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Commander Shepard was crouched low, his legs pumping to move quickly across the smooth terrain of this strange planet they had touched down upon roughly an hour ago. Edi had picked up on what looked like a faint foreign distress signal. From what they could tell it wasn’t any known allies, nor was it Prothean or Geth. It was something new. Something new might mean an edge against the Reapers. The entire team agreed they couldn’t pass this up. Upon arrival they were shocked to see what looked like a planet. Though there had been no reports of a planet in this area of the galaxy. As they got closer, the crew confirmed the distress beacon was coming from inside the planet. From its core. More scans revealed that it wasn’t a planet, but a massive piece of technology.

It matched nothing the Normandy crew had on file. Its design didn’t suggest Reaper tech. Still this was something they had to investigate. Given it was a new technology it was decided that Tali and Legion would accompany Shepard to the site of the signal. Shepard glanced over his shoulders confirming the two were still close. “Shepard, we’re getting close to the signal entry point,” Tali’s voice emitted from his com.

Shepard inhaled to steady himself “right, Legion can you hear anything?”

Their Geth ally was silent for a moment before confirming “yes commander, there is a unique humming coming from the center of the planet,” Legion look at Commander Shepard with its cyclops eyes “this one advises caution.”

Shepard smirked “noted,” readying his rifle the team pressed on.

“Hey Shepard,” Jokers voice burst out in Shepard’s ear “Edi keeps telling my I should dock with this thing, I keep telling her to get her mind out of the gutter.” Shepard smiled Joker always seemed to know when it was time to cut the tension.

“Shepard Commander, that is not what I meant, although it interests me that Joker pictures me that way,” the ships onboard AI cut in to defend herself, while poking fun at the ships pilot.

Sheppard shook his head “of course you didn’t Edi, you’re a classy lady, Joker just likes to pull people down into the gutter with him,” Shepard chuckled as he said his joke.

The com cut in again “that’s cold commander, entry point coming up, going dark,” Joker's voice went silent.

The three came to a halt at a large doorway. There was a single panel of light on the front of it. Shepard approached it and placed his hand on it. Green light spread out from the initial panel, lines formed all the way across the door. With a loud kathoom the door lowered into the ground “why is it always a giant door? Have these ancient species never heard of efficiency?” Shepard walked into the building “what’s wrong with a man-sized door?” He finished, as he brought his rifle up scanning the area.

“Man, sized door?” Tali quipped.

“Person sized door,” Shepard corrected.

As they made their way into the massive foyer of whatever this build was supposed to be, lights started to come on. A booming voice echoed in the chamber, it was something even the universal translators couldn’t decipher. It sounded threatening “Legion can you understand it?” asked why raising up his hand to shield some of the light. “My name is Commander Shepard, of the Normandy II, I’m a Spector. We come in peace,” Shepard said while trying to buy time for Legion.

Tali moved up closer to the Commander “Shepard what are you doing announcing who you are like that!?” Tali said in a hushed buy annoyed tone.

Shepard reached back touching Tali’s arm “it’s okay, we don’t understand it. what are the chances it understands us?” Shepard turned his attention back to the lights “Legion what’s the status?”

“This one cannot decipher what they are saying Shepard Commander,” Legion raised his gun “though this one suggests preparing for assault.”

Shepard and Tali ducked back behind the nearest piece of cover, Legion made for his own cover. A hail of shots pinged off the metal half walls they were hiding behind. Turrets fired on the trio over and over “so much for we come in peace, take ‘em out!” Shepard ordered. Tali and Legion went to work both brought up their combat drones to draw fire. Legion hacked the nearest turret to turn it against the others. Tali syphoned power from another shutting it down. There were four turrets left. Taking advantage of the opening Shepard broke from cover strafing across the battlefield taking shots at the remaining turrets. Shepard's shield energy spiked as Legion reinforced it with his own energy.

Using the extra shielding Shepard clenched his fist and picked his target. Shepard was engulfed in blue biotic energy, like he burst into flames. Pushing off with his feet Shepard hurtled through the air like a fireball. Metal smashed and crumpled as his biotic infused fist collided with another turret. The turret was obliterated, turning on his heel Shepard launched at another turret. Shepard hit his second target dealing a significant amount of damage, still it wasn’t enough. The turret turned to point at The Commander, Shepard jumped up into the air with his biotic powered legs. Before slamming down onto the turret with both fists, a blue explosion burst out from around him as he crushed another turret. Looking for his next target he could see none. His team had already taken care of the remaining two turrets. “Good job crew,” Shepard said as he began to jog over towards the two.
As Shepard closed in, he heard a sliding of metal noise and he was in free fall. “Shit!” The Commander swore as he fell into the hole that had opened beneath his feet.

“Sheppard!” Tali shouted as she and Legion tried to run over to help their commander. However as quickly as the hole opened, it closed. “Bosh'tet!” Tali cursed slamming her foot onto the metal hatchway “he’ll be okay, he has to be,” Tali said as she turned towards Legion.

Legion’s unreadable face stared back at hers “yes, the commander is quite resourceful,” the Geth reassured.

Shepherd's backside slammed into the wall of the cold shoot. His momentum carrying him, Shepard continued down the strange shaft. Until once again he felt the ground vanish beneath him. “Shit! Shit! Shit!” Shepard said as he looked around for anything, he could propel himself over to, to stop his decent. All around him was darkness, just as he was getting ready to gamble on any direction and charge, Shepard halted in mid air. “This usually is never good,” Shepard muttered to himself.

A brilliant flash of light illuminated in front of The Commander, he grimaced and squinted his eyes against the light. Before him floated a tall being, her body composed of light. Her skin was smooth, with lines almost like circuits running along her limbs. Still she had very amplified curves that indicated she wasn’t all machine. The naked female being in front of him was both beautiful and sexual looking. “You like to make an entrance,” Shepard said to the amply busted being in front of him.  

A smile formed on the woman’s lips, her four eyes narrowing coyly “from what we have gleaned Commander Shepard,” the aethereal being floated closer to Sheppard “you have a thing for flashy entrances as well,” she said as she crossed one of her two sets of arms beneath her breasts, breasts that were topped with very thick nipples.

She was easily twelve feet tall, her breasts were almost bigger than Shepard himself, her hips half as wide as she was tall, her waist narrow. Shepard struggled not to stare. Clearly, she was some sort of mammal, she wouldn’t have nipples otherwise. “What are you?” Shepard quizzed.

The glowing woman gestured with a hand, Sheppard was pulled up closer to her face. She had pointed ears, high cheekbones and long narrow face, there was no nose to speak of. “We are the Yslandre, an ancient technorganic species,” looking into the Yslandre’s eyes Shepard could see the same wire like pattern in them as was on her arms and legs. “We are all and we are one, not unlike your Legion friend.”

Shepard cast his eyes down going deep into thought “technorganic, so a blend between flesh and machine, do you know about The Reapers?” Shepard met her eye again.

The woman sneered in disgust “foul life haters, we drove them away eons ago, are they here?” she asked Shepard concern coming across her face.

Shepard nodded grimly “we fought off a reaper invasion two years ago, but we know they’ll be back.” Shepard gestured towards the large woman “we’ve been on the hunt for anything that will give us an advantage against them. You don’t seem to like them, we could always use more allies.”

The Yslandre woman nodded eagerly “yes, this would be beneficial to both parties,” the technorganic being leaned in towards Sheppard, kissing him with her full lips. Shepard was a flustered by the sudden expression. “Oh, did we overstep our bounds?” to her credit she looked away blushing a little “The Yslandre are a very affectionate people, we value all of life’s passions.”

Shepard shook himself “no, no it’s fine. It’s just I usually like to know the name of the person I’m kissing, at the very least,” Shepard chuckled.

The Yslandre stroked her chin thoughtfully “yes, of course,” she looked back at Shepard “you may call us Lumina.” The large woman started to shrink down till she was roughly the same size as Shepard himself. “It has been so long since we’ve been cut off from the home world, it would be nice to have company again,” she took Shepard’s hand in her own. “I think I would like to travel with you Shepard, it has been so long since we’ve had others to share emotions with.”

Shepard looked down at the one set of hands holding his. Her breasts were so large that being this close meant they were pressed against him. Shepard’s suit was starting to get a little tighter downstairs. “Of course, we would gladly welcome you to the Normandy crew. Do you need to gather your things?” He asked looking around the dark void.

Lumina smiled “oh no Shepard you already have everything inside you for me to travel with you,” Lumina leaned in kissing Shepard again. This time on his lips versus most of him. Shepard groaned as he could feel energy flowing through his lips into his body. He started to shudder and groan as his veins pulsed with life far beyond his own. His cock grew rock hard, this, whatever this was, was causing Shepard wave after wave of pleasure. Shepard wrapped his arms around Lumina returning the kiss. It felt like Lumina was getting smaller and smaller in his arms.

His pleasure and arousal grew until Shepard couldn’t hold back any longer, he came in his armour. His hips bucked on their own his whole body shuddered it was a powerful orgasm. Shepard opened his eyes, Lumina was gone. “Lumina? Where did you go?” Shepard looked around the empty void.

“We are here Shepard, and mmmm that was lovely. It’s been some time since we’ve felt such, pleasure,” the voice in his head trailed on that last word. “We have bonded with the tiny nanomachines inside your body,” Shepard looked down at himself. He felt amazing, like his whole body was super charged “they are quaint, we are improving them.”

While voices in his head were nothing new at this point. Having someone new inside of him, was a little unsettling “when you said you were coming with me, I thought you meant you, as in your physical form,” Shepard patted at himself, his armour felt tighter.

There was a mirthful chuckle inside his head. “Oh no Shepard our physical form is still too damaged to travel with you, and I cannot stray to far from my physical form without something or someone else to bond to,” Shepard grunted as he started to float up towards the ceiling.

“So, I’m playing host?” Shepard looked up, as one of the panels opened, he passed through it. Shepard was back in the first chamber.

There was a thoughtful hmmm in his head “we would prefer the term partner. Host implies we’re taking something from you. Which is not the case.”

The panel closed under him, the energy that was lifting Shepard vanished, he landed on the panel with a thump “Shepard!?” Tali shouted out as she ran across the room to him. She embraced Shepard in a hug “I thought I lost you again.”

Shepard returned the hug “not a chance.”

“This one cares for you deeply Shepard,” Lumina’s voice chimed in his head, she sounded pleased.

Tali broke the embrace then looked up at Shepard “what happened down there?” Tali backed away blushing a little realizing she what she had just done.

There was a loud kathunk, all attentions turned to the main entrance as it opened on its own “I’ve found a new friend,” Shepard smiled. “Let’s get back to the Normandy I’ll explain there,” Shepard said as he started back towards the extraction point.

It didn’t take them long to get back to the extraction point. Once on board the Normandy, Shepard recounted his tale, leaving some choice details out, like creaming his underwear. Along with the hyper sexualized nature of their new comrade. He didn’t think those things would help sell his friends on their new war ally. Lumina was very understanding of that part. As always, the crew trusted the judgement of their commander. Lumina inserted a part of herself into the ships AI core as well. It seemed like Edi and Lumina became fast friends. Lumina explained that her physical form was the planet. It had been badly damaged by a massive meteor that had collided with her body mid space jump. It had thrown her off course and was how she ended up in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Several days had passed since then, Shepard had grown more used to having Lumina in his head. He let out a yawn and a stretch as he awoke. Shepard got out of bed walking over to the mirror he looked himself up and down. He was shocked by what he saw. Shepard had always been physically fit, toned, even a little built. However, the ripped, muscle bulging man he saw staring back at him from his mirror was not him. Nor was the flaccid, over foot long, thick cock dangling between his legs. “Lumina what did you do to me?” Shepard asked while he turned side on to look at his ass and legs.

