was stronger still. Ann and Layla oofed as Betty squeezed them “I guess you two needed the money as well huh?” she finished with a laugh while putting them down.

Layla glanced away shyly “yeah.”

“Yup, I’ve got expensive tastes,” Ann said while laughing and rubbing the back of her head.

The distinct sound of heels clicking filled the air, from out of the shadows walked Shanoa. The slender, tall, small chested woman was wearing a racy provocative lingerie, red in colour matching her hair. Over that she wore a lab coat. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail it swayed with her step. As she got closer she pushed up her glasses “Ahh good you’re all here, we can start the fun,” Shanoa stood confidently hands on her hips, a sly smile on her face as she assessed the girls.

“U-uhm Sh-Shanoa, how come you’re in underwear?” Layla asked “are you joining us?” Layla timidly finished. She had always been even more shy round Shanoa, Layla was intimidated by the slender woman.

Shanoa smirked “not at all darling, you can’t expect me to be around this much sexy and not want to feel sexy myself.” Shanoa sauntered her way over to Layla “I see you’re watermelons are still doing well,” there was a sly lick of her lip as she said this. Then she squeezed Layla’s ample breasts together “mmmm even bigger than before it seems. That’s good it’ll help the tests.” Her attention turned to Ann “you’re sporting quite the set of balloons yourself Ms. Ann.”

Ann thrust her breasts out proudly, inviting Shanoa to have her fun with them “you know it!”

Shanoa didn’t turn down the invite, groping the shorter woman’s breasts. They bounced easily, already feeling lighter to the touch then Layla’s “hmmm we’ll have to see about pumping your balloons into blimps I think.” Ann’s eyes shone with excitement at the comment. That was good, Shanoa liked an eager subject.

Finally having to look up to meet the eyes of the tall cowgirl, Shanoa assessed her final subject. Shanoa was about to have her fun with Betty’s boobs as well. When Betty enveloped Shanoa in a hug like she had the other two. “Shanoa! It’s good to see you too. Getting us together for a little fun I see,” Betty nodded to the cameras around her area. “Running out of research material huh?” her tone on research made the word sound raunchy. Betty wasn’t wrong. Shanoa would watch many of her scientific recordings, while pleasuring herself.

The scientist grinned “you know me too well Betty. I think we’re going to have to add a little more squish to this hug though,” Shanoa said as she was let down. She straightened her lab coat “I mean honestly, what’s a cowgirl without big, fat, milky udders?” She didn’t wait for Betty’s answer. Shanoa turned walking over to the table with a series of injectors on it. Scooping up the first one she walked back over to Layla. Cupping one of Layla’s large breasts she pressed the injector to Laya’s supple, creamy, white skin. Layla winced as the needle did its thing. “You’re each getting series of shots,” Shanoa said as she moved onto Ann. “To test the possibility of increasing the elasticity of specific point on the body, namely your nipples,” Ann didn’t seem to mind the shot.

None of the girls said anything, they knew Shanoa well enough to know asking why was a waste of time. While Shanoa finished up with Betty, Layla looked down at her breasts. There were two red spots where Shanoa had given her the shots. Layla’s nipples started to grow erect, something felt off though. Reaching forward she gasped as her hands felt her nipples through her bra. They were bigger, much bigger. Her already puffy areola puffed out even larger. She was sure just her areola alone would fill a normal sized bra now. Her nipples were fatter and longer too. Despite how embarrassing this was, Layla couldn’t seem to stop playing with her nipples. They felt very good, as she kept rubbing them through her bra, it wasn’t long before a wet spot formed in her panties.

“Mmm a girl could get used to this” Ann said, her hands now inside of her bra cups. She groped and fondled her larger nipples eagerly. Ann had never been a very reserved girl, she started to play with her nipples more aggressively. It wasn’t long before loud moans escaped her lips and her face grew flushed in arousal.

There was a sigh of pleasure from betty as well. With her smaller breasts, Betty’s nipples looked even bigger than the other two. Her nipples were almost too big for her breasts now. “Yes this is quite pleasant isn’t it,” Betty’s bra was already off, now laying on the floor. She started to pull on her long teats hard.

Ann and Betty were clearly enjoying their rough nipple play quite a bit. Layla wondered if she should follow suit. No she couldn’t, those two were so sexy and confident, not like her. “Okay next shot,” Shanoa’s voice caused Layla’s attention to snap back to the scientist. Looking to her left Layla watched as another shot was administered, this time to her arm. “This will help you loosen up,” Shanoa said wryly looking Layla in the eye, before walking away with a sultry sway of her hips.

A warmth washed over Layla’s whole being. The nervousness faded, all her fears faded, replaced with a growing ball of flaming lust. Her inhibitions gone, Layla’s hands quickly found their way back, undoing Layla’s reinforced bra snaps. “Ohh Shanoa, what did you do? I feel wonderful, just look what you did to my big, sexy nipples!” Layla said excitedly before grabbing her nipples in her hands, she pulled on them hard “Ahhhh! Oh yes! They feel so good!” Layla’s panties were soaked now, pussy juices gushing from her from nipple play alone. As Layla played with her nipples harder and harder, her breasts started to swell from all the attention she was giving them.

Ann looked over at Layla in awe. If Shanoa’s shot had turned that once timid, shy, nervous girl into that, what was it going to do to her? Looking down between Layla’s legs, Ann could see Layla’s pussy was plumper than before. Filling the purple haired girls bikini bottom. “Oh Shanoa, what are you doing to us? You sexy genius,” Ann couldn’t wait to get the shot.

Shanoa administered the serum, she smiled “you’ll have to wait and see,” Shanoa replied coyly, before moving onto Betty. “Now for my favorite Moo.”

Ann stopped watching Shanoa, warmth radiated from her neithers, crawling through her body. Parting her breasts Ann watched, her puffy pussy swelled out engorged. Thanks to Shanoa’s previous experiments Ann was able to stretch, like rubber or a balloon. Whatever this was it seemed to be affecting her more than Layla, her pussy ballooned out. “Ohhh god yes! I’ve never felt so horny!” Both of Ann’s hands went between her legs playing with her fat, soaked, sex. As she rubbed feverishly, she cried out in pleasure “ahhhhh it’s just making me hornier!” Ann shouted in delight.

Betty offered her arm to Shanoa, “last but not least huh?” she didn’t even flinch as the needle went in. Betty was used to pain and soreness from her training. A little needle was nothing to her.

Shanoa walked back over to her table. Casting a quick glance at Ann and Layla both clearly enjoying themselves, then to the cameras, to make sure they were recording. “Now that you’re all feeling a little more relaxed ladies,” Shanoa turned and faced the girls, she made a motion with her hand. From out of the shadows came a large group of men. As they surrounded Layla, Ann, and Betty, Shanoa grinned like the cheshire cat “the real fun begins.”

Betty looked around at the group of men, there were so many of them. How did Shanoa have enough money to pay all these people? She licked her lips, as she noticed that all of the men were sporting massive cocks and balls. Far larger than any normal man could ever have on their own. This was more of Shanoa’s handiwork no doubt. From the literal size of arms, to the size of legs, and bigger still, cocks bobbed up and down as the men walked closer. Betty squirmed, she ached to be filled right now, but none of these men were Nick. She wasn’t about to cheat on her boyfriend, drugs or no drugs.

Betty opened her mouth to call out to Shanoa, when a voice cut her off “hey hun.” Looking beside herself Betty felt giddy butterflies in her stomach. Nick stepped up onto his tippy toes and kissed her.

Betty wrapped her arms around her lover, pulling him off his feet easily, melting into the kiss. After a moment they separated panting “I can’t believe you’re here!” she blurted out “I need you inside me, like, now!.”

Nick placed a hand on her chest, stopping Betty’s would be sexual attack on himself. “Soon, soon,” he said putting a glass bottle to her lips. Betty started to swallow immediately “first we need you nice and big,” the taste of milk spread across her tongue. Betty’s breasts started to swell out bigger and bigger with each gulp. It wasn’t long before milk was starting to leak from her swollen nipples.

Lactating was nothing new for a cow girl, all of them produced far more than the average human woman. Still like all who Shanoa sunk her pervy little claws into, Betty wasn’t like other cow girls. Shanoa had changed Betty permanently. Now when she consumed any sort of dairy it would trigger her breasts to start producing milk. The more dairy she ate or drank the faster she would produce and the bigger her breasts would get. As Betty finished the bottle of milk, something occurred to her “wait, we?” she puzzled.

Nick stepped up to her again with another bottle of milk. Where had he gotten another one so fast? “Hey hun,” Nick said again putting the second bottle to her plump lips. Betty greedily sucked the milk down, knowing Nick wanted her boobs bigger only turned her on more. Plumper and fuller her udders filled. Milk was now squirting from her nipples. It spattered against Nicks chest, he wiped some up with his free hand and licked it off “you taste great as always.” Betty finished the second bottle, she looked down at her expanding juggs, to see how much bigger they had become. They were easily the size of Layla’s now. “Hey hun” Nick repeated himself again pushing yet another bottle to her mouth.

Even as pleasure drunk as she had become, this wasn’t adding up to Betty. How was he getting the milk so fast? To add to her confusion Betty felt hands caressing her all over. They rubbed her stomach, thighs, breasts, ass. Two sets of lips kissed either side of her neck. While she was still drinking from the bottle, out of the corner of her eye, Betty was sure she could see Nick. Even though Nick was stood in front of her. Looking past Nick to the person stood behind him, Betty nearly choked on the milk, it was another Nick. Finishing the bottle in one final rough swallow Betty gasped for breath. “Haaa wa-wait!? What’s going on?” she stammered out.

A finger was placed on her lips “shhhh, relax hun, just go with it. It’s Shanoa.” One of the Nicks that was kissing her neck stepped in front of her again “weird stuff is bound to happen.” This Nick flashed his hand in front of her face, showing the promise ring she had given him. “All you need to know is you’re surrounded by a group of men who love you very much,” he leaned in kissing her again. “And want to ravage every part of your body, driving you crazy with pleasure.” As the real Nick stepped back, another quickly stepped in putting more milk to her lips.