“Nothing you didn’t already want for yourself Commander,” she stated rather matter of factly. “This has been your subconscious desire for some time now has it not?” Shepard continued to size himself up in the mirror. She wasn’t wrong.

There was a ding from Shepard’s personal elevator, he turned towards it. The doors opened, Tali strode out from them. She was wearing her environmental suit, though it looked much to small on her now. Tali’s hips were twice as wide as they had been. Her ass cheeks could be seen as she walked, they bounced and jiggled with each step. Her breasts were plumper, rounder, it was like she had two basketballs stuffed inside her suit. The suit didn’t look like it could take much more. “Shepard sorry to barge in, but I just haven’t been able to get you off my mind these past…. Oh wow,” Tali halted in her tracks. She looked down at Shepard’s cock “so big,” she cooed.

Tali let out a loud pleasure filled moan as her already bigger breasts started to swell again. They lurched and filled out bigger and bigger pushing her suit tighter and tighter. The material creaked and groaned as her breasts ballooned from the size of basketballs to bigger than beach balls. The stitching on her suit started to split as her breasts came to a stop. “Bosh'tet! Oh, flotilla yes!” Tali groaned as her hips and ass cheeks joined in the fun.

Shepard watched the already enhanced quarian develop more. He knew this was Lumina’s doing as well “her too?” he nodded towards Tali. Watching the young quarian as she cried out in pleasure and groped at her now expanding assets, made Shepard’s cock start to throb bigger. He was getting hard from the display.

Shepard could feel the AI being smiling in his head “of course Shepard, when you two hugged I transferred some of my essence to the little quarian as well. Trust me Shepard, she wants this almost as much as she wants you,” Lumina’s voice trailed off with a little chuckle.

The sides of Tali’s suite burst open exposing her purple skinned hip, then the back of her suit allowing her fat ass cheeks to spill out like rising dough. “Oh, to hell with it!” Tali blurted out before grabbing the front of her environmental suit, she ripped it open with one quick motion. Exposing her ample light purple breasts, two darker purple, puffy, long, thick nipples topped her breasts. Tali rushed over to Shepard. She pulled her mask off as well tossing it aside. This was Shepard's first-time seeing Tali. He was gobsmacked, she was beautiful.
She had a narrow chin, thin pointed nose, her eyes were black in colour, with yellow irises. Her forehead parted into three fins not unlike the Asri fins, though behind those there was a mess of long back hair. The fins were almost more like a crown. Shepard was about to comment on her beauty, when Tali grabbed him and pulled him down into a firm kiss. Shepard’s hands found their way down to Tali’s now bulbous ass cheeks. His hands sunk into them, he squeezed them tightly, pressing Tali against him. As he did so he could still feel them billowing out around his fingers. Whatever Lumina was doing to Tali, she clearly wasn’t done.

The two lovers pulled apart “by the flotilla, I’ve been waiting to do that for a while,” Tali traced one of her fingers down Shepard’s chest, she kept going until she met his cock. Where she firmly grasped the large, pulsing shaft with her three fingered hand “though I’m surprised this big thing didn’t push us apart.” Tali started to stroke Shepard’s shaft, Shepard groaned in pleasure. In his mind, he heard Lumina groan as well.

Tali pushed Shepard back into a chair. The commander grinned as Tali Kneeled down between his legs. The quarian started to pump Shepard’s fat pulsing omi-tool with both her hands. She opened her mouth inserting his fist sized cock head into her mouth. She slurped on his head noisily huffing and moaning as she did so. One of her hands moved down to fondle and massage The Commander’s grapefruit sized balls. As Tali continued to skillfully play with Shepard’s cock it started to throb and swell bigger again. As it grew and grew Tali was forced to pull back from it, she gasped as she did so. “Oh, Shepard you taste so good, and you’re getting so big!” Tali said excited.

Shepard watched as his expanding Krogan Warhammer pushed out past the three-foot mark “Tali, turn around,” he demanded. The quarian chewed her lip, then did as she was told. Tali Remained on all fours, she spun around to stick her now yoga ball sized ass cheeks in Shepard’s face. The Commander wasted no time, he planted his fat growing cock between those glorious purple ass cheeks and started to thrust.

The two of them moaned in pleasure as Shepard slapped Tali’s ass hard, her ass cheeks bounced and rippled. Shepard pressed Tali’s giant, fat ass cheeks together, then thrusted harder between them. The warmth of Tali’s ass cheeks felt incredible, his cock was far more sensitive now. Shepard quickly found himself panting heavily as he grew closer and closer to orgasm. “Ahhh yes Sheppard! Fuck my giant, horny ass cheeks! Slap them! Spank me harder!” Shepard did as the lustful quairan asked. He spanked her over and over, Tali cried out in delight with each slap. Shepard was getting close now. He had to finish inside of her. He wanted to feel Tali’s warm pussy all over his cock.

Pulling out from between her ass cheeks, Shepard wrapped his arms around Tali’s waist. A songful giggle came from her lips as Shepard hoisted her into the air. “Oh Shepard,” she cooed as he turned her over laying her down on top of her ass cheeks. They were now big enough Tali could rest between them. “Ohh yes my lovely Shepard fill me up,” Tali licked her lips “I want to feel you burst inside of me,” she narrowed her eyes and started lustfully at her Commander now turned lover.

Shepard pushed his massive pulsing cockhead against Tali’s dripping pussy, Shepard smirked “permission to come aboard Miss. Vas Normandy?”

Tali returned the coy smile “permission granted Commander, this dock is always open for you.” Tali gasped loudly as Shepard entered her. Her hand reached down rubbing the bulge that formed in her belly from the shear size of Shepard’s cock. As Shepard thrust deeper the bulge only pushed out more and more. Tali’s head craned back in pleasure “ahhhhh yes! Stretch me Shepard! Stretch my pussy with that fat cock!” Shepard pumped his hips over and over, Tali rocked back and forth on top of her massive ass cheeks. Lifting her feet from the floor she wrapped her legs around Shepard. She pulled him in tightly riding him hard “oooohhh Shepard! I’m going to cum!” Tali shouted.

Shepard was on the verge as well. Tali’s warm, wet pussy clenched on his cock over and over, it milked him for all he was worth. “Unnghh Tali! I’m cumming too!” Shepard wrapped his arms around his quarian lover and buried his face between her ample bosoms. The two of them shuddered and convulsed against one another. Shepard’s now watermelon sized balls clenched over and over pumping his seed into Tali. She could feel her belly swelling out bigger and bigger under him as he stuffed her with cum. His hips continued to thrust until every last drop was pumped into his lover.

As the two lay on top of Tali’s ass cheeks they held one another. “Shepard, I’m glad we didn’t wait till later to do this. I wanted to express my love for you, for some time now,” Tali said as she stroked The Commander’s hair.

Shepard pushed himself up to look at Tali “I love you to Tali, I care for all my crew,” as Shepard pushed himself up Tali’s cum bloated belly bulged out into view. Shepard rubbed it “thank you Tali Vas Normandy, for letting me experience something so special with you,” Tali blushed.

Samara’s voice cut in across the Shepard’s com “Commander Shepard, I was wondering if I could have a word with you in the observation room, it’s urgent,” Shepard looked to Tali, she nodded it was okay “I’ll be there soon.”

Before leaving Shepard had helped Tali to her feet, she said she was going to stay in his cabin to rest up a bit. Shepard had not realized how big he had gotten. Using some extra linens to cover himself, Shepard strode through the Normandy. He was topless as nothing he had would fit him now anyway. His form was to large and hulking. He might even give a Krogan a run for its money right now. “You would,” Lumina’s voice interjected between his thoughts. He chuckled in his head. As Shepard entered the observation room, he was met with quite the view. Liara and Samara an entangled mess of bodies, limbs, and massive breasts. The two Asari were in the sixty-nine-position eating each other out. Their pussies plump and gushing as they pleasured each other.

The two looked in Shepard’s direction as he entered. Having witnessed this spectacle Shepard’s cock started to grow hard again. It pulsed out and pushed the sheets up from it. It was bigger than it had been up stairs. His cock was now five feet long, his nuts like medicine balls. “Shepard, I’m glad you’re here,” Liara said as she untangled herself from Samara. Liara made her way over to Shepard both Asari women’s breasts were the size of yoga balls, though Samara’s were still a bit larger. Their hips flared out more as well, though nothing compared to Tali.

“Have you merged with everyone in the ship?” Shepard quizzed Lumina in his head.

Lumina laughed “only those who wanted it Shepard, not everyone was receptive. For example, Jack told me to ‘fly to fuck.’ when I asked her. She has a way with words.”

Samara had closed the gap now as well. “Yes Commander, it is good to see you,” Liara broke her kiss to allow Samara to go in for her own. The kisses were shorter and less passionate than Tali’s had been. “Come Shepard lay down, we wish to do something for you,” Shepard was so aroused now he didn’t want to stop and ask why. He simply rolled with it. The two Asari led him into where they had blankets and pillows laid on the floor. Laying down Shepard watched as Liara stepped over him, she lowered her ass and pussy down onto Shepard’s face. He moaned as Liara’s scent filled his nostrils. His cock pulsed out bigger again, he was getting massive. Liara wrapped her breasts around one side of his cock. Samara took the other side. The two Asari women started to pump their breasts up and down onto his gargantuan meat pole.

Shepard shuddered in pleasure. He wrapped his arms around Liara’s not much plumper thighs and began to eat her pussy. Liara moaned loudly in pleasure as she rode his face. Still very turned on from his previous session Shepard knew he wouldn’t last too long. While the two Asari women titty fucked Shepard, their breasts grew fatter and rounder. It wasn’t long before the yoga ball sized breasts were the size of arm chairs. As their breasts pushed and rubbed together Samara’s nipples grew fatter and longer. She thrusted against Liara’s breasts harder and harder till her nipples pushed inside the younger Asari’s breasts “Ohhh by the goddess!” Liara cried as she sprayed all over Shepard’s face.

Using her mastery of biotic powers, Samara fashioned two massive dildos just as big as Shepard’s cock. The two large energy toys penetrated her pussy and asshole. “Oh, goddess it’s been so long since I’ve pleasured myself!” Samara cried as she rode the toys harder and harder. Her belly bulged out from the massive biotic insertions. Liara seeing her elder’s idea, and being no slouch in the biotic department herself, did the same. Though she inserted both into her ass, to allow Shepard to continue eating her pussy. All three of them cried out loudly in pleasure as their hyper sensitive naughty bits were stimulated more than they had ever been before.
With every cry, moan, or groan of pleasure Shepard made, Lumina mirrored him. She was able to feel what he felt. “Ohhh I’m gonna cum!” Shepard roared as his now almost car tire sized balls clenched over and over.

“Ahhh yes Shepard! I am cumming too!” Liara screamed as her eyes darkened over.

“Ohhhh I am cumming as well!” Samara shouted, her eyes turning black too. The three-mind linked as they came harder than they ever had before. Cum erupted from Shepard’s cock. It splattered against the ceiling of the observation room. Before it rained back down onto the two blue, bigger than the Asari they were attached to, sets of tits, wrapped around Shepard’s mammoth cock. As the three came down, the massive blue energy cocks vanished from within the two Asari women. All of them sighed in pleasure.

After a few moments Liara and Samara got up from Shepard, they had to heft their bosoms off the ground to move, but they were able to manage. “That was wonderful you two, it means more than you know. Shepard approached and kissed Liara, before doing the same to Samara.

Samara touched his shoulder “thank you Shepard we enjoyed this as well.”

“Shepard you there?” Tali’s voice came over his com “I’m ready for round two, this time I have a friend,” Shepard’s cock twitched at the mention of a friend.

Liara stroked Shepard’s cheek “go, have fun, you deserve it.”

Shepard took Liara’s hand in his own “thank you Liara,” he let go of it as he turned to make his way back to his room.

The ride up in the elevator was cramped, the fact that his cock would not get soft made for some awkward standing. As the doors opened Shepard all but fell out of the tight space. “Ha! I had thought you were more graceful than that Shepard,” Miranda’s voice filled his ears. Shepard looked over to the bed. Laid on it was a very curvy Miranda, and an even curvier than when he had left Tali. Miranda’s breasts were larger than Tali’s, but her ass cheeks were smaller. Though she was sporting more than Liara and Samara had. Taking up the vast majority of the bed though was Tali’s massive ass cheeks. “I heard you’re an ass man Shepard,” Miranda nodded at Tali “and while I can’t compare to our young engineer. I thought I would add mine to the equation,” she finished with a sly grin.

Tali couldn’t tear her eyes away from the massive cock Shepard now sported “by the creator you’ve gotten massive Shepard!” Tali exclaimed. Tali swung her massive ass out over the side of the bed presenting her pussy to Shepard “Shepard I need to feel that giant thing inside me! Please I want it now!” the quarian pleaded.

“Shouldn’t keep a lady waiting Shepard,” Miranda said before she leaned down to suck on Tali’s nipple. The Quarian moaned as the Cerberus member sucked, juices poured from Tali’s quivering pussy onto the floor of the room.

Shepard couldn’t resist he pointed his cock and then thrust it into Tali “YES!” Tali screeched as the massive cock stretched her pussy like never before. “Yes! Deeper! Push it deeper! Every! Last inch!” She cried out in ecstasy as her belly stretched out filled to the brim with cock. “Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! More! More! I need to be fucked by your massive cock!” Tali panted in lust as her pussy had more and more cock forced inside it.

Miranda chewed her lip watching the purple belly of Tali tent out more and more. Standing up on the bed she turned around, spread her huge, fat ass cheeks and sat back on the lengthening bulge. She cried out as Tali’s stomach bulge penetrated her asshole. Shepard felt the pressure around his cock tighten as Miranda’s ass and Tali’s pussy clenched onto his trash can thick, seven-foot cock. Both women started to ride against Shepard hard. With two tight rings stimulating different parts of his cock Shepard was drove wild. “Ohh fuck! What are you two doing up there?” he shouted, unable to see past the sexy purple ass cheeks that completely engulfed his vision now.

As Miranda and Tali rode Shepard’s cock at the same time, they all screamed in bliss. Harder and harder Shepard thrusted, Harder and harder the two women rode back. Moans and groans filled the room along with swelling tits, ass, cocks, and balls bigger and bigger they all ballooned. Shepard’s balls were now almost the same size as Tali’s bed dwarfing ass cheeks everything was overstimulated. Shepard could take no more “Ahhhhh Miranda! Tali! I can’t hold back any more! I’m gonna cum!”

Miranda looked back but all she could see was her own ass “Do it Shepard! Stuff Tali with your cum!”

“Yes Shepard! Fill me up! I need to be pumped bigger!” Tali’s tongue hung out her mind awash in pleasure.

Shepard bellowed as his cock erupted with cum. As it flooded inside Tali her belly ballooned bigger and bigger and bigger. Which in turn made Miranda’s stomach swell and swell too. The two women cried out for more as they were filled at the same time. Bigger and bigger they were stuffed with cum until finally Shepard’s balls stopped their churning. The two women on Shepard’s cock were so massive now they couldn’t possibly get off it. Not that it mattered being stretched so much and put through so much pleasure had made the two of them pass out. Despite being exhausted Shepard could not find sleep. Something was keeping him awake “you planned this,” he said out loud.

There was silence for a bit before Lumina replied “yes, you deserved a reward, and I longed to feel the sweet sensation of sexual pleasure again. I told you before my people are ones who celebrate life. Sexuality is a part of that life.”

A somber thought entered Shepard’s mind “did you force them?”

Shepard could hear the hiss in his mind “no! I would never! That is a disgrace to the beauty of love,” Shepard breathed a sigh of relief “I approached each of them with this plan, you have been through so much Commander Shepard, it’s not often a man dies and comes back from the dead. Still you started fighting again. Not taking a break. The strength of will to do so is astounding.” Shepard simply kept quiet letting Lumina continue “your crew loves you Shepard. I can see why. The embers for this were already there. I simply built the fire from those embers.” Lumina paused for a moment “I built the bonfire a little too bright I’ll admit, but frankly I was sick of all of you ‘keeping it in your pants’ I believe is the human expression.” Shepard found himself chuckling “you all needed this, not just you, your whole crew, some went with it, some didn’t. Though I imagine that will change once word gets around.”

Shepard nodded in agreement “okay I believe you. Though I don’t think any of us will be fighting a war like this,” Shepard gestured at Tali’s ass.

Lumina laughed “don’t worry Shepard, by the time the battle comes you’ll all be fighting fit, and the Reapers will have war,” Lumina’s voice grew stern at the end of her sentence “though for now, you need rest Commander.” Shepard felt his eyes getting heavy, to heavy to keep open. He drifted off into a relaxed sleep.

The following day the crew members who had joined Lumina in her sexual odyssey had reverted to a more manageable size. Things went back to business as usual on the Normandy. Though weekly Lumina R&R sessions were implemented. Commander’s orders.

The End.

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Chapter 1

Linda’s head fell back against her pillow chest heaving trying to catch her breath. Brad rolled off her panting as well “That was great.”

Brad propped himself up on his elbow and looked at Linda “mmm hmm.”

Linda smiled back at him. Brad leaned in and kissed her “I gotta go I’ll see you after work.”

Brad swung his legs over the bed and started putting on his socks. Great wouldn’t be the word she would use to describe it Linda thought to herself. It was good but, not great. Great was back when they just started going out. Every moment apart was filled with thoughts of getting home. Just so he could ravish her body. It was not as though their sex life was boring. They were adventurous always trying new things to spice-in up the sex life.

After four years the honeymoon phase of their relationship was long over. Sex had just become another routine thing. Like going to the gym. Their adventurous ways had fallen to the wayside as things changed in their lives. Brad was busier with work so was she. Linda wanted that fun side back though. She looked up to see him getting ready to head out the door “Bye Hun, love you!” she quickly called.

Brad blew a kiss to her “love you too!”

Linda returned the gesture. Linda sighed and rubbed her head deeper into the pillow while snuggling into the blanket. Enjoying the few moments of comfort before starting her own day. Which just happened to be the start of her three-day weekend she smiled at that thought.

The door thumped as Brad left. Linda reluctantly pulled back the covers and crawled out of bed. She made her way to the bathroom starting the shower. To let it warm up. “Best part about no one home is being able to walk around naked” she thought out loud “and Nicole is not due back till next week.” Linda did feel bad for Nicole. She was a beautiful girl, but she just didn’t see it. She just kept comparing herself to Linda, and Linda had seen lots of guys look past her to Nicole. The poor girl was just to low on self confidence to do anything. Not for Linda’s lack of efforts either.

Linda on the other hand was not lacking in confidence. She had four older brothers who were all very rough and tumble. They never made any attempt to shelter Linda from that either. As such Linda was every ounce of a tomboy. Despite what her body indicated. She had often been the one to pursue her romantic interests. She didn’t have time to tiptoe around what she wanted. She was clear, open and if the other person wasn’t into what she was saying she would tell them to take a hike.  

After an hour of just poking around on the net, Linda decided to start looking into some new sex ideas. She was desperate to throw off the shackles of mediocrity that had been placed on her and Brad’s sex life recently. Checking out one of her favorite forums for new tricks. She noticed the topic on the top of the page, zero views zero replies. “For those of you who have tried everything and are at the end of your rope,” Linda read aloud. The post must have just been made, talk about timing. It was practically screaming out to her, Linda clicked the link.

I’m sure you’ve heard it time and time again, medical cream! Guaranteed to provide fantastical, whimsical, wondrous joy to those who use it. This is no joke though, I can’t imagine my sex life, hell life in general, without this cream. I bought it on a whim one day, it was cheap, so I figured why not? I was desperate to spice things up in bed with my husband. I love him so much, but the sex just wasn’t there.

After using this cream, everything changed. It’s the best you could ever ask for. I’ve never looked back since. That said, I’m not going to put the link up here. Even for sexual deviants such as yourselves, this is a bit out there. I want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into. So just pm me, or add me to your messenger service, whatever is easier.

Candy ☺

Linda’s eyes ran along the e-mail, she quickly copied the email address popping it into the messenger. The messenger dinged, Candy☺ has just come online, Linda clicked on the window. Her mouth went dry, she was nervous, she licked her lips, her heart beat faster. She was nearly panting, there was something different about this one, she could feel it. Her fingers hit the keys, Linda says “Hey” popped up on the screen.

Candy☺ Says “Hi There!” replied.

Linda says
“I read your post about the cream it caught my interest.”  

Candy☺ Says  
“Oh really? Great! So few people actually respond.”

Linda says
“Ya well at this moment, I’m pretty well willing to try anything. As I’m sure you know always looking for something bigger.”

Candy☺ Says  
“Oh, I know exactly what your talking about, bigger is always better ;).”

Linda says
“So, what does this cream do exactly?”

Candy has invited you to a webcam conversation pop up on the screen, Linda hesitated for a moment and then clicked on 'I Accept'. What came up on the screen took Linda aback. Candy was gorgeous, she downright shined with feminine beauty. Linda had never thought about sleeping with a woman before, but she was pretty sure she’d drop whatever she was doing just to sleep with this woman. She shook herself out of her stunned state and sent her own invitation.

Candy’s voice came from Linda’s headphones “Oh wow you’re really hot,” she said as she bounced in her chair.

“Heh thanks,” Linda could feel the heat as her face began to flush. “Your beautiful” Linda complemented back.

“Thanks babe,” Candy said as she winked back slyly. “Now onto what the cream does, after this your sex life will never be the same,” Candy started to unbutton her shirt, revealing her valley of cleavage. She reached the last button, her very ample bosom spilled out; Candy’s tits were huge.

Linda was gobsmacked, did this woman have no sense of modesty? Still Candy’s breasts looked quite nice “Are they real?” she quizzed.

“Oh, they're real,” Candy boasted proudly. She pulled out a bottle, it was nothing special a plain white bottle with a screw on top. That didn’t get Linda’s hopes up “this is the cream,” Candy’s voice interrupting Linda’s train of thought. “You take just a small amount like this,” Candy lifted her fingers showing the small dab of cream to Linda. “Then rub it on any part of your body you want to be affected,” Cindy started to work the cream into her ample cleavage.  