Betty looked around at the copies of the man she loved looking at her lustfully. They stroked their cocks and watched as her breasts swelled bigger and bigger. Two stepped in sucking on her fat nipples, she moaned into the bottle. Milk trickled down the sides of her mouth. Her breasts were now bigger than yoga balls. As the bottle was taken away Betty cried out in pleasure “yes! Fuck me senseless! I want to make love to all of you!”

Layla blushed as she looked over at Betty, she couldn’t believe her friend just shouted that. Layla had her own group of men closing in around her. They were all handsome at least and they all had such big cocks. Layla squirmed as her arousal grew, looking at those big throbbing poles was really turning her on. She would never admit it outloud, but she had always wanted to be in an orgy. It was just far to lewd for her to consider it in the past. Now though looking around her, Layla couldn’t be more excited “Umm, I, would, would you please have sex with me using those big, fat, cocks, and play with my huge, fat, boobs too.”

She still couldn’t really meet any of them in the eye, but she watched as they all converged upon her. She chewed her lip as hands caressed her all over. Most paying attention to her breasts. Layla moaned as her breasts started to swell much faster now. With some many hands rubbing them all over, they billowed out bigger and bigger. It wasn’t long before they were hanging down to her knees. Layla dropped to the ground resting on top of her massive breasts. They were too heavy to stand up with anymore “ohh you’re making breasts too big. They’re just so perverse!”

While the group formed a circle around Layla, five stepped in. Were they really going to go five at a time? To answer her question two pressed their girthy cock heads against her pussy and asshole. The two of the three in front approached her nipples, pressing their tips against her long, fat, thick nipples “what are you doing?” Layla asked “cocks don’t go in there,” she stated matter of factly. The two men started to push forward, Layla started to moan in pleasure.

Her moan kept getting louder and louder as the men pushed harder “ahhhhh my nipples! They feel so good! Don’t stop! Harder! Harder!” Layla screamed. The two behind her started to push in as well, their massive cocks not fitting so easily either. They had to push hard to get their fat, cock heads to slide inside Layla’s tight holes. As all four pushed in together, finally they all slid in at the one time. Layla heard pops as each of the cocks were thrust inside her ‘OH MY GOD YES! I’M CUMMING!” Layla shrieked as she shook all over. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Harder! Thrust harder!” she begged encouraging the men on. The last man took his place between her breasts, thrusting his cock, tit fucking her massive chair sized boobs, while the others pumped into her holes.

Ann was still eagerly playing with her hypersensitive pussy, she cum at least three times now and was working on a forth. Each orgasm only seemed to push her arousal to new heights though. Ann looked around at all the Nicks and other men in this room, including the ones making their way over to her. She was so horny, she wanted every last cock inside her. Two men came up to her breasts holding thick hoses. They pushed the ends of the hoses into Ann’s nipples with a pop. Loud hissing filled the air, the force of the air pressure made Ann’s balloon tits blow up bigger and bigger and bigger. “Ahhhhhhhhh! Yes! Pump them up! Pump up my big blimp tits!” She cried as her boobs swelled and swelled and swelled. Already they were down to her knees.

A second set of hoses were pushed into her nipples, making Ann’s breasts balloon even faster. “More! More! Make them huge!” she shouted in pleasure as two of the men pushed their cocks into her nipples, along with the hoses. They started to thrust hard. Ann groaned loudly loving the feeling, but they didn’t stop. Two more pushed their giant cocks into her nipples, then another massive two. Three enormous cocks in each nipple now Ann shuddered in pleasure “yes! You’re just making me hornier! Don’t stop! I want to get hornier and hornier and horiner! I can take it! more!” Listening to her commands, two cocks pushed their way into her pussy, along with two in her ass. Ann’s body stretched to accommodate easily. Four more cocks also slid into Ann’s nipples, making for seven cocks in each nipple.

All of this at once awakened something in Ann, she had never been stretched this way before. Even during her normal masturbation sessions of having sex with another guy it was usually pretty normal. Being stretched so much right now felt amazing “stretch my nipples! Stretch my pussy! Stretch my ass! Pump my boobies bigger! I want to be a massive horny fuck balloon!” Her breasts were now bigger than her now they were getting close to the size of couch each. Ann could hear the moans of men getting closer to the edge all around her. She wanted it, she wanted all of their cum inside her greedy stretched holes.

Hearing her demand more some of the men from Layla’s group broke off moving over to Ann. Two more of them worked their way into her tight pussy. Along with another two in her ass. With four cocks in each of her rear holes Ann simply let out a blissful moan. Six more men slit off attending each of her nipples. Working their cocks into her huge stretched nipples there was now ten colossal dicks fucking each of Ann’s nipples.

Betty watched as the random group of men assaulted Ann’s every hole, stuffing multiple cocks into her like it was nothing. She envied Ann’s ability to stretch right now. She wished she could do something similar with the men she loved. “Nick fuck my holes! Fill my nipples, pussy, and ass with cock. I want you to treat me like they’re treating Ann. Make me feel good darling!” The group of Nick’s went wild with this. Their gentle caressing and playing getting more aggressive.

Betty could feel some of them trying to push their cocks into her leaking nipples. She gasped loudly as they started to plug up her nipples sliding their way in. Her breasts started to balloon more from all of the pent up milk. Bigger and bigger her fat, milky, udders grew, they were getting close to as big as she was. It was going to take a lot of milking to get them back down to size. If they ever got back down to their normal size again. She had never been this big before, part of her loved it. Betty never lactated as much as other cow girls. Now she was putting them to shame “Ahhh darling look how big you’re making my tits grow! They’re so full of milk! Keep them plugged up with your big fat cocks!” Betty moaned louder as two more cocks were stuffed into each of her nipples, stretching them and plugging them more. They all started pumping in and out, moaning loudly.

From behind more copies of her boyfriend slid their cocks into her ass and pussy. Two in each hole. The thickness of the cocks hurt a little, but soon as she started to stretch and they got into a rhythm it felt better than ever. “Mmmm soo good darling! You’re making me feel soooo good! I’m going to cum and cum and cum!” Betty hugged into her massive breasts, as she was racked by a powerful orgasm. She squealed in delight as her nipples, pussy, and ass clenched down on her lovers cocks. The sounds of multiple Nicks crying out drove Betty wild. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could keep this up, even still she wanted more.

Ann’s breasts reached the size of beds before the group of men fucking her tits pulled out the hoses. To make room for more massive cocks to push their way in, twelve cocks per nipple now. The men seemed to be lost in a primal pleasure. With four cocks in her ass and four in her pussy Ann’s mouth hung open panting in pleasure. Her orgasms came one after another, her pussy was like a waterfall now “I’m not horny enough! God I want even more! What if I’m never satisfied? Will I just keep getting hornier and horiner!? Ohhh yes! I want to be horny forever!”

Layla came hard hearing Ann shout such perverted things. They couldn’t keep doing this forever though. Layla was getting tired, everything was getting to be to much. Some of the other men had tried to do to her, what other had done to Ann. She had to tell them men to stop. Layla didn’t stretch like Ann. Her breasts were now touching the floor, this was the biggest Layla had ever been even still she was completely outclassed now by Ann and Betty. The other two girls were more suited for such debauchery.

There was a cry from the men thrusting into her “Ohhh yes! Shoot inside me!” Layla cried out to her surprise. The second group of men all bucked and thrashed erratically as their orgasms overtook them. Ann yowled in pleasure, cumming with them. It felt so nice when their warm cum poured into her body. There was only four men left to her group. They all approached her breasts.

Two of them each pushing the tips of her dicks against her nipples. They kept pushing and pushing “Ohhh god that feels so good, but please my nipples are too tight you won’t fit!” They ignored her pleas and soldiered on. They started to hump and thrust harder and harder against her nipples. The pleasure kept growing and growing for Layla “My nipples! They’re so sensitive! Ohhh god it’s making me cum! Ahhhh I can’t stop! I keep cumming and cumming!” Layla’s pussy gushed and gushed and gushed the spray from it becoming greater as her eyes rolled back into her head.

With a mighty push from all of the men, their cocks popped into Layla’s extremely tight nipples. All four gasped in pleasure as her nipple clenched down on their cocks hard. They had to start slow, but soon were up to a meager pace. “Harder! Please! Fuck them harder!” Layla actually swore, the pleasure from her nipples becoming all consuming. They complied to her request, starting to pump their hips are hard as they could. Layla’s breasts swelled more and more as they were fucked.

Her breasts would soon be the size of her if they didn’t finish soon. Tingling crept through her body as her orgasms continued ceaselessly. Her whole body felt euphoric like she was cumming all over. As the last of the men fucking her massive breasts and tight nipples roarded in climax, she did as well. All to the point of exhaustion collapsed. Layla was completely spent smiling happily in bliss she started to drift off falling asleep between her breasts.  

Betty was never more impressed with Nick. Her boyfriend and his copies had lasted so long, fucking her holes long and hard. As she rubbed her massive breasts they were feeling hot and tight to the touch. Her breasts now almost twice as big as she was. Betty’s breasts were so sensitive to the touch that merely brushing them with her hands was making her cum harder. Her lovers cried out they were getting close and how much they loved her. Betty could barely focus herself, she had lost count of the orgasms she had had. She knew this had to end soon though “Ohhh darling my udders are getting so tight. You have to pull out soon or they might pop! Unnghh, but they feel so good!”

All of the Nicks inside her nipples started to cry out they were cumming. Betty quivered as her breasts lurched bigger and bigger as their cum pumped into her fattening breasts. Bigger and bigger and bigger they swelled. Everything kept getting tighter and tighter, her nipples bulged out more from the pressure. “Ahhhhh god! Nick! You have to pull out now darling! Please they’re so tight! Now!” Betty could hear the slurping sound as all of the cocks were pulled out of her nipples.