Affected? Linda questioned in her mind but didn’t say anything. She was this far; her curiosity wouldn’t let her rest if she stopped now. Candy finished rubbing the cream into her dark brown bosoms. “When you put it on, you’ll feel a tingling sensation, then you’re ready to go,” Linda noticed that Candy was fidgeting more in her chair now.

Candy took her left breast in her hand, then brought the nipple to her mouth. Her cheeks puffed out as she blew on her nipple. Linda watch her brow furrowed, the hell is she doing? Linda thought to herself. Still as Candy blew over and over her neck seemed less strained. Is… her boob getting bigger? Linda’s mind was racing. Candy continued to blow on the nipple, after a few more blows Candy let her boob fall. Linda inhaled slowly the difference was clear. Candy’s right breast was noticeably bigger than her left.

Linda’s pulse quickened, this was like nothing she had ever seen before, it was hot. She felt her arousal stir and grow, not unlike Candy’s bosom. Candy took her left breast in hand and started blowing on that one. Linda started to breath heavily, it was just so sensual and erotic. She was getting more turned on more and more by the second. She hadn’t been this turned on in years. This was so new, so naughty! Thoughts of what to do with the cream danced in her head.

Candy let the right boob fall back into place, “the best part, bigger they get,” Candy cupped both boobs with her hands massaging them roughly. She let out a loud moan “the more sensitive they become,” Candy continued to knead them letting another, louder moan out.

Linda couldn’t take it anymore, she slid her right hand down to her pussy rubbing it. She then massaged one of her boobs though her shirt. “Watching you get off to me is so hot,” Candy groaned, that turned Linda’s temperature up even more. “With my boob this size,” Candy started kneading her boobs faster moaning loudly “I can … I can …make myself.” Candy started feverishly rubbing her boobs now, Linda picked up her pace as well. Inserting two fingers into her pussy Linda pushed in and out enjoying the show “unnnnnggghhhh… CUM!” Candy shouted, her body bucked as the orgasm racked. After a few moments, she came down.

“Bigger!” Linda spoke up “please, I’m not done yet, blow them up a little more! Please!” Candy Smiled seductively, then brought her nipples back up to her mouth, blowing another deep breath into them. “Turn side on, I want to watch them grow.” Linda said as she took her shirt off. She brought her own nipple to her mouth, sucking on it. Sticking a third finger into her pussy, she increased her speed. Candy blew her boobs bigger and bigger. Candy massaged them while moaning in-between blows. Linda was getting close now, she could feel it. “Bigger!” she moaned encouraging Candy. The busty and getting bustier woman moans became more passionate. She was almost there as well. “Bigger my beautiful, balloon slut! Bigger!” Linda inserted her fourth finger, Candy started rubbing her balloons faster.

“Bigger…ugh…bigger” Linda was at the breaking point. She arched her back out. Candy let her boobs fall from her mouth, grabbing her nipples pulling on them rapidly. That was all Linda needed, she plunged her hand deep into her pussy. Linda’s pussy tightened on her fingers. “Oh yes!” she screamed, her body shook as her orgasm racked her body. She slumped back into her chair spent. Candy was still frantically stroking her nipples. She looked like a woman possessed by pleasure.

Candy’s back arched “Oh god! Oh God! Oh GOD YES!!” Candy screamed. Candy’s whole body spasmed in her chair. She screamed again, as two white streams of milk shot from her nipples. Her body bucked frantically, she continued to moan and scream as stream after stream of milk burst from her nipples. Linda’s jaw dropped, her pussy was wet once again. She wished she had waited. Cumming to this would have been so much sweeter.

Candy’s orgasm stopped and she lay panting in her chair. “Oh my god! That was great! You really know how to treat a girl,” Candy still gasping for breath. “That looked amazing didn’t it?” Candy squeezed her nipple again letting some milk dribble out. “The milk is a fun little side effect,” Candy added. Linda fumbled to find words but couldn’t. She just nodded her head. “I’ve had better orgasms too” Candy stated.

That hit Linda like a ton of bricks “you…you’ve had better?” She stammered.  

“Yup” Candy huffed, still catching her breath. “Like I said, you can bring yourself to orgasm with just your boobs,” Candy said patting her ample beach ball sized bosoms. “Once you start to branch out form that though, that’s when the real fun begins,” Candy said as she flashed a toothy smile.

Linda day dreamed for a moment, the thoughts that came to her mind made her smile.
“So where do I go to get this cream?” she asked eagerly.

“My website actually” Candy chirped. “I sell it. I just like to make sure it’s a good fit for the people I sell to.”

Linda grabbed her purse and pulled out her credit card “you take visa?” Linda questioned.

“I certainly here’s the link,” Candy posted the link in the chat box.

Linda went to the web page and filled out the order forum “how much would you suggest?” Linda quizzed.

“Well it depends on how sexually active you are. The bottles are big as you seen. One usually lasts me 3 to 4 months,” Candy waggled the jar on the screen. “Remember it doesn’t take much, the only thing adding more does, is determine how long the effects will last.”

Linda thought on that for a moment. “So, does that mean adding more cream won't enable me to get any bigger? It will just extend how long I stay that size?” Linda prodded further.

Candy nodded, “exactly, take the amount I used, that was enough for 24 hours,” Candy bounced her bosoms. “You can get as big as you want, but when the effects wear off, you’ll shrink back down,” Candy made a shrinking motion with her hand.

Linda was sold “I’ll take two bottles! I might want to give some friends a test run. Get you some more business,” Linda chucked, Candy smiled.

Linda filled out the rest of the info, then sent the order in. She heard the phone ring in the background “you going to get that?” Candy asked.

“Naw let the machine get it today’s my day off and I’m enjoying talking to you” the machine beeped, Brad's voice came out of it.

“Hey Hun, bad news we just got hit with a big project, that needs to be taken care of now. Apparently, the client had sent this to another company, but they screwed it up. So, they sent it to us. For some stupid reason the boss said we could have it done for tomorrow. We're all going to be pulling an all nighter to get it done. I won't be home tonight, love you, I’ll see you tomorrow evening”

The beep sounded, Linda looked at Candy “any chance of getting that out for tomorrow?”

“Without question” Candy winked, “don’t worry about the shipping, that’s on me” Candy finished.

“Are you sure? I can pay it” Linda asked.

“Naw, there’s a reason I sell my product this way, so I can meet new people. Today I met you, that’s good enough payment” Candy Smiled.

Linda smiled sweetly “hey Candy, if you live near here, you should stop in for drinks some time, I’d love to have you in” Linda said sincerely.

Candy’s eyes went wide “oh my goodness! In the heat of the passion I didn’t even properly introduce myself!” Candy blushed in embarrassment “I’m Jen.”

Linda smiled “well do you mind if I call you Candy anyway?” Linda winked “or wait maybe I should call you milk dud?” Linda laughed, Candy just stared at her.

“Wow that’s cheesy, but ya Linda I will definitely take you up on that offer sometime, but I gotta go now so I’ll talk to you later” Candy smiled.

“Ok ya see you later; oh, and Candy I liked your sales pitch,” Linda laughed.

“Thought you would, bye” Candy laughed back                      

Chapter 2

Linda yawned, then rolled over to hug Brad, her arm felt nothing but the mattress. "Oh right, not here" she mumbled to herself, disappointed. Her mind still fuzzy with sleep, she sat up and wiped the crap from her eyes. Linda got dressed and made her way to the kettle. Mmmmm tea Linda thought as she smiled. Breakfast was the usual eggs, bacon, toast. Linda was right in the middle of getting everything ready when she heard a knock at the door.

She opened the door, there was no one was there? She took a step out to look, her foot struck something. Linda looked down at this brown package, she bent down to pick it up. She spotted the logo from Candy’s website. She quickly shut and locked the door. Her eyes wide excitement, the type that gripped her very being. She ripped the box open.

Linda was like a kid at Christmas her eyes wide with excitement, her hands shakily pulled the box open, drawing one of the two bottles out. She twisted the lid off and sniffed the cream, it smelled of strawberries. Linda loved strawberries, she screwed the cover back on, took out her cell and called Brad.

After a few moments Brad picked up. “Hello?” Brad's voice sounded from the phone.

Linda fought to keep the excitement from her voice “hey honey when are you due home?”

“I’ll be home in a few hours, why?” Linda smiled.

“I’ve got a surprise for you” Linda’s cooed sexually.

“Well I could come home now if you wanted” Brad eagerly responded.

Linda chuckled, “No, you take your time I’ve got to get it ready for you.”

“Ok” he sounded disappointed, but that would change soon.

“I’ll see you later” Linda finished.

“Ya ok I love you” the eagerness returning to his voice.

“Love you too” Linda said before hanging up. She went back to getting breakfast ready. Wasting no time, she had it cooked and wolfed down faster than she’d ever eaten before. Now on to what really matters, she thought.

It was time to try the cream. Linda made her was to the couch, got comfy and pulled off her shirt. She unscrewed the cap of the bottle. Taking a small bit of cream on her fingers, she rubbed it into her left boob. The tingle quickly spread across her breast. Her heart was pounding. Linda scooped up some more cream and applied it to her right breast. Linda felt the sensation again. Her breath quickened, she pulled her left nipple up and craned head down. Linda took a deep breath and blew, her eyes rolled back into her head. Linda let out a low moan.

Candy never said blowing them up felt so good, she never let on once that it did. Linda took another breath and blew again. Linda kept blowing, sighing, moaning, until the nipple of her left tit was pushing its way into her mouth. Linda forced herself to let the nipple fall. She quickly craned her head, then escorted her right nipple into her mouth. She started blowing faster and harder into her inflating breast this time. Linda blew and blew till she got light headed. How did Candy keep this up for so long? she thought to herself. Linda let the right nipple fall from her mouth, her head now fuzzy.

She waited for her head to clear, then slowly reached up and fondled her boobs. “Uunngh” Linda moaned loudly, this is amazing she thought to herself. She started kneading her huge bust, letting out moan after moan she pushed herself deeper into a fit of passion. Linda brought her nipples to her mouth while massaging the bottoms of her breasts. She began to blow again, with each breath she could feel her boobs swell larger into her hands. The sensation getting better with each swell. She started rubbing faster. Linda moaned loudly, her nipples fell from her mouth. She quickly caught her breasts and started playing with her nipples.

She screamed out in pleasure, rubbing faster, she could feel her orgasm approaching. “Oh, ya baby,” Linda started coaxing herself “fuck ya rub my big balloon tits faster.” Linda increased the tempo of her rubbing, she moaned loudly again “yes like that, yes make me cum like the slut I am! Rub faster bitch!” Linda began franticly rubbing her boobs. “Oh yes! More! more ungh fuck YES! Here it comes! Oh God Yes I’m Cumming!” Linda cried out.  

Linda let out a low guttural scream, her back arched out, she let out another loud scream. Her body flailed as the sheer pleasure of her orgasm took control. Her hands still frantically stroking her basketball breasts. Her body bucked, as what seemed like, orgasm after orgasm hit her. Linda continued moaning and screaming in orgasmic bliss. After what felt like hours, Linda fell back into the couch panting. Now dripping with sweat and other bodily juices Linda loudly exclaimed “that was unbelievable!”

She heard the door handle jiggle “shit Brad!” She jumped from the couch and ran for the bedroom. She could smell herself in the air that should get him excited she thought. Linda quickly shut the bedroom door, she heard the door shut outside. “Whew that was close. Nearly ruined the surprise” Linda muttered to herself.