All of the milk and cum erupted from her nipples in massive geysers. The sensation felt better than any of the orgasms Betty had, had yet. Losing control of herself she collapsed against her shrinking mammaries, as more and more milk poured from her teats. Her arms and legs completely limp from the draining experience she could only lightly rub her breasts as they continued to leak their contents. After some time the spray slowed to a trickle. Betty’s breasts were still much larger than they normally were, she was too tired to care though. One of the Nicks came over to her kneeling down, Betty caught the ring on his hand, it was her Nick “you were amazing hun” he kissed her.

Shanoa rubbed herself as she watched the show. Things looked like they had winded down. All of the men looked spent. She got up and walked towards the girls. Her ear flinched as someone moaned “or is it done?” Shanoa’s lip curved into a slight smile she knew the voice. Shanoa couldn’t actually see Ann anymore behind her massive, blimp boobs. She just assumed Ann had finished, as all of her men were spent.

As Shanoa rounded the curvature of Ann’s tremendous breasts though she was met with a welcome site. Ann still rubbed her pussy passionately, as Ann’s eyes met Shanoa’s she cried out “I’m not horny enough! I want more pleasure! Please Shanoa, I want to be stretched more!”

This turned Shanoa on even more “of course darling, much more.” She turned away from Ann “all of you help Betty and Layla to their rooms. One of you go wake the sisters.”

Ann almost looked distraught as the men started to leave “sisters? I want cocks stretching me out Shanoa!”

Shanoa chuckled “patience Ann, you won’t be disappointed,” Shanoa’s eyes looked past Ann as the sisters started to walk out.

Ann watched Shanoa’s eyes and turned to look herself. Her mouth fell open at what she saw, twelve tall, brunette, identical, women walked towards her. They had enormous breasts that bounced and jiggled as they walked. Their boobs were easily the size of bean bag chairs. The thing that shocked Ann the most was that all of them had the biggest cocks Ann had ever seen, with balls to match. Each cock was fatter and taller than she was. Two of the sisters came up behind her, both leaned down, they were much taller than Betty. Ann mmmmphhed as one kissed her, then the other took her turn “we hope you like us,” one of them said.

They lined up their cock heads with her ass and pussy rubbing teasingly against her pleasure holes. The two of them started to kiss each other. Four more made their way to Ann’s nipples. Scooping up the hoses that had been pulled out the futa women stuffed them back into Ann’s nipples. She cooed in pleasure as her breasts started to inflate again. “Yes! Bigger! I want them bigger! Big, fat, blimp, titties!” Ann rubbed her inflating melons in delight. Soon the two behind her started to push their mammoth posts into Ann. Her limbs tensed up as the massive cocks stretched her more than she thought possible. “Unnnnnnghhhaaaaa!” she cries as her whole body was dunked in bliss. Her mouth open panting Ann’s sex started gushing like Betty’s tits had earlier.

“Fuck me! Fuck Me! FUCK ME!” Ann chanted as the massive cocks bulged out in her belly stretching it out more and more. The two hyper endowed futa’s pumped and thrusted harder into Ann. Two more stuffed their cocks into Ann’s nipples. They were so much bigger than any of the men. Ann’s nipples clenched down hard on the girls cocks. They cried out in pleasure squealing it was so tight. Still they started to fuck her breasts like there was no tomorrow. Ann was certain it couldn’t get any better when another two sisters decided to join the two already fucking her nipples. Her nipples felt like vice grips on the girls cocks they were so tight now. There were cries of passion and pleasure from all of them as this even stranger orgy continued.

Ann’s breasts were the size of cars now, four of the sisters hugging into her breasts using them to get leverage to fuck Ann’s nipples all the harder. They were going to break Ann if this kept up, her tongue hung out as she shouted for more “I never want this to stop! Ahhh cum inside me! I want to feel all your hot goo filling my holes!”

“Then you’ll get all of us” one of the girls replied from behind Ann. Ann looked back just in time to see two more of the impossibly endowed futa’s step up to her. They started to force their giant cocks into her ass and pussy along side of the other two. Ann’s eyes rolled back as she let out a wail of pleasure. This wasn’t enough though. The final four pushed their immense cocks into Ann’s nipples. Ann now had four bigger than her cocks inside each of her nipples and two just as gargantuan cocks in her pussy and ass.  

“Ahhhhhhhh I’ve never been fucked so completely in my life! I love it! I want it! Cum inside me! Blow me up with cum!” As though to reply to her, each of the girls one by one cried out that they were cumming. Ann lost it herself as she felt all of the warm sticky cum pump into her breasts, belly, and womb. Ann’s hands went to her belly, it billowed out and out and out just like her breasts. It was filled and filled with cum. “Ahhhh my belly too! Pumping up just like a cum balloon! Yes! Stuff me! Fill me!” Her breasts didn’t lurch out as much since they were already so big, but it wasn’t long till Ann’s belly was expanded bigger than her with cum.

After another few moments of cumming the girls slowed their pace panting a little, their cum spent. “Not quite yet girls,” Shanoa said as she made her way around giving each of the futa girls a shot.

All of them started to moan loudly, Ann could feel as their cocks swelled bigger and bigger and bigger inside her stretching her “More!?” all of the girls started thrusting harder than ever, almost like they were possessed “Ohhhh yes! MORE! MORE! MORE!” Ann bucked and thrusted with them. Trying to fuck herself as hard as she could on those massive meat pillars inside her holes. Ann puffed and panted her body wouldn’t stop trembling in pleasure. Her pussy was spaying like a raging river. At their heightened arousal it wasn’t long before each of the sisters were shouting they were going to cum again.

“Cum!” Ann shouted eagerly “I want to feel your hot cum stuffing me even bigger!” Like a symphony they all cried out together as their gigantic balls clenched and chruned. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Pump it all into me! I want to be MASSIVE!” Ann gasp as wad after wad shot into her, so much more than last time. Her belly ballooned and ballooned, it was now bigger than a car. Ann’s breasts still getting filled with air an cum expanded bigger, fatter, rounder till they were bigger than cube vans. Still she was stuffed fatter and fatter with cum till finally, one by one, the girls collapsed backwards laying back on top of their giant ball sacks. All of the women Ann included lay there with delighted smiles on their faces. “That was in-incredible,” was all Ann could get out. Her breasts were big enough to fill a room, her belly the size of a pickup truck.

Shanoa walked along Ann’s breast trailing a finger on it “I think that’s enough testing for today,” she said in a cheerful tone. She came to face Ann who was looking positively spent, resting against her massive breasts and belly. “I don’t think I have anyone left to move all of you. Luckily it seems you all have comfy pillows to rest on.” Shanoa made a few taps on her tablet “Layla and Betty are sleeping now. Once they wake up, they’ll be back to normal and can head home.” Shanoa crouched down brushing some of Ann’s disheveled hair out of her face “how about you Ms. Ann? Are you going home?” Shanoa then nodded to one of the futa girls passed out “or would you like to spend the weekend? To run more tests?”

Even in her exhausted state, that question made Ann perk up a little “I’d love to stay the weekend,” she said before falling asleep herself.

The End.
Shanoa's Sexy Science
This was done for a buddy of mine Samuelsmith if you've seen his work he's a damn good artist that loves some nipple penetration (he's not the only one), among other things (again he's not the only one lol). It was a lot of fun to write. It's been a while since I've been able to dive head first into the smut storm. As such this one is a bit longer than my normal stuff lately. I really hope you enjoy it. I know I enjoyed writing it.

P.S. This is a work of odd fiction yes it may not be your brand of odd, but it is other peoples brand. If you don't like it cool, just don't be a dick. Thanks!

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This story contains explicit language and sexual content. If you are not 18 or whatever your respective legal age is in your area you shouldn't be reading this. This story also deals with breast, belly, and butt expansion or inflation of massive size. This is purely a work of fantasy and is meant as nothing more than a bit of fun. If you know what BE is and like it, enjoy. If you know what it is and don’t like it you might want to steer clear. If you’re curious as to what BE is then read on you’ll find out. Please have respect. If you don’t like it that’s fine but please refrain from negative comments. Thanks for reading.

“How’s that new suit feeling Dee?” Vee’s masculine voice quizzed from Diana’s earpiece “quite a bit of my own personal sweet, blood, at tears when into making that baby,” Diana grimaced at that statement. “How does she feel? Like a second skin I bet,” Vee’s voice went quiet waiting for an answer.

Diana landed on the roof of the museum with a grunt “those had better be the only fluids in this thing,” She shot back, Diana wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. “I’ve read the specs on this thing. It’s less a stealth suit and more a fetish suit,” she stood up. surveying the roof. Everything matched the blueprints.

The com cut back in “oh come on now don’t be like that,” Vee’s voice whined. “It’s a marvel of technology, one to one touch sensation, yet able to withstand intense heat, blistering cold, stop bullets, sound dampeners.”

“And inflates in some very interesting points. Namely the breasts, belly, and butt areas of a woman” Diana said cutting Vee off.

“It is tactical!” Vee exclaimed “if you get tied up, suit swells bigger, bust the ropes, and boom you’re free.”

Diana sighed “then why not just have it inflate like a ball?”

“Oh, what’s sexy about a ball?” Vee blurted out “ahhh.”  

Diana rolled her eyes “over and out Vee,” Vee wasn’t wrong though it felt like a second skin, leaving nothing to the imagination. Her fat, thumb sized, nipples stuck out, hard as the cool breeze blew against her. It was cool, refreshing, and just a tad arousing. The skin tight suit tickled a lot of Diana’s fancies. Her hands started to drift towards her plump, full, H cup breasts. The suit made her boobs look amazing, perky, round, just jutting out there. Diana cupped her breasts, starting to rub them through her suit. It felt like skin to skin touch, she pinched her big, thick, nipples between her fingers pulling on them, god her nipples were so sensitive. She let out a moan, Diana loved tight full body suits as well as many other bondage toys. One of her hands started to drift down.

“Don’t forget, that’s a prototype,” Diana’s hand flinched as Vee’s voice cut in “don’t get it wet on the inside,” Diana could hear the smirk on his face. “Keep that heart rate in check yeah? Let’s get this done,” he added, his tone more serious now.

Diana tucked some of her short aqua hair back behind her ear, her grey eyes narrowing, she searched for the entry point. Vee was all business now she knew that tone well. Her long, toned legs carried Diana quickly across the rooftop. She was tall for a woman just under six feet, curvy, buxom. Not exactly what you would expect for a cat burglar, but she surprised most with how well she could get in and out of tight places. What could she say she was quite good at contorting.

Getting to the skylight of the museum, Diana suctioned the glass cutter onto the window. Beginning the process, she slowly cut the hole. Gently removing the glass and cutter she slipped her hand inside, with a click the inside lock was undone. Manuel was easy digital was a hard stuff nowadays. Most places didn’t even bother to include manual locks anymore. Everything was magnetic with scanners. The museum was a historic building though, it still had some archaic methods they used. The great thing about digital was tough, with a man like Vee on your side, even the mag locks were archaic. “Here’s hoping you’re still on your game Vee,” Diana said to her com.

Diana heard tsk-ing in her ear “you still doubt me? For shame,” there was a click on the outside of the window.

She lifted the window open “not for a second. If you were here I would show you my appreciation,” Diana quipped as she clipped the rappel rope onto a pipe.  

“Don’t think Mrs. Vee would approve of that,” he went quiet for a moment “so any luck finding a Mr. Dee?” he quizzed.

Diana swung over the window ledge, rappelling down into the museum “I’m more of a solo act Vee.”

Vee snerked “breaking the heart of every big tit man out there, you are.”

“And big tit women,” Diana added “lots of them too.”

She heard Vee inhale “I might have to go to the bathroom for some private time thinking about that one,” he all, but groaned.

Diana rolled her eyes as her feet touched the ground, as promised there wasn’t a sound from her footfall, she let go of the rope. With a push of a button on her belt, the rope was reeled back up via a pulley. Short range wifi was a burglar’s best friend. “I’m in, moving towards the objective.” Diana flicked down her goggles, they covered her eyes. The goggles were thin, curved, looked like stylish shades really. Her heads up display powered on, night vision kicked in, everything was crystal clear now.

Heading in Diana never made a sound. Her earbuds enhanced her hearing, the suit enhanced her sense of touch she could feel even the slightest specs of dust underfoot. Since mag locks had become the norm, many security guards had grown lazy in their careers. Diana didn’t expect trouble, still it never hurt to be careful. Darting down the hallway, she followed the directions that her goggles were providing her. Arriving at the security door, she lowered a camera snake under the door frame. There was one guard inside, he was asleep, snoring softly. Diana could have just left him to his own natural devices. However, she couldn’t take the chance of him waking up. With the push of a button on her wrist, a dart fired from the camera snake. The man grunted waking up for a moment before the heavy sedative kicked in, the man slumped back into his chair and started snoring loudly.

With that out of the way Diana let out a relieved breath. The schedule they had procured only had the one guard on duty for the whole museum. With him out of the way Diana was now free to frolic. She had faith in Vee’s abilities all the digital was down to him. Cameras would be looped, motion sensors and sound detectors turned off. She strode confidently down the hallway to her target, her plump breasts bouncing with each step. Her mind started to drift towards naughty thoughts, as the suit caressing her whole body started to turn her on again. She was going to need some serious private time when this was over.

Getting to the open main hall of the museum Diana could see her objective sitting in the center. She didn’t know much about it, nor did she care. Diana always felt the less she knew about what she was stealing the less she could give away. If the money was right, that’s all that mattered to her. She had rich tastes, that being the best cat burglar out there. could more than pay for. As Diana was stroking her own ego, she felt her foot sink into something, followed by a click. “Shit! Ahhh Vee, we might have a situation here.” Diana said quickly hopping back from the pressure plate she just stepped on. A ticking started, Diana looked around frantically.

Before Vee could reply there was a twang sound. Diana felt something hit her in the chest and groin. Taken off her feet, she fell in a pile on the ground with an oof. Struggling, she couldn’t move she was tightly bound, specifically her curvier bits. As Diana wriggled she could feel ropes rubbing against her nipples, squeezing her breasts, rubbing between her plump mons, caressing between her ass cheeks. “Oh no,” Diana said as she continued to shuffle. Chewing her lip, she breathed heavier, being tied up like this was turning her on. She started to hump against the ropes, letting out a low moan as the rope squeezed against her breasts, nipples, thighs, butt, and pussy tightly. Vee had said not to get the inside of the suit wet, but there wasn’t much else she could do now. Diana was already dripping wet inside the suit, she could feel the warmth spreading.

“Dee? What happened? Your heart rate is through the roof,” there was concern in his voice. Diana wanted to reply, but she couldn’t, there was no reaching her com like this “remember the suit Dee, it can get you out of a lot of situations.”

She grunted shifting her arms as best she could. They were close enough, she should be able to, and she really couldn’t believe she was thinking this, blow herself up. “I swear he planned this,” Diana mumbled to herself, as she fiddled with the controls on her arm band. After some blind groping she was pretty sure she hit the right button. There was a beep followed by a strange tingling sensation around her body. It started off feeling pleasant, then quickly became more intense. With her whole body now feeling like it was vibrating, including her overly sensitive nipples and her now very wet vagaina Diana could only let out a groan of pleasure. “Ohhh that perv! This feels so good! Why isn’t the suit blowing up yet?”

As soon as Diana asked the question there was a fwooshing sound. Her breasts, belly, and butt cheeks lurched out in all directions, swelling out bigger and bigger. Looking down over herself Diana was amazed even her nipples were getting bigger. “If the suit is blowing up? Then why are my nipples still visible?” There was another swell Diana moaned as the ropes grew tighter and tighter around her swelling bits. Everything was getting more sensitive now, but the suit was supposed to be one to one skin contact. If the suit was inflating Diana shouldn’t be able to feel the ropes anymore. There should be an air cushion between her and the ropes. The truth dawned on her “Oh jesus christ! It’s not the suit blowing up. I am!”

Diana felt the strange tingling again. Her breasts, belly, and butt lurched out even further this time. She cried out in pleasure as the ropes pushed back against her body. “Nnuughh so tight, rubbing everything. Feels sooo good! Hah, oh, I-I’ll figure it out later, right now I gotta.” Diana started to buck and thrash in her unexpected, but very pleasurable bondage session. She was inching closer and closer to her orgasm. Her arms and hands were squished into her billowing breasts. Her belly bulged out around the ropes like rising dough. She hadn’t even stopped inflating from the previous time when she felt the all too familiar sensation “Haaaaaaaa! Yes! Tighter I’m so close! Bigger! Bigger! Ooooo I’m going to cum!” As her orgasm over took Diana pops and snaps filled the air as ropes sprang free from her.

“Ahhhh!” Diana cried out her limbs springing free from her now inflated body. They went tense again as her orgasm continued, she lay on the squirming in delight as her hypersensitive balloons brought her to new heights of euphoria. Her hands now aware of their freedom, explored her new frame. One finding its way between her swollen thighs to her sex “Ohhhh, it’s so puffy!” Diana exclaimed as her hand rubbed her plump pussy between her legs, now far fatter than the delicate flower she once had. “Oh god! It feels incredible! I-I’m already almost there again!”

As the suit continued its work Diana expand more. Her, what had already been impressive H cups, had long left that behind. They were now starting to become the size of beach balls. Diana’s blindly groping right hand found its mark, still blessedly in reach. Her nipples had been sensitive before, but nothing like this. As she tightly squeezed her now softball sized nipple, Diana was pushed over the edge. Another wonderful orgasm overtook her. Somehow this one felt better than the last. Diana went with it, no longer caring about anything else, than her own selfish needs.  

Her ballooning breasts, belly, and butt filled up more space, her lust grew as well “Dee? Dee are you there? Copy? Your heart rate and breathing are skyrocketing. Are you okay!?” Vee asked, his voice shaking a little.

Part of Diana wanted to ignore Vee and keep going to town on herself. She let out a sigh as her orgasm subsided. She brought a finger to her ear “Vee the suit doesn’t inflate! It inflates me! Were you planning on te,” Diana let go of the ear piece. Another pass of inflation hit her, causing her to moan loudly. With two orgasms down, she was quickly on the way to a third if she didn’t stop this soon. She was getting so big now each breast was bigger than a yoga ball, her belly was like a beanbag chair, bigger than her, and her ass cheeks would fill a couch now. “Were you planning on telling me that?” she panted as she spoke.          
There was silence for a few moments “I was going too, but come on, it sounds preposterous, besides the suit will reverse the process.” Vee quickly blurted out that last part “just hit the same button you did to turn it on.”

Diana decided he was right, if Vee had told her that the suit was going actually inflate her she probably wouldn’t have taken him seriously. Bringing her arms up, she went to go reverse the process. Diana hesitated, she really didn’t want this to stop. She started to swell again, it felt so damn good, better than any sex or masturbation she had ever done by herself. Diana was a seeker of pleasures, this suit was more than she could ever hope for. Diana chewed her lip “mmmm bigger, bigger, bigger!” she groaned as her belly pushed out bigger than a bed now. Her breasts were the size of couches, her ass cheeks just a bit bigger. She wanted to let this continue, but no, she couldn’t. Diana had work to do. She could always borrow the suit later for some fun.