“Babe, from the smell of things, you’ve been getting ready for me” Brad’s voice echoed through the house.

“I just thought I’d warm up for you,” Linda pulled out one of her nighties, then smiled and dropped it to the floor. “I’ve had the appetizer” she striped off her pants, then opened the door smiling slyly at Brad “now you’re the main course.” Brad’s jaw dropped, Linda looked down she could see the bulge forming in his jeans “how do I look?” She asked. Linda lowered her eyes, then walked seductively towards him. Her hips swaying with each step.

“You …. you look unbelievable, ho…. how?” Brad stammered.

Linda pressed her body onto his and drew his head down into a deep kiss. “Well leave the how’s for later,” Linda looped her fingers around his belt and pulled Brad back into the bedroom. She guided brad to a chair in the corner of the room and shoved him into it. Linda then made her way to the bed. She crawled onto the bed swaying her melons towards him. Brad licked his lips. He’s really getting turned on by this Linda mused to herself. She sat back on her legs “now the real fun begins,” Linda brought both nipples to her mouth and blew. Holding her hands in place letting her pale tit flesh spill around her hands. Brad leaned forward in his chair. Linda continued to blow, pumping her balloon boobs bigger and bigger and bigger. They were the size of beach balls now. Linda moaned in-between each blow.

"Holy fuck!" Brad exclaimed, "they're getting bigger."  

Linda started massaging her bust groaning loudly. She let her nipples fall from her mouth, “I’m your play thing,” she licked her lips “do with me what you please.” Brad jumped from the chair, pulled his shirt over his head, and quickly dropped his pants. His member now rock hard. He grabbed her legs and pulled them out from under her. Linda let out a laugh, as she fell back onto the pillows. Brad crawled up over her pausing to admire massive chest. His eyes met hers, Linda could see the lust in them. He kissed her hard, his tongue danced around in her mouth.  His large hand groped her right tit, Linda let out a muffled moan. Brad left her mouth, kissing his way down her torso. He started licking Linda’s breasts. She arched her back and let out another moan “pump me bigger,” Linda panted.

Brad sat back, pushed her nipples together, stuck them in his mouth, and blew. “Oh god yes” Linda moaned feeling her tits swell. Brad was blowing them up faster than she ever could. “Bigger! Oh yes bigger! Blow me up,” Linda begged as she watched her balloons swell bigger and bigger and bigger. She reached up stroking the sides of her tits “hhugnh yes! Keep blowing! I’m your living sex doll! Pump me as big as you want,” Linda continued rubbing the sides of her growing bosoms. They were easily the size of yoga balls now. Bigger even.

Brad pulled back from her bloated sex pillows gasping for breath “sorry Babe, if I go any more, I’m going to pass out.”

Linda’s mind was swimming, drunk on pleasure. “Mmmm then stick your swollen, hot cock in me,” she breathed huskily. “Make me scream for your cock to go deeper” Brad wasted no time with that. He slid his dick half way in then pulled out. Linda was dripping wet, Brad shoved his cock back in again and started pumping half in half out. Making sure to pull out and penetrate her repeatedly. Linda let out a low moan “yes! Oh yes! Fuck me,” Linda cried before pulling her nipples closer playing with them. She could feel a pressure building in her tits. The milk! Linda mentally screamed. She started playing with them faster.

“Oh, ya baby, play with those big fucking tits,” Brad egged her on. “Blow those sex pillows bigger and fatter while I fuck you” Brad stuck his dick in deeper.

“Fuck yes!” Linda screamed then stuffed her teats to her mouth and started blowing. Bigger she thought to herself I’ve got to get bigger I want more, this feels so good I never want it to end.

“Ya you fucking hot slut, blow those sex balloons up,” Brad stuck his cock deeper and started pumping faster. Linda moaned loudly holding her tits to her mouth. She continued puffing into her tits. The pressure in her tits swelling faster. Her tits, now the size of beanbag chairs, were starting to pull away from her mouth.

“Deeper!” Linda screamed “fuck me deeper!” Brad pushed his dick all the way in pumping harder. “Yes! Yes!  Oh God Yes!” Linda boobs slipped from her hands, she frantically grasped at them trying to keep them in her mouth. With no success, they flopped back into their usual position. That exquisite pressure stopped growing. “Babe blow my fucking tits up! Bigger! I need to be Bigger!” Linda pleaded.

“Alright you horny giant titted beauty. I’ll blow your balloons bigger,” he pulled her nipples close to his mouth. “I’ll blow them bigger than blimps,” he said before taking a deep breath.

Linda cocked her head back, arched her back, and moaned. The very thought of being so massive drive her wild. Shoving her nipples into his mouth, Brad started blowing and blowing and blowing. “Yes Bigger! More, more!” Linda started bucking into Brad to make up for his slowing down. She frantically pawed at whatever she could fondle of her inflating hooters. They were swelling out over the sides of the bed now. Linda was actually filling her bed with her giant tits. The pressure in her milk bags inflating faster than it had before. Her orgasm was coming fast. “Bigger Brad! Bigger! I’m almost there, oh Fuck!” Linda increased her pace “Yes! Oh god yes! Here It Comes!” Brad pulled back from her zeppelins and matched her thrust for thrust.  

“My nipples! Pull on my sensitive, horny nipples,” Brad grabbed her nipples and started to stoke. “Oh, oh god! Oh God!” Linda felt the pressure in her tits reach it’s peak. “I’m cumming!” Linda tensed up and screamed. Streams of milk shot from her tits. Brad moaned and came himself at this. Linda screamed and screamed. Shot after shot of milk erupted from her tits, each one bringing an orgasm stronger than the last with it. Linda continued to stroke her tits, prolonging the multiple orgasms, as her tits emptied of their fluids.

She could feel one last ball of pressure surging. Stroking her tits faster and rougher it climbed and climbed it reached her nipples. Linda locked up again then started shaking “OH FUCK YES!” Linda flailed wildly, her udders wobbling all over sprayed milk the length of the bedroom. It took Linda a while before she finally relaxed and came down. Her mind and body tired she couldn’t stay awake anymore and she drifted into a very pleasant sleep.    


  3 Days Later:

Nicole exited the elevator shrugging her bag higher up on her shoulder. She was glad to be home early. These family reunions were never her thing. She made her way down the hall to her apartment. Linda will be surprised to see me she thought. Nicole unlocked the door and waked in, the sound of Linda’s screams filled the air. “Oh crap” Nicole whispered to herself.

“Blow me bigger! I want my tits to be the fucking size of cars!” Linda screamed.

“What in the hell?” Nicole said as her curiosity peaked. She made her way down the hall quietly. Linda’s door was open just a crack. Nicole carefully opened the door a little wider and investigated the room. Linda’s boobs were huge! Brad was bent over them blowing into her nipples and they were getting bigger. Nicole gasped at the sight. She quickly pulled away from the door, expecting for the sounds of their fucking to stop, but it didn’t. Nicole let out a long sigh of relief. Her hand rested on her chest. She waited for her nerves to settle. Nicole poked her head back in, to look again. Her mind was racing how? how are they doing this? Nicole thought to herself. She was getting incredibly turned on watching Linda’s breasts swell and lurch bigger.

Nicole subconsciously rubbed her stomach. She had always fantasized about blowing her belly and boobs up. Filling them like balloons. She dreamed about it for as long as she could remember. Now she was watching it happen right in front of her eyes. She licked her lips, she had to know how this is done. I can do it she thought excitedly. I’m asking Linda how as soon as I can get her alone. Nicole backed away from Linda’s bedroom quickly and quietly. She placed her bag in her room, then made her way to leave. Nicole’s face was beaming, she pictured herself as what she wanted to become. I’ve got to get ready, if this is going to happen then things need to be perfect, she thought to herself. She closed the door quietly behind her. “It’s time to do some shopping” Nicole said aloud to herself, humming as she made her way to her car the. The best is yet to cum she mused to herself.

To Be Continued.

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This story contains explicit language and sexual content. If you are not 18 or whatever your respective legal age is in your area you shouldn't be reading this. This story also deals with Futa expansion or inflation of giga size. This is purely a work of fantasy and is meant as nothing more than a bit of fun. If you know what Futa expansion is and like it, enjoy. If you know what it is and don’t like it, you might want to steer clear. If you’re curious as to what Futa expansion is then read on, you’ll find out. Please have respect. If you don’t like it that’s fine but please refrain from negative comments. Thanks for reading.

A portly man came running down the hallway of a lavish manor. Large beams spanned the ceiling, with huge decorative columns that held up the roof. The floor was made from a black and white marble, a bright red carpet ran down the middle splitting the hallway in two. “Guards!” the man huffed and puffed as he ran up to, two guards standing at attention “what are you two idiots doing!?”

The two guards looked between each other confused “ahhh standing guard sir?” one of the two said with a little smarminess in his voice.

“Well clearly not very well!” the plump man pointed an accusatory finger at the two of them “you let someone take our lords precious treasure!” the man screamed as he grew red with anger.

The two guards jumped and ran down the hallway the way the round man had stumbled his way down. Upon arriving at the display room both guards stopped in shock. The chest was gone. The chest that contained their lords most prized possessions. The jewels of his collecting career “Oh, crap, we’re so fired, we lost the condom of the cummy cummy fruit!” The guard on the right said.

The guard on the left gave the other guard a strange look “the cummy cummy fruit? A condom? What’s so special about that?”

“The cummy cummy condom was one of a kind,” the older fat assistant said with an air of arrogance “worth a fortune. And our great lord and master wanted to save it for a special occasion. It is rumored to grant you pleasure so intense you’ll just keep cumming and cumming non stop. An old wives tale I’m sure. Still you idiots lost it!” The two guards shrunk as the older man yelled at them. There were no windows in that treasure room, there were no windows in the hallway. How had someone gotten in and out without being spotted was beyond what the guards could figure out? Whoever it was though, they must have been a skilled thief.

Nami the once cat burglar, now turned navigator for the Straw Hat pirate crew, whooped as she continue to run through the night. Her full, round breasts bounced and jiggled with each bound threatening to slip out at any moment. Nami’s bulge in her pants started to grow tighter as she got further away from her mark. Nami got in and out without being seen at all. Nothing gave Nami a good thrill like pulling off a successful heist. Well she could think of one thing, which was making itself very obvious as her once small cock and balls continued to swell bigger and bigger. Nami was very much a grower not a shower, her pants grew tighter and tighter on her ballooning bulge. The friction of the pants was causing her too much pleasure. She was gonna have to stop and take care of this thing before she could keep going.

Not the Nami minded. If there was one thing she loved more than stealing treasure it was jerking off her massive hyper cock. Nami would rub one out at least fifteen times a day, her cock was so massive she was almost always somewhat aroused. Her balls produced a ton of cum. Nami reached into her pockets looking for a condom to put over her cock so she wouldn’t make too much of a mess. Though quickly found to her disappointment she had none on her. She must have left all of them on the Going Merry “crap, I guess I’ll have to wait, Oh well there’s always other spoils to be had.” She dropped down onto her knees, the bulge in her jeans pushed up as it met the ground. Nami’s semi chub now doubled as a table as the crafty thief opened the chest she had pilfered. Her pupils dilated as her eyes fell on her lovely, lovely treasure. Treasure gave Nami the same kind of high drugs gave others.