She pressed the button to reverse the process. Diana could feel the familiar tingling from when she started this whole thing. “Ahhh” Diana cried out as she was hit with a light shock, it didn’t really hurt it was more of a surprise. As the shock hit her, Diana started to swell and swell and swell. Blowing up much faster than before her breasts ballooned bigger than cars, her belly was the size of a pickup truck. “Ohhh, it’s not stopping! I’m blowing up faster!” Another shock and off she went expanding faster and fuller. Her ass cheeks alone now would fill a room. She put a finger to her ear piece “Ahhh Vee! It keeps pumping me up faster now! Ohhh, I’m getting huge!” Diana felt shock after shock her body swelling out in all directions, filling up more of the massive museum room. Each breast was the size of a house now, knocking over displays and exhibits as they pushed out more and more.

“That doesn’t make any sense? You should be shrinking. Why would?” There was a pause for a moment. “Dee, when your heart rate went up, I thought you were panicking. Where you panicking?” Vee asked.

Diana’s breath was getting more ragged as her sensitive balloons pushed out more and more. Everything they collided with or came into contact with set off bursts of pleasure from her sensitive swelling blimps. Her enormous nipples were beacons of pleasure. Every time they rubbed against something it pushed Diana into another orgasm. It was getting hard to think to even pay attention to what Vee was saying. “I got off to it!” finally she blurted out “I came all over the inside of the suit,” she added as she was met with another series of shocks. Diana could finally start to hear creaking and stretching coming from the suit. With her breasts, belly, and butt combined she was starting to fill the entirety of the grand hall for the museum. It was eight stories tall and almost 300 feet long. Diana was half the size of a football field, she was bigger than buildings, and she wanted more!

“You got the inside of the suit wet Dee, it’s malfunctioning,” Diana could hear Vee tapping away on his keyboard “It’s a closed off system, I can’t shut it down remotely.” Vee sighed into the headpiece “Dee I’m sorry. You’re just going to have to put up with it till the suit rips apart. I’ll fix this I promise!”

Diana turned on the earpiece “that’s sweet of you, Vee. If this isn’t going to stop. Then I’m going to cum my brains out while getting bigger and bigger and bigger and OHH GOD YES BIGGER!” Diana screamed in delight as she started to push out through the roof of the building. Vee started to say something, but Diana just plucked the earpiece out and tossed it away. She didn’t want any voices in her ear distracting her from what was shaping up to be the best night in her life.

Diana decided she wanted to add more fuel to her proverbial fire. She started to push down on the button on the button on her wrist over and over. The tingling returned stronger than ever, she expanded out more and more in all directions. Her body was starting to crumble the museum around her as it pushed out on it. Brick and mortar started to crack and break, soon shooting away from Diana in all directions as her breasts, belly, and butt ballooned out into the streets. “I can’t believe the suit is still holding up! I want to be bigger! I want more! Yes! Yes! Yes! More! Ahhh I just keep getting hornier! Ahhh I’m cumming again! I can’t stop!”

As the building surrounding her finally gave way, Diana could hear tearing, splits formed in the sleek form fitting suit. It wouldn’t be much longer now before Diana’s fun would be cut short from the destruction of the suit. “Pump me up and up and up baby! I want to get as big as I can before you quit on me!” Diana rocked and quaked as she tried to rub as much as she could of her massive building defying blimps. Her breasts, belly, and butt were now all overtaking the buildings surrounding her. Bigger and bigger she swelled looking like a massive set of balls engulfing the city. The suit split and tore more exposing more of her skin to the world. She was now bigger than the city propped up on top of the buildings as her light inflated body was pushed up.

Diana simply held down on the controller hoping that if she was shocked enough, maybe she would keep growing even after the suit gave way. It was on its final legs now parts pulled across her like a string bikini. With a final snap the bits of the suit still clinging to her breasts, belly, and between her butt gave way. All of her heavenly sex pillows were exposed. Though much to Diana’s delight her hope had come true. Even without the shocks she kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. It wasn’t long before she had overgrown the entire state. “Yes! I’m the biggest, sexiest blimp alive! Ooo, I just keep getting bigger and hornier! That’s it my big belly, swell and swell and swell!”
She cheered her belly, tits, and ass on as they continued to expand more and more covering in the entire country. Diana had no idea how much bigger she was going to get she had expected it to stop a while ago. Now that she hadn’t she actually didn’t want to stop. She was lost in a sea of pleasure and bliss. This was what she had been seeking all this time a constant state of ecstasy, her arousal pushed to greater and greater heights. Diana had always been hyper sexual. This was like a dream come true for her. She wished it would never end truthfully.

Absently, she brought up the controller on her wrist again. She knew it wouldn’t do anything, even still she pushed the button, there was a surge of pain “OW,” Diana cried out as she was hit with a powerful shock. That shock set off Diana’s growth. She had been bigger than the continent, she made that look tiny now. Her breasts alone ballooned out and out and out making the planet look small. Her belly was bigger than Jupiter already. “YES! YES! YES!” Diana cried out in bliss as she was tossed into a hurricane of pleasure.

Bigger and bigger and bigger she ballooned overtaking the solar system, spilling out further and further into space. She occupied more and more. “BIGGER! BIGGER! BIGGER! BIGGER! BIGGER!” was all Diana could cry out as her expanding assets made the milky way look tiny. She closed her eyes, bit her lip as orgasms washed over her again and again. This really was paradise to Diana, she never wanted this to end. Her face awash in pleasure Diana reached towards the wrist controller again. She wasn’t ever going to let this end.  

The End.

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This story contains explicit language and sexual content. If you are not 18 or whatever your respective legal age is in your area you shouldn't be reading this. This story also deals with breast expansion or inflation of "wait, dude seriously?" sizes (psst, that means really, really big). This is purely a work of fantasy and is meant as nothing more than a bit of fun. If you know what BE is and like it, enjoy. If you know what it is and don’t like it you might want to steer clear. If you’re curious as to what BE is then read on you’ll find out. Please have respect. If you don’t like it that’s fine but please refrain from negative comments. Thanks for reading.

Tatsumaki's God Level Bust:

Tatsumaki strode down the sidewalk, eyes slightly narrowed as she looked at the people around her with some contempt. Those who knew better moved out of her way. However due to her small stature some people still managed to overlook her. Two women stood in front of her blocking her path. She stopped, after a few seconds Tatsumaki started tapping her foot impatiently “Hrump hmm” she grunted clearing her throat. The two air headed women continued to ignore her.

Gritting her teeth annoyed Tatsumaki was surrounded by a green glow, a similar glow surrounded to the girls. Tatsumaki used her psychokinesis, an eek filled the air the two girls shrieked as they were lifted off the ground. With a glance the two of them were pinned to a shop wall nearby “learn your place!” Tatsumaki said curtly before stomping by. She hadn’t used enough power to hurt them. Just to let them know who she was.

As an S Class hero Tatsumaki demanded a certain amount of respect. Still some only treated her as a child. It wasn’t her fault; she was just petite. She was almost 30 not and still she looked more like a teen. Her lack of breasts didn’t help anything. Tatsumaki grimaced at that thought. “Yo, you see those shots of Fubuki last night?” Hearing her sisters name broke Tatsumaki out of her train of thought.

She glanced over towards two men who were eagerly talking “hell ya I did! Man those angles made her tits look so huge.”The man talking pulled out his phone pulling up the pictures in question.“What I wouldn’t do to her if we could get in a room together,” the man added lecherously.

Tatsumaki hastened her step closing the gap between herself and the two men. She could see the picture more clearly now. Her breasts did look huge there Tatsumaki cast a self conscious glance down at her own flat chest. She took a breath, closing her eyes. The protective urges for her sister took over, her eyes opened as the green esper glow took over again. Two parked cars lifted off the ground elevating over her head. “What exactly was it you would do with my sister? You trash,” Tatsumaki growled anger bubbling up in her chest. The two men went pale. If they knew who Fubuki was, then they damn well knew who Tatsumaki was.

The two men glanced over their shoulders, their eyes bulged out as they saw the tiny terrifying woman standing before them. Two cars at the ready to crush them “Oh shit dude it’s the Tornado of Terror,” one whispered his voice shaking.

“I can see that Lee,” the other replied in an annoyed, yet terrified voice “what do we do?”

“You know I can hear you right?” Tatsumaki said, as she moved a car over each of them “now explain to me why I shouldn’t drop these?”

“Ahh well we, you, I. We’re so sorry! Run dude run!” the first man cried out as he bolted.

The other man, Lee, was left dumbfounded for a moment “Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!” he started to yell, as his legs found out how to work again. He took off down the road after his friend, dropping his phone.

Tatsumaki put the cars back down where she found them, then scooped up the phone with her powers. The phone levitated in front of her Tatsumaki frowned at the picture in front of her, it was Fubuki and the two simpletons were right her boobs looked huge. Tatsumaki started to swipe through the pictures each one making her aggravation grow. Fubuki was a B class hero; she was an S class, yet people rarely talked about Tatsumaki with any sort of admiration or adoration. Not Fubuki though people talked about how cute she was, how sexy she was, how big her boobs are. When they talked about Tatsumaki it was only about how small she is, or how she looks so young, how flat she is. Tatsumaki grit her teeth at that last thought.

It wasn’t her fault she was flat she was just born that way. She was the older sibling, but Fubuki got all the curves, the height, the boobs! While Tatsumaki ranted in her own mind, flicking through picture after picture on the phone. Her green aura surrounded her, her breasts started to swell out bit by bit making the tight dress Tatsumaki wore even tighter. She never bothered with a bra since there was no need, so as her breasts started to expand her growing nipples poked out obscenely through the sheer fabric of her dress. Boobs! It was all anyone cared about. If she had big boobs, she would be the popular one, no, not big boobs, huge boobs, massive boobs!

As her thoughts continued to obsess about larger and larger breasts Tatsumaki’s own continued to swell bigger and bigger. Tatsumaki not noticing the weight as her mind was subconsciously holding her breasts up. They had reached the size of large melons now, filling her top to the brim spilling out a little. Tatsumaki had reached the end of the pictures and was now in the process of backtracking through them her hands clenched tightly. “Hey” a voice cut in snapping her out of her sudden obsessive train of thought. Tatsumaki looked over to see a woman standing beside her.

Tatsumaki breathed out annoyed “Yes? What is it?” she said eyeing the woman up and down. This one had large breasts as well.

The woman smiled.“I just wanted to say that’s a great Tornado costume, you look just like her” she said, but then glanced down “well except for the boobs, maybe you can tape them down or something? Though with boobs like yours I don’t think it’s going to make much of a difference.”

“Boobs like,” Tatsumaki looked down “MINE?!” She shouted the phone that once hung in the air dropped to the ground. Her hands going to her breasts groping them. Her breasts were much larger than Tatsumaki’s hands. Clothed breast flesh spilled and bulged between her fingers. “I have boobs?!”

While this was happening to woman finally noticed the phone dropping and clicked in “wait? You are Tatsumaki!” She exclaimed pointing at Tatsumaki “when did you get a boob job?” she asked puzzled.

Tatsumaki looked over at the girl, still in shock “I never got a boob job! I was flat five seconds ago! They just…grew.” Tatsumaki’s hands remained on her breasts, she started to explore her now ample bust. It was bigger than Fubuki’s. As she rubbed them, she chewed her lip they felt quite nice, pleasurable to the touch.

Had she done this? Tatsumaki started to concentrate on her breasts again. The green glow of her power surrounding her. She started to think about breasts as she had before. Only this time she pictured herself “big boobs, bigger boobs, huge boobs, giant boobs.” As soon as she started her little chant her breasts surged out bigger, plumper, rounder.

Tatsumaki let out a groan of pleasure the swelling felt good now. Maybe because she had enjoyed them feeling of them just now. Was her mind associating bigger with more pleasure? Tatsumaki didn't know the full extent of her powers. Was just another thing her supreme mind could do? Tatsumaki had stopped paying attention to her size. Her breasts were now like over sized beach balls stuffed into her dress. She was musing over the how while enjoying the sensation of the growth.

“Ahhh are you sure you should be doing that in public?” The woman’s voice intruding Tatsumaki’s thoughts. Tatsumaki looked into the reflective glass in front of her. Her breasts were very large and still swelling. Her face was flushed, her hands were on her nipples rubbing them. It was such a lewd thing to see; she was doing something so lewd in public. She glanced at the woman still standing next to her. The woman was staring at Tatsumaki chest, her face red from embarrassment.

Tatsumaki humped going to cross her arms, only to be stopped by her still increasing breast size. Her breasts were now bigger than bean bag chairs, larger than Tatsumaki herself. Tatsumaki instead opted to place her hands on her hips. “If that is what I want, then yes. If I want to grow my breasts bigger and bigger and bigger in public, I will.” With each bigger Tatsumaki’s tits swelled dramatically larger. Each breast was larger than a car now.

Tatsumaki’s feet left the ground. She levitated higher into the air. Her enormous, round boobs jutted out from her chest perfectly, held up by her immense power. Tatsumaki rubbed her swelling chest, it billowed out fatter and rounder. Her face was getting more flushed, this felt very good. Tatsumaki even went so far as to use her powers to caress and squeeze her fattening bosoms all over. She let out a moan of pleasure “big boobs feel so incredible! No wonder everyone loves them!”

People all around were starting to look now. All eyes were on her. Her giant, cube van sized boobs would make her the most popular hero. Fubuki's breasts would never be called huge again, only Tatsumaki’s. “I'm going to keep making them grow and grow and grow till I'm the most famous hero!”

With that statement Tatsumaki’s bust started to billow out much faster. Boobs that were once the size of large cube vans, shot out swelling and swelling and swelling. In moments they were bigger than buses. Still they swelled on soon the size of houses they were filling the street she was on. People started to run from the scene. Tatsumaki started to get more aggressive rubbing her swelling breasts all over. She cried out loudly. “Ohhh yes! Bigger! Bigger! Bigger!” using her powers, she pulled on her growing fattening nipples hard “Ahhhh Yes! More!” She pulled on her nipples more using her abilities to make them swell much bigger and more sensitive.

Moaning louder and louder her face completely flushed Tatsumaki let out a passionate cry “Ohhh huge breasts are the best! I’m going to cum from my big fat breasts alone! You have to get bigger, breasts! Bigger! Bigger! Bigger!” Tatsumaki’s tremendous tits started to swell out much faster. Buildings were caving in as her expanding bust started its stampede across the city.

More and more she swelled, as Tatsumaki’s orgasm overcame her. Imaginary hands squeezed her boobs tightly as she came harder than she had ever in her life. Tatsumaki was not a sexual or sensual woman. She had never let anyone get close enough to her to do this to her. She rarely let herself indulge in such indecent acts.

As her breasts pushed out across the city like a tidal wave of flesh, Tatsumaki started to come down from her orgasm. Her hand shaking Tatsumaki reached out rubbing her breast lovingly “We’re going to do that again, and again, and,” it was only now the screams filled her ears. Terrified city dwellers running from her inflating bosoms. Tatsumaki stopped their growth immediately. With the sensation of growth gone and her vast power no long swelling within her breasts Tatsumaki felt as though there was a casoumous hollow inside her. A void that threatened to consume her if she didn’t fill it with her power again.

Tatsumaki pushed some of her power into this hole; she was rewarded with a shock of pleasure. Tatsumaki’s tits leapt forward swelling faster than ever. Even though she felt like she was only using a fraction of the power she had before, her breasts swelled out nearly doubling in size. She forced herself to stop again, that hole inside her felt even bigger now. She had to fill it, and she wanted to fill it, she needed it, but she couldn’t. If Tatsumaki kept going like this she would crush everything, she wouldn’t be a hero, she would be a villain. Tatsumaki’s ample size had crushed several city blocks now. Had she hurt anyone? No, she had faith in the other heroes; they had gotten the people out. They were safe, they had to be.

Still Tatsumaki’s longing only grew. The hole inside her itched to be filled it was starting to overwhelm her. Tatsumaki wasn’t sure this was something she could resist. She didn’t want to resist it, there had to be something she could do. She would have the biggest breasts; she would be the most popular hero, she would keep everyone safe. An image flashed into her mind, Tatsumaki smiled. Just as many artists depicted the mother Gaia cradling the earth in her bosom, Tatsumaki would do the same. The glow of her power surrounded Tatsumaki and her massive boobs.

Lifting off the ground she shot into the air, pushing higher and higher till she broke free of the atmosphere. A green trail followed Tatsumaki siphoning oxygen from the planet so she could breath even while in space. Once she was satisfied with her positioning, Tatsumaki made mental ties to maintain certain duties of her power. That would only stop when specific mental blocks in her mind were broken. Satisfied that these ties would keep both her and the Earth safe, Tatsumaki dove back into that mental hole formed inside of her.

Filling the hole aggressively with her power Tatsumaki felt alive again everything was wonderful. Her mind and body sang with pleasure. Her breasts billowed out bigger and bigger and bigger. So much faster than before it almost overwhelmed Tatsumaki. A rear sight to behold, Tatsumaki’s face was awash with a blissful smile, not that anyone would ever see it. Her breasts would easily be bigger than the city now. Tatsumaki wasn’t satisfied though she would have the biggest breasts. So big they would keep her planet safe from any foreign invaders and she would just keep pumping them up and up and up. Tatsumaki wasn’t going to let this stop.

Her face was bright red from pleasure as she poured more and more of her power into her breasts they felt better and better. Her powers rubbed them all over as they started to pulse out bigger, fatter, rounder. The green trail that Tatsumaki had left flowing to the Earth started to grow thicker soon her power enveloped the earth as well. As Tatsumaki’s breasts balloon bigger than two moons, she positioned herself so that the Earth was above her cleavage. Putting her last mental tie in place, Tatsumaki was content. She would give herself entirely to that expanding void.

Tatsumaki started to push out harder and harder with her power, it produced results as her breasts shot out dwarfing the planet. “Ahhhhhh yes! Yes! Yes! This feels incredible! I’m never going to stop!” The bigger her breasts got the more power Tatsumaki was able to funnel back into herself. Her mind caressed and fondled her soon to be solar system consuming breasts, Tatsumaki screamed and cried out in pleasure. Turning the focus of her powers to all of her breasts. She squeezed her breasts all over, while mimicking as best she could, a lover sucking on her impossibly big nipples.

This pushed her over the edge to another all consuming orgasm “OH MY GOD YES! Don’t stop! More! More! More!” Tatsumaki’s breasts now made the solar system look small, still she didn’t stop. Tatsumaki funneled more and more of her power in, able to wield it in such vast quantities she never could before. The more power she used the more it prolonged her orgasm till finally is can to an end. Her whole body was quivering, almost vibrating really. There was so much power within her now. “Ohhh I want more! I want my boobs bigger! I’m going to keep doing that again! And again! And again! Till I never stop orgasming!” Tatsumaki started up once again, her breasts now bigger than galaxies, renewed their growth “I’ll keep the Earth safe between my bosom by having the biggest universe filling tits! I promise I won’t stop!”


Saitama walked along in his usual jovial fashion, one foot promptly out in front of another. He was wearing his costume, but in addition Saitama was also wearing rubber overalls and a fishing hat. A fishing pole rested on his shoulder, the handle of the rod clasped firmly in his hand. Dangling from the line, at the one of the pole, was a fish no bigger than a nibble. Saitama had returned from his fishing trip. It hadn’t been his idea; he actually hated fishing, it had been the old man’s idea. Silver Fang said it was good to get away and relax when you could. Too much time being a hero could burn you out. As Saitama made his way deeper into the city he could see someone familiar flying towards him. “Ah, Genos.”

Genos landed in front of Saitama “master! I’m glad your back.” Genos paused at his masters ridiculous outfit “oh, how was your fishing trip?” Genos asked, expecting Saitama to be not just an expert in fighting, but possibly fishing too.