She licked her lips looking over everything, but she came to pause on the square foil wrapper tucked in the corner “Oh you’ve got to be kidding me?” Nami scooped up the condom “guess it’s my lucky day!” Nami wasted no time she pulled open the wrapper, then took out her fat, long, semi flaccid cock. She pulled the cock wrapper down over the head of her cock. Nami had to really force her cock in there, condoms were usually tight on her, but this one took some extra effort. Nami started to pump her hips to work her giant dick into the condom. Finally after a little more struggling Nami’s now standing fully erect cock was inside the plastic wrapper.

Nami started to rub her length with both hands, she gasped in pleasure. This condom felt like a second skin, like she wasn’t even wearing one. If anything her cock felt more sensitive than usual “ooohhh that’s it cum for Mama!” Nami said coaxing her huge throbbing cock. Fully erect Nami’s cock was twice as tall as she was. Her balls were bigger than her to. Nami couldn’t even get her arms around her cock if she hugged it. That didn’t stop her from going to town on her cock as hard as she could. Thankfully even though she couldn’t rub it all over her cock was sensitive enough that it didn’t matter. Just rubbing the base of her cock where she could reach was enough to get Nami to cum and cum and cum.

Speaking of which the orange haired navigator was getting close. The tip of the condom started to fill with her pre. It just oozed out more and more filling the tip making it balloon bigger and bigger. “Ohhh wow I must really be pent up. I never shoot this much pre,” Nami said excitedly hopefully lots of pre meant there was a big load coming in her future. With that thought in mind Nami started to pump even harder than before. Jerking off faster and faster Nami moaned louder and louder “ohhhh I’m going to cum!” She shouted as her massive balls started to clench over and over. Thick globs of cum shot out making the condom inflate bigger and bigger with more cum.

“Ahhhh yes! Cum! Cum! Cum!” Nami chanted loving every second of her orgasm. Still she kept shooting more cum out it just wouldn’t stop “oohhhh what’s going on? There’s so much! It just keeps coming! I can’t stop cumming!” Nami still rubbed her cock even though she complained it felt incredible. She couldn’t help, but keep rubbing. As Nami continued to shoot more and more of her goo into the condom it stretched more and more. A tingling spread through Nami’s cock and balls “ooohh what’s happening now?” she asked. Her cock and balls started to throb out swelling more and more massive. Every pulse had Nami’s girth, length, and ball size skyrocketing bigger. “Ohhh gods my cock and balls they’re growing bigger and bigger! And I’m cumming harder! How can I be cumming harder I’ve ready cum so much!”

Nami’s cock and balls made her look tiny now. They expanded fatter, longer, rounder “It’s not stopping! Unnghhh feels so good though!” Nami started to rub her cock harder with her hands. She also started to rub her balls with her feet “uunnnnghhh I can’t believe I’m getting so huge! I know I shouldn’t, but I want more!” Nami’s cock swelled and swelled and swelled expanding fatter and longer than a pirate ship. The tip of the condom continued to be filled with gallons of cum, Nami was flooding lakes worth of cum into the persistent condom. “How has it not popped? I’ve cum so much but it keeps taking more?” Nami was starting to think that this wasn’t a normal condom. Why would someone keep a condom in a treasure chest? Condoms were pretty common place. There must be something special about this one. It must be the reason she just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Trees around Nami were knocked over as her swelling mass of cock and balls continued their rampant growth. She was amazed that the condom didn’t pop though. Even though the swelling, ballooning latex was pushing through all the points of the tree branches it didn’t tear of rupture. It just continued greedily accept Nami’s non-stop flow of love juice. Part of Nami knew it couldn’t last forever, she would have to stop cumming eventually. The condom would burst and Nami would stop cumming. It had to happen right? No one could just keep growing bigger and bigger like this forever, right? Even with these question it still didn’t stop Nami from enjoying what was happening.

Nami continued to rub her cock loving how good it was making her feel. There was nothing else she could do now. Until the condom popped she was probably just going to keep getting bigger and bigger and Nami was more than okay with that. Nami felt the cool waters of the ocean all around her balls now “ahhhhh yes! I’m getting bigger than the island now. I’m just cumming so much I can’t believe it! What if the condom doesn’t pop?” She asked half concerned, half wishing it wouldn’t. “Am I just going to keep getting bigger and bigger forever? Will I just keep cumming harder and harder?”

Answering her question Nami’s cock and balls started to swell much faster making the island they were on look like a speck compared to them they continued to push out in all directions consuming more and more of the ocean in their wake. “Ahhhhh I can’t believe it! I just keep cumming harder and harder! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Bigger! Bigger! Bigger!” Nami chanted losing herself to the pleasure of her juggernaut cock and balls. They were an unstoppable force now swelling and swelling consuming more of the Grand Line. Islands were swallowed up under the growing white mass trapped inside the magnificent stretching condom. “More cum! More cum! More cum!” Nami panted her mouth open, tongue hanging out, her pupils practically hearts now she was so in love with what was going on.

“Ohhh I really am going to keep cumming forever aren’t I? I just can’t stop! My balls are getting so huge and full of cum! More! More!” Nami humped and thrusted on top of her continent consuming cock now every second her cock gave her more and more pleasure. She thrusted her massive pole into the swelling balloon of cum that was attached to her cock. Fucking the massive cum reservoir tip of the condom Nami bellowed in ecstasy as she grew drunker and drunker on pleasure. She was now surer than ever that this condom must have been made by a powerful devil fruit user.

Nami could feel the curve of the planet between her balls now. She was getting so massive her cock and balls were expanding bigger and fatter than the planet. This only seemed to fuel her desire though. She loved cumming, she loved jerking off her massive growing cock, and she knew it wasn’t going to stop. Nami didn’t want it to stop, she now hoped the condom would never break. “Please just let me grow! Let me grow and cum forever! I can do it! I can just keep cumming harder and harder!” She wanted to cum her brains out for the rest of her life, she never ever wanted to stop cumming. Nami’s cock pushed out further and further into space. Her balls made the earth look tiny and still bigger she grew, bigger the condom stretched. Nothing else mattered to Nami now, she wanted this and only this. Nami would grow and cum forever!

The End
Nami's Big Reward
Another commission. A futa version of Cat Burglar Nami finds herself stealing a one of a kind condom made by a devil fruit user. Things quickly grow and grow out of hand. Much to the thief's delight. 

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This story contains explicit language and sexual content. If you are not 18 or whatever your respective legal age is in your area you shouldn't be reading this. This story also deals with belly expansion or inflation of varying size. This is purely a work of fantasy and is meant as nothing more than a bit of fun. If you know what BE is and like it, enjoy. If you know what it is and don’t like it, you might want to steer clear. If you’re curious as to what BE is then read on, you’ll find out. Please have respect. If you don’t like it that’s fine but please refrain from negative comments. Thanks for reading.

Hanna had always had a green thumb. She loved growing things, it excited her to see the new life spout. It gave her a sense of satisfaction knowing that without her, these plants, fruits, and vegetables wouldn’t receive the proper nutrition to flourish and grow. Her garden was her pride and joy. It was lush, vibrant, and beautiful. Hanna often grew things that people said couldn’t be grown in this climate. All it took was a careful touch and dedication. So, when the local farmers market started having the giant grow off. Hanna knew this was meant for her, and it was for almost five years straight Hanna won it with ease. Her vegetables were always twice as big as anyone else.

That is until the day Tilly Cartwright moved into town. The woman had taken home the trophy for three years now, and it baffled Hanna. She had driven by Tilly’s home, there was no garden, no greenhouse, nothing to suggest Tilly even have any interest in gardening. Still she had shown up the past three years and put Hanna to shame. It really wouldn’t have been an issue, except for the fact that the winning prize was ten thousand dollars. That money helped Hanna in a big way every year. It didn’t even look like Tilly needed the money, she just seemed to get off on winning.

Hanna was getting the point of desperation now. She had spent hours and hours digging through online forums trying get some kind of an edge on Tilly. As the contest grew close Hanna had grown the biggest eggplant she could manage, yet somehow in her gut she knew it wasn’t enough. Hanna was muttering to herself driving through town when she spotted Tilly coming out of that strange hobby and magic shop that had opened around the same time Tilly moved into town. Hanna’s eyes narrowed, Tilly had a small envelop in her hand.

As the light hit it, the envelope became see through. Hanna wasn’t one hundred percent certain, but the contents of that envelop had looked like seeds. Was that it? Was this how Tilly was winning? Magic seeds? It shouldn’t make sense, but it did. How else would a woman who seemingly had no ineptitude in growing pants just show up and win every year with ease. Pulling a U-turn in the road Hanna swung back around making her way to the shop.

After parking her car Hanna entered the shop. Her nostrils flared as they were met with the damp, mossy smell of earth. It was a scent Hanna kept dear to her heart. Already she liked this place. “Can I help you?” a curt voice spoke up. Hanna looked over to see a tall, spindly man, who was well-dressed stood behind the counter. He wore a button up vest, dress shirt, tie, and black dress pants. He pushed his glasses up onto his long hatchet nose. He looked down at Hanna as he was much taller than she was.

Hanna made her way to the counter. “Ahhh yes I was wondering, if you could tell me what you sold to the tall blond woman who was in here a moment ago?”

The tall, lanky man looked down his nose at Hanna, taking measure of her “why would you need to know that?” He stroked his chin as he waited for her reply.

Hanna looked down unsure of what to say “I…. I think she’s using whatever she gets here to cheat in the giant crop contest,” Hanna said out loud and realized how crazy she must sound.

The narrow-faced man sniffed “I don’t think I would call it cheating,” he pointed a finger at Hanna “is it cheating when you use additional minerals to enrich the soil you plant your seeds in?”
Hanna must have touched a nerve “oh, well, no. I suppose not. So, she did buy something here to help with her plant growth?” Hanna pressed on.

The man nodded “indeed, there are more ways to help plants grow. Than just the natural ways you employ Ms. Balladeer” He flourished a hand gesturing to the contents of his store.

Hanna took a step back “how do you know my name?” She asked nervously.

The gentleman looked at her flatly “I read the paper…”

Hanna rubbed the back of her head “oh right,” she chuckled.

The store owner held out his hands presenting his palms to Hanna “now, you wish to beat Tilly Cartwright at her own game correct?” He looked up at her “show me your hands.” Hanna was hesitant a first, but she held her hands out to the man. He took them in his own. Hanna looked back and forth between the man’s face and her hands. He smiled warmly “these are good hands, they’ve seen a great deal of earth, growth, and nourishment” he closed his hands around Hanna’s.

“Tilly doesn’t have good hands, they only know greed and pettiness. Not good for growing at all,” he let go of Hanna’s hands “wait here,” he walked away from the counter.
Hanna looked down at her hands, she didn’t see anything different, they were just her hands. After a few moments the man ducked back out from back of the store “this is what you will need,” he slid an envelope with seeds inside it over to Hanna “they’re special, meant for a grower like you.”

Hanna looked down at the seeds perplexed, she opened the envelope and peeked inside “they’re watermelon seeds,” she recognized the seeds immediately.

The shopkeeper nodded “prize winning watermelons should do the trick I think, just place them in your womb and they will begin to grow in moments.”

Hanna looked at the shop owner stunned “ummm excuse me? Put them in my where?”

The man sighed “I know it sounds strange but trust me there’s nothing more fertile than the womb of a living being. This is how Tilly has bested you all these years.”