Saitama swung his pole around showing off his catch proudly,“I think I did pretty good!”

It was the saddest fish Genos had ever seen. “Ahhh, yes, of course only a true master could catch something so difficult.” Genos didn’t lie, he wasn’t sure how his master had managed to hook something so small. “Oh right, master something had happened it would seem that Tatsumaki-san has somehow managed to increase the size of her bust.” Genos rubbed the back of his head embarrassed. “Larger than anything in our known solar system, possibly bigger.”

Saitama met Genos with one of his trademark deadpan stares “OK.” With that Saitama spun on his heel, walking jovially back in the direction he came from.

Genos held up a hand “m-master? Wait!”

Saitama looked back over his shoulder “I’m going fishing, Genos,” he called back to his apprentice. It was important to relax when you could. After all too much time being a hero could really burn you out.

The End.
Tatsumaki's God Level Bust
Finally done my first round of requests. Jvasskicker :iconjvasskicker: wanted to have The Tornado herself get a little obsessed with having the biggest boobs. I have not read the comics or manga of One Punch Man so I only have the knowledge of the first season to draw upon. None the less I think I did alright portraying Tatsumaki's personality. Anyway this once again goes to my usual levels of ridiculous sizes. Enjoy!!

Comments should always be positive or constructive. Not negative, only villains do that! *All Might face*
I had surgery on my thumb to get a cyst removed today. It might delay my writing a bit. I'll have to wait and see once the deadening wears off. I can type alright, right now but we'll see how sore things are once there's less numbness in my thumb. Anyway most of the way through my last request. Then I got a trade to work on. Then who knows what the plan is. I might do more requests. I might work on a few of my own ideas. Anyway take it easy folks.
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Stella bounced in her seat as the Jeep continued down the gravel path. This had been her first time outside of the city. A pleasure bot didn't usually tend to travel around. They were kept where they would be able to provide the most service. She had been surprised when they told her she would be going outside of the city. Excited too. Whoever her master of the evening was he was well off. Taking pleasure bots long distances from their charge stations was generally not allowed.

Still the trip thus far had been both pleasant. As they hit another pact of bumps Stella bounced in her seat. This caused her to giggle. “You giggle?” The man asked.

She looked over at him. She brushed some of her coal back synthetic hair out of the way of her optics. “Yes!” Stella chirped or well her voice synthesizer did. “We're programmed to find things amusing, sad, happy,” she reached over rubbing his thigh “pleasurable.” Her LED eyes shifted so she was giving him a sultry look. He licked his lips then gulped. His eyes darted down to her red chestplate, covering her soft, supple, silicone breasts. “Helps us appear more human,” Stella finished his eyes returned to the road.

As far as humans went, based on her scan of him. This man had many of the features that were statistically more desirable. Well kept brown hair, proud nose, square chin, in shape, no offensive odors Stella could detect. He was tall, broad, he seemed confident. Usually not the sort of clientele Stella catered to. She had the information file of what encounter this man was looking for stored in her memory banks. It was not a usual request either. It would explain why she had been loaded into a more elastic body.

Stella started to move her hand towards his crotch. “No,” he cut her off “we're almost at the cabin. I'm going to need every last drop for you.”

Stella made a blush appear on her facial display “okay master, I'll behave.” She displayed a cute smile with her eyes closed. Stella didn't have facial features she conveyed expression through a display screen that encompassed where her face would be. The Jeep broke out of the trees next to a massive lake, there was a mountain on the other side of the lake. Stella's expression changed to one of awe “it's beautiful” she gasped Stella had never seen anything like this before.

The man chuckled “wow that almost sounded real.”

Stelle looked at him “what do you mean?” Her head tilted curiously her expression changing.

He looked a little shocked “ahhh well it's just, you gasped. It made it sound like you were legitimately amazed.” He went back to watching the road.

Stella blushed a little “well I am amazed. I've never seen anything like this before.” Stella interlocked her fingers together on her stomach. Looking down shyly “this is my first time outside of the city.”

The Jeep lurched to a stop “we're here,” the man said as he stepped out of the vehicle. Stella watched as he made his way around to her door. Opening it he took her hand escorting her out of the Jeep. Stella felt his arm looping around her back, his hand resting on her hip. He guided her towards a large building.

“Oh my what a pretty structure! It's made of wood!” Stella exclaimed.

“Cabin,” he corrected her “it's called a cabin.”

Stella started to look up information about cabins. Words like cute, quaint, rustic popped up over and over. Those words did not describe this 'cabin.’ It was larger than most houses. Multiple stories with a high A-frame peaked roof. Everything was made out of massive logs. There were multiple decks. Stella ran a search based on what she saw, the results came back with what was called a lodge. It seemed more appropriate.

The two made their way into the lodge, inside Stella could look all the way up to the roof. The lodge was divided in half. One half open concept the other layered lofts. “This seems like it's meant for more than one person,” she said out loud.

“Normally it is,” the man stated. Stella heard two clicks then he removed her front. He laid the red chest plate aside, letting her large breasts spill out. They were roughly the size of basketballs. He cupped them, squeezed them, he even sucked on them for a moment. He wasn't wasting time. His hands ran down her smooth white body till he reached her crotch plate. There were more clicks. He pulled off the other two red plates that had been covering her vagina and ass.

Stella reached out, running a hand through the man's hair “do you like my body master?”

His hand caught her arm moving it away, he looked up at her “who said you could touch me?”

Stella looked down at the hand grabbing her. Her systems measured the pressure of the grab. Was this threatening? No there wasn't enough force. “I'm sorry master I didn't mean to assume I.”

He pushed her onto the couch cutting her off “I'll just have to restrain you, till you learn to keep your hands to yourself.” He walked over to a large trunk opening it he started to pull out straps. Grabbing her, he pushed her face down onto the couch. He pinned her arms back behind her. Stelle made grunting and moaning sounds, this was starting to affect many of her programed androgynous zones. She let him have his was with her. That's what she was built for afterall. He tied her arms behind her back.

Pulling her back up into a sitting position he started to strap her legs together. This was a common bondage position, a frogtie it was called. Stella liked it. There was something thrilling about being at the mercy of someone else desires. Once both legs were tied the man reached between her legs rubbing her pussy. Stella let out a gasp, allowing some of her preloaded lube to ooze out making her pussy 'wet.’ “Ooohh yes master play with my pussy,” she groaned lustfully.

Her master stopped looking up at her “you're not supposed to speak either, I'll have gag you.” He reached up touching Stella's mouth, a ball gag icon appeared in place of her normal mouth. He started to rub her vagina again. Stella mmmphhfed in pleasure. The man seemed pleased with this. Pleasure signals went off in Stella's cpu she was rewarded by her programing when she did a good job. The better she did for a client, the better she felt. It was a win, win.

Her lover stood up looking down at his handy work. His eyes fell on her breasts, Stella blushed. “They said you would come with the biggest breasts they had,” he groped her breasts roughly, pulling on them hard. They started to stretch a little, Stella wriggled and squirmed making a muffled moan. She squirted a little more of her juices out from her pussy. “These won't do at all. I'll have to blow them up myself,” he knelt down onto the couch. Taking one breast into his mouth he started to blow into her nipple.

Stella shifted, moaning more, as her breast started to swell out bigger and bigger with each blow. She helped with her internal systems of course. No person could blow hard enough to make her swell like this. Her breast lurched out fuller and rounder with each puff from his lips. Going from basketballs on to large watermelons. Stella assumed he would alternate back and forth. He didn't the man focused all his attention on her one ballooning breast. It was the size of a beach ball now.

She could hear his breaths getting more laboured. So Stella started to help even more letting external fans on her back suck in more air pumping it into her boob. Her breast was starting to get quite large now. It felt pleasant to her. In fact, it was starting to feel good. The thin sensory wires in her breasts became more and more exposed, as the rubber material of her boob stretched thinner. She let out more muffled moans, displaying a deep red blush on her face.

His hands rubbed, caressed, fondled all over her one massive mound. Stella was receiving more and more pleasure signals. How big was he going to make them? This one was already bigger than a yoga ball. Soon it would be bigger than her. With a last few blows into her nipple he pulled back panting. “Okay now for the other. You blow up doll."

She had to give him credit he was dedicated. He pursued his lips around her other nipple. The blowing started once again. Stella opted to help out even more this time. Her breast heaved and lurched with each blow. Shortly her breast was close to the size of the other one. Once they were roughly the same size he stopped blowing. Standing he breathed “thanks,” as he gulped in air. She mummered still keeping the ball gag in place. It was nice of him to thank her, not many did.

Stella’s thoughts were interrupted, as he grabbed her roughly by the back of her head. He pulled her off the couch, she landed on her large inflated breasts. Stella bounced on top of them moaning and squirting more. They were so sensitive now. Her master started to undo the straps on her. As her arms came free she explored her breasts. This was nice, she never expected the experience of having such large breasts would feel so good. She made a log, she would have to do this on her own sometime.

Once her legs were freed, Stella lowered them down. Her feet could barely touch the ground “Walk!” The man demanded. Stella tried to push forward but she couldn't gain any traction. Her toes were just barely brushing the floor. Her struggle just pushed her into her bloated bosoms. Which simply bounced her back. “I said. Walk!” Stella gave another try struggling, her breasts material stuck to the floor. Making it hard for her to even bounce forward.

She gave up again shaking her head while mmmphing, there was nothing she could do. He tapped the side of her face. Stella turned the ball gag off. “What was that?” he asked.

Stella looked up at him “I'm sorry master, I can't! You've made my breasts to big!” She reached out for his hand, he pulled away. “Master I didn't mean to displease you,” Stella pleaded.

Her master walked around her, putting his foot to the couch behind her, to his credit he launched it away with a grunt. It slid to a stop two feet away from them. Pulling the anal plug from her roughly caused Stella to let out a gasp. “You have displeased me,” he emphasized the have “you'll need to be punished. I'm going to stuff you like the cum balloon you are.” He undid his pants, letting them fall to the ground, he kicked them away. Gripping her hips he pulled her down. He was quite well endowed Stella noted. With her current sized anal attachment this was going to be a very tight fit.

He wasn’t gentle as he penetrated her, they rarely were. Most didn’t see her as a woman, more like an elaborate sex toy. They had their way with her, they didn’t have to hold back. Some were gentle though, some treated her just like a person. Stella always made sure to remember those ones. They were the ones she enjoyed the most. As the man thrusted into her, Stella moaned in pleasure. She had been right this was a very tight fit. Everything was filled, even stretched a little. She started to match his pace. Stella let out a gasp of pleasure, as he started to fondle her inflated breasts. They really felt wonderful with her skin stretched so thin. Her receptors were not as insulated so she could feel the drag of his fingers on her silicone skin exquisitely.

“Ohhh master you’ve already made my breasts so big. You can’t possibly mean to pump my belly bigger?” she said mocking concern. This was all part of the script she was to follow now. Once he announced he was cumming, Stella had to pump her belly bigger and bigger until he pulled out. With the finally being him shooting onto her large inflated breasts and belly. The expansion and inflation kink popularity had risen over the years as more authentic realistic methods of creating inflation scenarios came into being. Pleasure bots like Stella getting upgraded to incorporate inflation kinks into their list of abilities, was becoming more routine. Stella had heard that many of the pleasure bots that got this upgrade. Made the decision to do expansion and inflation work only afterwards. Given how good her breasts felt right now. How much pleasure they were putting her though. She understood why.

The master started to thrust harder. Smooshing Stella up against her swollen bosoms, she cried out in pleasure as her pleasure network was stimulated more than ever. Her ass clenched tighter as she grew more aroused, to simulate a more realistic experience. She heard him grunt and groan loudly “Ohh getting close! You’re so tight!”

Stella matched his pace “Ohh master please! Your balls are so big. There’s so much cum, you can’t pump it all into me. I might pop!” she cried out looking back at him. He never replied, simply smiled devilishly while he moaned louder. Stella started to play with her breasts more. This wasn’t a part of the plan but she couldn’t help herself they just felt to good. Every thrust had her slapping against them now. Stella turned her attention back to her breasts. They were just so big and felt so good.

He finally let out a loud groan crying out “I’m cumming!” Stella’s belly started to swell out bigger and bigger under her breasts. It was only a small mound at first, but as the thrusting continued it billowed out bigger and bigger. Tracing her hand over it Stella let out a moan of her own. This too rewarded her with many pleasure signals. She felt his rough hand starting to rub all over her swelling belly “look at you,” he grunted “this is all you’re good for. Someone’s fuck toy, a cum balloon fuck toy, for me to pump up whenever I want.”

Stella made her blush deepen, she looked back over her shoulder at him “Ahhh master there’s just too much! You’re pumping me so big! Please I’ll behave!” His hand sunk into her stretching belly it was now bigger than a beach ball. Stella shuddered in pleasure, moaning loudly. Her belly was starting to feel like her breasts, so sensitive to the touch. “If you keep cumming into me master, I’m going to be nothing but a cum balloon!” Bigger and bigger she lurched out swelling out now to the point her belly matched her breasts. Then it ballooned past them. This was going further beyond what Stella had thought it would. She would follow her instructions though, Stella continued to increase the size of her belly.

Her master gasped and grunted behind her he kept thrusting. Amazingly he was thrusting harder “So-So tight!” he said groaning. Her belly was now bigger than the two of them. Stretching more and more taking up more space. It was pushing the table away from them now.

Stelle made a pleasurable groan, this was incredible she had never felt this much pleasure from any session before. “Ohhh master you’re still pumping me bigger and bigger. Master this feels wonderful! I’m experiencing so much pleasure!” Stella said excitedly as she rubbed her still engorging belly. It was bigger than any bed Stella had ever made love on now. With her skin stretched more than ever her belly was much more sensitive than her breasts. Stella was enjoying this so much she started to make her belly swell faster. “Ohh master you’re cumming even more!” She said in euphoria. There was no more script to follow now. So Stella simply said what she felt. Her belly was easily bigger than a car now. Pushing more furniture away as it creeped and crawled bigger. The man continued to thrust in and out of her more and more. His pumps getting more erratic.

Stella was getting enormous now, her belly big enough to touch up against the wall in front of them. Stella squealed in pleasure from the new rough sensations, the wall rubbing against her massive belly. As it kept getting bigger and bigger it forced them backwards. Both of them awkwardly taking one back step after another. Stella increased the rate of growth again. She was loving this the bigger she got the more pleasure signals she received. “Ahhhh bigger! Yes! Bigger! More! More!” she encouraged her belly as it filled more and more of the lodge.

The man inside her was all but forgotten now. Stella was in her own slice of heaven. She pumped and pumped her belly bigger and bigger. Increasing the rate of growth again, her belly filled the large lodge taking up more and more space. Stella even started to inflate her breasts again. She made them inflate quickly. They wouldn’t be able to catch up to her belly, but it didn’t matter Stella just wanted more pleasure. Her belly was starting to rub against everything now. The lofts above, the high peaked ceiling “more! Please more master! Pump me bigger!” Stella cried out as her belly started to engulf everything inside the large cabin.

His hand gropped at her shoulder “St-Stella stu” he grunted.

He called Stella by her name, he must really be enjoying himself Stella thought to herself. “Yes I know master!” she said eagerly cutting him off “this is what I deserve! To be pumped larger and larger and larger like a cum blimp! Look it’s even affecting my breasts!” Surely he wouldn’t mind that? Right? If he wanted her belly so big, her breasts being massive too would be a plus wouldn’t it? Stella went with her own logic continuing to pump her balloons bigger and bigger. Pinned to the back wall now her master had stopped thrusting. Not that Stella noticed she was too enamored with her with her own pleasure.

Stella could still feel him inside of her, so she kept pumping bigger and bigger and bigger “This is wonderful! This is wonderful! I don’t want this to end!” There was so much pressure now the walls started to creak and groan. The pressure of the walls squeezing down on Stella’s enormous belly only pushed her to higher levels of pleasure. She didn’t know she was programed to feel so good.

There was a screeching now as timber started to rip apart. “Oh my the cabin!” Stella exclaimed “It’s going to,” her remaining words were drowned out by a massive bang and clatter. The entire front end of the lodge exploded away from her massive belly. Wood, brick, furniture, glass all shot outward like cannon balls, as her massive belly was finally able to stretch out again. Stella screamed in pleasure as her belly lurched forward almost half as big as the cabin again. It had been compressed so much by the sturdy walls of the building. Now able to stretch again, it had made up for loss time. Warnings started to go off in Stella’s head. Critical mass reached, shutting vent system down. Stella’s breasts and belly stopped inflating. All the pleasure she had been feeling vanished as her preservation routines kicked in. “Master I know you’re still inside me, but I have to stop. Any further inflation may result in rupture.”

Looking back Stella could see the man was struggling to stand groaning he said “St-stuck, to tight, can’t pull out.” He had his hand on her back trying to push away.

“Oh my goodness!” Stella had mistaken his erratic humping for getting into it, when if fact he had been trying to pull out. “Master I’m so sorry!” She let her tightly clenched ass relax. The man fell to the floor in a slump “Oh no Master are you okay!?” Stella started to scan him.

“That. Was. Incredible!” He suddenly exclaimed as he started to laugh. “You followed your script so perfectly that you burst out of this cabin!” He started to collect himself and get up.

Stella could only watch she was far too big to turn around and attempt to help him. “You’re not mad? It was a cute cabin,” she actually blushed intentionally now, embarrassed she had let herself get so out of hand.

He shook his head waving a dismissive hand at her “not at all it’s just a cabin. I can have it rebuilt.” He leaned down to her, kissing her. Stella was shocked, no one had done that before. She didn’t have lips so most didn’t see the point. “You did wonderfully. That was the hottest thing I have ever experienced.”

Even though he had treated her quite coldly in the start, he seemed like a different person now. Much warmer, perhaps he had just been playing a character. “Master, can I know your name?” Stella decided she wasn’t going to delete this encounter.

“Gerald” he said smiling “why do you ask?”

Stella made a cute smile of her own appear on her face “no reason” she winked. He shrugged accepting her answer.

Stella felt him tugging at something beneath her belly, he let out a triumphant “Ah ha!” as he pulled his pants free and started to put them on. Stella giggled.

Checking her systems, Stella’s fans had not rebooted yet, she couldn’t deflate. “Gerald, can I ask you a favor?” he nodded “it’s going to be a bit before I can deflate. Could you turn me so I can see the mountain?” If she was going to stuck like this for a while she might as well enjoy the scenery. After all, it was a pretty view.

The End.
Can Pleasure Bots Inflate?
Another request in the bin 8amber8 :icon8amber8: wanted to have his lovely pleasure bot Stella help fulfill a mystery man's cum inflation fantasies. But as she starts to enjoy it too much things get a little out of hand. I actually had a ton of fun with this one. Which is why it ended up being a little longer than I said these requests were going to be. Just doing a robots interpretation of everything was fun. I don't know how well I did with that, but I think I did alright. Anyway I hope you enjoy.

As always don't be a bad bot. If you don't like this kinda stuff, that's fine we're all programed to like different things. Just move on and find something you do like, post something positive there. Negative comments are just a waste of our precious, precious robot energy. Conserve the energy, expend it on something a good bot would do.
I had surgery on my thumb to get a cyst removed today. It might delay my writing a bit. I'll have to wait and see once the deadening wears off. I can type alright, right now but we'll see how sore things are once there's less numbness in my thumb. Anyway most of the way through my last request. Then I got a trade to work on. Then who knows what the plan is. I might do more requests. I might work on a few of my own ideas. Anyway take it easy folks.
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