Despite all logic screaming otherwise Hanna felt she could trust what he was saying. “I swear if you’re pulling some weird prank on me, I’ll come back here and slap that nose of yours shorter,” Hanna pointed threateningly at the much larger man.

He simply laughed and pushed the envelope towards her again “I think you’ll be back to thank me when this is all said and done. As a sign of good faith from one grower to another take those seeds on the house.”

Hanna scooped up the envelope “okay I’m trusting you, don’t let me down,” she started to back away towards the exit.

He waved at her as she left “you won’t be disappointed.”

Hanna didn’t waste any time getting back to her car and getting home. The more time she held the seeds she had been given, the more she could feel something strange from them. A pulsing sensation, an energy she couldn’t see, but she could feel. Maybe it was her mind playing tricks on her, but these seeds really did feel special. Once home Hanna stripped down her lower half, taking pants and panties off. She couldn’t believe she was about to do this.

“Shoving watermelon seeds up my hoo haa to try and win a contest. I must be crazy,” Hanna said as she took the first of five seeds onto her finger. Though if there was one thing that always was made clear in Hanna’s life it was the following. Sometimes, crazy works. With a grunt and some uncomfortable bending on her part she worked the first seed up inside of her. Pushing it in deeper and deeper till it penetrated her cervix, then slid into her uterus. Hanna went to work with the others it was an awkward process, she was starting to sweat from the exertion of it.

As she was putting the last one in, it slipped from her fingertip “oh fuck,” Hanna muttered as she felt around inside her pussy with her fingers trying to find it. To no avail, “whatever, it probably just fell out” Hanna concluded. A new development was happening however, all this attention she was giving to her lower bits started to get the juices flowing. Standing in front of her mirror she looked herself up and down.

The short, curvy, long black haired, tanned woman shrugged “I’m already this far,” moving back to sit on the bed Hanna started to rub herself with one hand, while the other groped and fondled one of her plump breasts. As Hanna masturbated inside her the seeds started to develop and grow. Hanna felt a strange tingling coming from her belly, it felt good. Hanna’s belly started to swell out bit by bit. It looked like she was advancing through the stages of pregnancy. “They’re actually growing inside me!” Hanna squealed in delight.

This was like nothing else she had ever experienced, it was both compelling and arousing to watch happen. She had always considered herself a mother nature. Now she was literally growing fruits in her womb. Getting turned on by the spectacle she started to play with herself more. Letting out a moan as her pussy quivered. It felt like the watermelons were pushing out against her pussy walls too. Hanna paused for a moment spreading her legs wide. If she had, had something in her mouth Hanna would have spitted.

Her pussy was now bulging out bigger and bigger. Hanna pulled her lips open, sure enough she could see the green stripes of a watermelon inside her sex. “Oh shit! It didn’t fall out! The seed didn’t fall out!” Hanna grunted trying to push the watermelon inside her pussy out. She pushed and pushed and pushed. It didn’t budge. Her belly and pussy just kept getting bigger and bigger as the watermelons grew inside her.

Hanna could see the individual bulges of the other four watermelons in her stomach now. She let out another moan “unnnghh this actually is starting to feel really good, but I got to get them out before they get to big!” Hanna continued to struggle she pushed and heaved with her Kegel muscles, it made no difference “oh my god! Am I just going to be burst by growing fruit!?” She was starting to freak out “how much bigger can these things get? Watermelons can only get so big right?” she asked the empty room. To answer her question the watermelons started to grow faster. “Ohhh god! More!?” Hanna huffed and puffed in pleasure as the melons continued to stretch her belly and pussy fuller and fuller. She was well past the point of any pregnancy, her belly was massive, expanding out with four perpetually growing watermelons.

Even still at this size Hanna could see no signs of distress. Her skin was just as smooth as ever, at this size she would have expected some kind of stretch marks, but there was nothing. Hanna took a few breaths trying to calm herself. As she did, she realized she could feel the pulsing from the watermelons stronger than ever. The shop keep had said they were special. Meant for a growing. This wasn’t exactly the growing Hanna had in mind. Still as the fruits of her labour expanded bigger and bigger inside her.

Hanna found herself wanting more. Her hands started to rub her now almost as big as she was belly “mmmm that’s it beauties, grow! Grow bigger! Healthier! Make mama feel good!” The melons seemed to respond to this and started to surge out expanding, growing. With each lurch bigger Hanna cried out in bliss, her pussy clenched tightly on the watermelon stuck inside it. Acting as a plug so none of the other melons could get out. Hanna started to rock her hips, she was getting close to her orgasm now.

“Ahhhhh bigger! Please grow more! Grow and grow and grow!” Hanna pleaded with her watermelon children inside her. They were filling her room now, stretching her belly impossibly big. Hanna only grew more lustful the larger she was stretch. Her belly and pussy sang in pleasure, both filled so delightfully well. Hanna’s belly pushed against the walls of her bed room. Still she grew bigger, the walls creaked and groaned before giving way with a loud bang.

Hanna’s massive watermelon stuffed stomach pushed through wall after wall. No fruit should be able to get so big still they continued their relentless growth. It was all proving to be too much for Hanna, her head craned back and her whole body convulsed as she came over and over. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over her as her massively stretched pussy brought her to higher and higher points of pleasure.

Hanna had to feel her belly, rub her lovely orb while she came her brains out, it was so magnificent now so massive. She was the most fertile plant mother, as she started to rub her belly her hands started to glow with a green energy. Hanna gasped as her watermelons started to grow much faster, more still they seemed to be replicating filling her with even more life. This just made Hanna’s orgasms even more intense. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Make me cum harder! Grow! Grow! Grow! Grooooow!” Hanna screamed. She watched delighted as her belly started to expand faster than ever. Making everything around it look small. The echo of the man’s voice played through her mind these are good hands. Focusing her mind now she called for the watermelons to keep growing faster. They replied. Hanna smiled, looks like she did have some prize-winning watermelons.

The End
Prize Winning Watermelons.
Another commission I did for a man who wanted a woman obsessed with growing the biggest prize winning watermelons. Using a rather unusual way to grow them. Her eagerness ends up having things grow a little out of hand.


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This story contains explicit language and sexual content. If you are not 18 or whatever your respective legal age is in your area you shouldn't be reading this. This story also deals with breast, belly, and butt expansion or inflation of varying size. This is purely a work of fantasy and is meant as nothing more than a bit of fun. If you know what BE is and like it, enjoy. If you know what it is and don’t like it, you might want to steer clear. If you’re curious as to what BE is then read on, you’ll find out. Please have respect. If you don’t like it that’s fine but please refrain from negative comments. Thanks for reading.

The clip clopping of hooves came to a slow halt as Patience Proudmoore, or as she was more commonly known, Patience the promiscuous, pulled the reins of the large horse she rode. Pulling out the map she had brought she read the landmarks to confirm this was the place she was looking for. The horse whinnied and shifted under her. This place bothered the beast. She could smell something strange in the air as well. It wasn’t death, more like the pungent lingering of multiple sessions of sexual congress.

Smiling satisfied this was the place, she dismounted the large Clydesdale. She hit the ground with a heavy clunk. Wearing full plate armour, the already large, muscular woman looked even bigger than she was. Patience was often made fun of for being to big to be a girl. They stopped laughing, when she started beating them in sword practice. They started lusting, when her ample curves developed. The over 6-foot broad woman was an oddity to say the least still even after. The powerful beauty went on to win many matches in the ring and in the bed. It wasn’t long before she earned the reputation of a powerful fighter and a fierce lover.

As there were no wars to fight in. Patience spent her life as a gallivanting adventurer. Roaming the world looking for riches, glory, and above all pleasure. Which was why she now stood at the mouth of this cave. The town she rode into last night, had a man ranting and raving about what he has seen here. The first person to ever make it back alive from this dungeon, or so the people of the town had said. While everyone laughed at him, dismissing his wild claims Patience listened intently. He said he had gone in there would a fellow adventurer, a woman. A woman who refused to leave the dungeon by the end of it he had said. As he ran towards the exit, she willingly gave herself to the creatures inside. The things he described that happened to her practically made Patience purr with arousal.

Once everyone had their fun calling him a pervert or claiming he had only had a very vivid wet dream. The crowd had broken away, that’s when Patience had moved in and got the information from him. Greasing his hand with a few gold, the man was only to quick to point out on her map where they had been. Now with Patience standing outside of the gaping maw of the cavern she took off her helmet, letting her long fire red lochs fall around her face. Her green eyes shone with anticipation.

Patience turned, she slapped the horse she rode in on, on the flank. It turned and started its way back towards town. She had heard this was a one-way trip, so she made the point of leaving her own trusty steed in the town. With explicit instructions of what to do with the impressive animal should she not return. This one was trained to return home without a rider. Patience wouldn’t let an animal suffer for her indecency.

Placing her helm back on her head, Patience started to walk towards the entrance of the dungeon. There was a heavy clunk, clunk, clunk with each step. Patience pulled her warhammer holding it in her grip ready for whatever this place had in store for her. Even though from what had been described, this place wasn’t exactly the physical harm kind of dungeon, Patience wasn’t about to take any chances. As she delved further into the cave there were torches lit showing the way in. Patience eyed them suspiciously, who was around to maintain them?

The path lead to a strange circular platform, in the centre of the platform was a podium with a large crystal in the middle it. Patience had seen enough of these in her travels that it was getting the point of being cliché. She rolled her eyes, then walked to the crystal and rested her hand on it. The large gemstone lit up, the platform shifted, then descended into the depths. “You know just once I would like to see one of these places take place in a nice sunny field,” Patience muttered to herself. Looking around, the chamber she lowered into was covered in smooth white stone, ornate pillars stretched from floor to ceiling, purple cloth draped between the pillars. There was a lilac scent that permeated the air. Under helm Patience mouth hung open slightly, this was much nicer than she had been expecting.

As she made her way across the large room, she approached t pool of water that bisected. There were ivory stairs leading down into the glowing pool of blue water. Patience would have to wade through this pool if she wanted to progress. She assumed this was a part of the dungeon, her eyes narrowed eyeing the pool suspiciously. Holding her warhammer out she dipped the end of the handle into the pool. There was no reaction. Pulling the handle out she brought the wet part up to inspect it. There was no sign of erosion or melting, the handle now smelled of the lilacs. “Well looks like I’m getting a bath,” Patience shrugged as she started to wade out into the massive pool. There were two waterfalls that fed into the pool on her left with a spillway on the right. The water flow must be what kept the pool fresh.

Patience’s hammer gripped tightly between her hands she worked her way across eyeing back and forth for any movement. Once she reached the mid point of the pool a large swell of water started to rush towards her. Cursing Patience readied herself. Whatever was coming was about to have a very unpleasant day, by way of her hammers head. As the mound got closer to Patience it sank back into the pool. Patience’s eyes darted about trying to catch a glimpse of her foe. She couldn’t see anything in the water, “I swear is this is a fuckin water elemental, or water demon,” Patience grumbled to herself.

“Ohh what do we have here?” a voice chimed behind Patience, she spun around looking for the source. There was nothing there. The voice seemed feminine though. “Someone new to play with? he’s big” this time Patience felt her leg being pulled under the surface, “but is he big where it counts?” The voice quizzed.

“Really sister that is all you seem to care about,” a masculine voice perked up to the side of Patience.            

Patience swung wildly with her hammer in the direction of the voice. Water splashed up onto her as her hammer sank into the water, but there was no impact “show yourselves!” Patience roared.

“Ohhhh a girl, my you’re awfully large for a woman, aren’t you?” the female voice said as she giggled “that hammer isn’t going to help you much here Hun.” Patience looked down to see a face in the water now looking up at her. Patience struck again, the face vanished before she hit the water.

“Really now there’s no need of that,” a torrent of water knocked Patience off her feet. Her hammer was sucked out of her hands and dragged away from her by the strong current. “Trust me my dear we mean you no harm,” the man’s voice added, they have a funny way of showing it Patience thought to herself. Patience went to stand, but quickly found she couldn’t pull her arms or legs from the water. A form started to rise in front of her it took the shape of a clear blue, naked man “you’ll find most down here prefer pleasure to pain.”

Patience struggled against her bonds as the man made his way closer, between his legs was a massive cock and balls that swung as he moved closer. He glided across the water as his legs melded into one as they reached the water. “What are you?” Patience asked.

“We’re slimes!” another form appeared alongside of Patience it was the woman now. Clear blue in colour as well, she sported hefty breasts that took up much of her torso. Her hips were wide, her ass cheeks plump. She leaned in kissing Patience. Patience mmmmpphhhed into the kiss, the taste that filled her mouth was exquisite. Patience felt the slime woman push her tongue into Patience’s mouth. Only it continued to delve deeper and deeper inside Patience till it was pushing into her stomach. Patience moaned into the kiss starting to get flushed as the sensation was new and erotic to her. It felt good to have this substance pouring into her. She returned the kiss of the slime woman. It was then Patience felt the tingling, it started in the pit of her stomach and spread out all over her.

Patience breasts started to lurch out bigger and bigger inside her plate armour. Her ass cheeks started to balloon, her thighs grew fatter. She in inhaled unable to hold her breath any longer. To her surprise as Patience’s lungs filled with the slime it didn’t hurt. It felt comfortable. She started to breath in and out like normal. What was this slime girl doing to her?

The male of the two got down between Patience’s legs “yes my sister is correct. We are slimes, or well what slimes become once we have lived long enough.” He reached out with his hand grabbing her crotch plate, the metal started to bubble and hiss. With a klink he pulled it away tossing it aside having made his hole. “We tend to take these forms to ease people into what we do down here,” the slime started to push his translucent cock into Patience. “You must truly be a lustful creature to make your way here,” she groaned as he began to thrust into her. He was so big it stretched Patience in a beautiful way. She groaned in pleasure as the thick liquid cock pumped in and out of her. Each time it seemed it was a little bigger, each time it felt a little better.

Unnghhh fuck me! Fuck me with that big cock! Patience cried out in her head. This was already shaping up to be better than she thought. Her breast plate now filled to the brim with soft pillowy breast flesh started to distend. The leather straps that held it in place creaked as they were pulled tighter and tighter. Her tits felt so sensitive now all the pressure on them felt amazing. She wanted nothing more than to rip the plate off and fondle her breasts. Her legs and ass were a similar story. Bits of swelling cloth covered skin started to ooze out between the seams of the armour. With the crotch part of the leggings already damaged by the male slime it was starting to break apart.

The female slime positioned herself, so she was mounted on top of Patience. Looking through her body Patience could see the other slime lean in sticking a long thick tongue into the female slime’s pussy. She let out a similar groan to Patience before stuffing even more of her goo into Patience. With an eventual snap, snap, snap the straps holding Patience breast plate gave way. Her newly fattened bosoms acted as a spring launching the plate away from her. It blorped into the slime girls’ body before it started to disintegrate inside her. Patience marvelled at the size of her breasts, they were larger and fatter than most watermelons. Thick long nipples crowned those melons as well.

The female slime finally pulled back away from Patience “oooo look at those nipples, you’re just made for sex, aren’t you?” The slime girl wrapped a mouth around Patience’s clothed nipple. The cloth dissolved exposing Patience’s apple sized nipple. Having her nipples sucked on pushed Patience over the edge. She shuddered all over as her ass cheeks burst from their confines as well. Patience’s breasts, ass cheeks, and thighs continued swelling as the slime guy finished pumping into her.

“Ahhhh I’m cumming!” Patience cried out in bliss as the two continued to play with her body. Once she finally started to rest Patience felt the gasp of the water let her go. He hands went to her new bosoms “they’re so big now,” she groaned as her hands sank into her soft bosoms.

The slime girl patted Patience on the head “well congrats on passing the first test, you’ve shown you really are a lover of the lustful ways.” The wave under Patience stood her up before receding away “we hope you like what we did to your body, just one of many sexy rewards you’ll find down here, hehe.”

The male slime stood next to his sister having simply let his cock merged in with the rest of his body. He gestured deeper into the room. “You may proceed through our pool. Though you’re more than welcome to come back some time,” he smiled.

Patience looked down at her body, there was no question she enjoyed this. The man she spoke with back in the village never said anything about his female compatriot getting altered in such a way. It turned her on immensely. Still she wasn’t sure what to make of all of this from the way the two slime siblings spoke this was only a taste of the pleasures she would receive here. “I’m not sure if I understand what you’re saying, but if there are greater feats of ecstasy to be had, I certainly want them!” Patience looked back at the two slimes “that you for treating me so wonderfully, and for what you have done to my body. I will proceed deeper!”

The slime girl bounced on her heels in a giddy fashion. Her large tits bounced with her. “Yay! I can’t wait to see how horny you get hehe!”

Patience blushed at that comment but turned to leave. As she reached the other end of the pool she looked back. The two were gone, the water was still once more. Stepping onto another round platform this one lowered as well. The room that this elevator led to was not ornate like the last one. It was more like a cave, there was moss and vegetation all around her. The ground soft beneath her feet, the air smelled of earthen decay. It was still pleasant to Patience nostrils, this was more in line with what she had expected. There was no foul stench of rot though just the simple smell of forest. A warm breeze blew across Patience, it felt good on her exposed breasts, ass, and sex.

Patience could see the next platform not far away. As her long strides carried her towards it her ample bosoms bounced and shook with each step. Her plump ass cheeks slapped together. Even her walking alone was enough to turn her on. Maybe just a break to satisfy her growing urges. Patience took off her gauntlets placing them on a stone besides her. Lowering herself to the ground she started to play with her breasts. She moaned in pleasure as jolts of joy were sent to her brain from her now hyper sensitive nipples. They were just so big now they were a treat to touch and fondle. As sighs of pleasure escaped her lips Patience didn’t notice there was something new making its way towards her.

The green tendrils that blended in with their surroundings inched closer and closer to the pleasure addled woman. With her legs spread and her pussy already dripping these tentacles already had their target. As tentacles started to wrap around Patience’s legs her attention was finally drawn from her breasts. Pulling her breasts apart to look between her legs Patience smiled as small tendrils started to pull her pussy lips apart “mmmm that’s it, make mama’s kitten purr.” Patience couldn’t wait to see what these creatures had planed for her. She had always wanted to throw herself at the mercy of tentacle monsters before. Though the ones she fought often seemed more intent on killing her than pleasing her. This excited her.

Her lust only swelled as a massive fat tentacle pushed between her legs. This tentacle was a thick as her thigh. She wasn’t even sure if she could handle something that big, but she was eager to find out. As the slimy creature pushed into her pussy Patience craned her head back letting out a guttural moan. Her belly bulged out from the welcome intrusion “hhhaaaaaa yes! Yes! Stretch that pussy!” she shouted. With the first penetration complete this seemed to open the flood gates. Slithering like dozens of anacondas across the ground floor, equally massive tentacles made their way towards Patience. Smaller ones lassoed around her arms, legs, body, breasts, and butt.

They lifted Patience off the ground. The remaining armour on Patience clanked as she was hefted up. Another two of the massive tentacles pushed their way between Patience plump beach ball sized ass cheeks. She hollered out in euphoria as the thick appendages pushed their way into her ass. “Ohhhh fuck! Fuck! Pound my ass! Fuck my pussy! More! More!” Patience shouted as two more bulged formed in her belly. The tentacles inside her started to pump in and out listening to her cries. Patience huffed and panted as she was pushed closer and closer to orgasm.

Four more of the bigger tentacles plunged into Patience’s nipples. Patience nearly whited out from the pleasure. Her body had been modified to be fucked in so many impossible ways. If those slimes were here now, she would kiss them. This far exceeded anything Patience had wanted. Looking down over her tentacle ravaged body she could see bulges flowing down the tentacle lengths. As one of the bulges met her pussy, she felt the hot goo of tentacle cum flow into her. Her breasts and ass cheeks lurched out swelling again. “Mmm yeah! That’s it! Pump my slutty pillows up!” Her hands rubbed her ass cheeks while thin tentacles squeezed and fondled her swelling one again naughty bits.

As more of the blobs of tentacle cum met her orifices Patience’s balloons really started to expand. Her tits leapt out bigger, fatter, rounder. It wasn’t long before they had ballooned bigger than the torso covering boobs of the slime girl she had seen earlier. “Ohhh my goddess! My breasts are getting bigger than me! Yes! Bigger! Bigger! Pump me hornier!” she shouted encouraging the tentacles. Her ass cheeks touched the ground as they were pumped fuller and fuller. The warm soil felt great on them. Everything was a new sensation Patience only wanted more of.

As more of the tentacles closed the ground to Patience more of them penetrated her. Showing no mercy, they plunged in stretching Patience’s pleasure holes more and more. Each one that forced its way in had Patience screeching in bliss. She came over and over and over as the tentacles forced her holes wider and pumped her tits and ass bigger. Her tits and ass cheeks were bigger than horses now and still the tentacles pumped on. It seemed their intent was to pump her as big as the room she was in. Bigger and bigger and bigger she expanded her tits and ass cheeks flattening all the shrubs and bushes that were growing in this dimly lit cave.

As the tentacles continued their relentless assault Patience’s swelling butt ballooned closer and closer to the platform on the other side of the room. Her tits were starting to rub against the ceiling of the large cavern. Patience could barely think straight as more of the eager creatures pushed their way inside her. Dozens of bulges suck out form her belly as tentacle after tentacle pushed into her pussy and asshole. Finally, her pale supple skin swelled out onto the platform. The gem on the platform lit up, the tentacles stopped. One by one they started to retract from Patience.

Patience now so drunk on pleasure hadn’t noticed that the tentacles had ceased and were now withdrawing. As they pulled out tentacle goo started to leak from Patience’s nipples, asshole, and pussy. It seemed slowly Patience’s giant tits and ass were shrinking. So far Patience had only made it to the second level of this dungeon of lust. She had no idea how long those tentacle monsters had been pleasuring her, but she was now exhausted. Unable to move, enveloped by her huge soft ass cheeks and boobs Patience started to fall asleep. She wasn’t sure what else was in store for her down here, but she intended to continue her sexual quest until it was complete.

The end, for now.
You folks are neat. Thanks so much to all of you old and new who appreciate my smutty stories. I've been writing more than I ever have in the past, which is clearly paying off as my watcher count keeps on a rising. I know written works are in a bit of a lull right now so I'm happy to see so many who still appreciate stories. They are without question my favourite expansion/inflation medium. They let the reader imagine what they want. Create their own smutty visions to meet their needs. So thank so much to all of you. It means a lot that 800+ of you like my stories enough to keep a watch on me for more content. This has always been a fun little pervy, creative outlet for me. So it's nice to see other people who share my pervy interests.

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