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Some fantastic work I've found that needs more love!



Lion Savannah Painting Steps
I still love my lion! :D

1 - Sketch with a faint idea of shading/lighting. I knew I wanted some sort of sunset sky for the background so I chose some colours and just chucked them down

2 - Started blocking in colour ideas for the lion here. Looking back, I really should have used some shades and tones from the background here to blend it a little. I realise later and fix it, but really should have done that from this point.

3 - Slapping more colours on the lion, trying to get a sense of shape on the face and mane in particular as I didn't want it to appear too flat and lifeless. I really liked the idea of using deep reds or purples for the parts in shadow as it really helped with form.

4 - More detailing. I lost a lot of the sense of lighting here with the painting over of the lightest bits which I noticed and fixed in the next step.

5 - Big change. Started to add shapes and stuff to the background clouds and mountains to create a scene. Added warm oranges to the background so the colours fit with the lion more. Went a bit crazy with the lighting! I decided here I wanted the lighting to be super bright. I painted back in lighter bits on a new layer and added in a slight layer outer glow effect.

6 - Toned down the lighting to give it a warmer glow which fit in with the sunset scene a lot better. Detailing on the background

7 - More detailing on the mane and fur. I realised here that having the sun behind-ish means a lot more of the face would be in shadow so I couldn't have the effect I initially wanted without moving the sun. I added a bit of shadow here but it wasn't enough.

8 - Refined the shadow and overall added more red and purple tones. Final detailing of the mane. A slight textured effect applied to the fur.

Finished Piece -
Bella - Pet Commission
Another backdated commission from last year. Initially had just an abstract background, but looking back it was screaming for some grass!

For some reason I've really tried to avoid using blur recently, as it tends to move away from that 'traditional' feel I try and go for, but I think it really helps the focus for this piece.

Ahhh this was such a lovely one to paint!

I was commissioned this last year I think now, and I believe this was for a surprise engagement. The client sent me loads of pictures of his partner's pet birds, and wanted a painting of them all gathered together, with one holding the ring which he was going to buy. He changed ring last minute to a purple one, but I really liked the blue one so uploaded this one.

As always, worked on it a bit since then, adding a lovely glow and lighting from the ring. Learnt loads, it was definitely a challenge having so many birds together, and making it look realistic. I think my spacial awareness needs a bit of work, especially with the grey one at the back. I've got this 'comb' like brush that was absoloutly a life saver when it came to feather detailing!
Ancient Dragon Process GIF
Ancient Dragon Process ramblings!

1 - Sketching. The dragon design was actually completely four legged. I know this isn't obvious from the main design at the end as the wing covers it. I was initially toying with the idea to make the wing membrane slightly translucent to show this, but as it was bunched together overlapping, it wouldn't have shown much anyway so I scrapped it.

2 - Getting a scene idea complete with lighting in greyscale as it's far easier to map out. Initially this was just going to be a cave with lighting from the front, but here I changed it to give a cave opening at the back where the main light source will come from. I changed the tail to curve round the front instead, so the viewers eyes don't trail off the canvas on the left.

3 - These colours were a total test! I wasn't sure how it would work but thought i'd go for it and see how things shaped up. All colours here were painted over the grayscale and under the lines, with a colour layer mode. The slight shading visible on the underside of the dragon was painted over this on a normal layer.

4 - Increased the size of the dragon to make him more dominating of the piece. Started having lots of fun detailing with a rough texture brush.

5 - Continued detailing. Opacity of my brush is usually is around 70-90%, unless i'm doing hard edges. Changed the lava flow to water instead. Detailing the floor.

6 - Lots of highlights! Overall colours tweaks and painting of the sky which i totally neglected. All round finalizing details. I'm still super happy with how this came out!

Finished Piece -

ADOPTABLE - Abrixanykus - OPEN
Newly founded, the Universal Adoption Centre is proud to open its doors and announce the first collection of otherworldly creatures in need of loving homes. The registered and named species known as Abrixanykus has only just finished the incubation and raising period, with each subspecies variant now in adolescence. Care needs to be taken as although our research has indicated that they have finished growing, some may continue. We cannot give certainty due to the specified species rarity. Please read below before considering adoption.


Adoptable Auction

Stating Bid = $25
Minimum Increase = $5
Auto Buy = $75

Winning buyers will receive the following -

- Full resolution JPG of the creature (5000px x 2608px) with abstract background shown above but without the watermark -
- 2 transparent PNGs with no background, one with shadow and one without.

Payment is via Paypal and auctions will end 48 hours after the starting bid unless Auto Buy is invoked. Please comment below under the specified comment to bid and remain in the comment chain. Files will be sent after payment and must be received within 3 days after winning the bid or you will lose your creature!

After receiving your adopt you will have full usage for PERSONAL use only. Commercial rights can be bought separately if this is what you are interested in.



Origin -

An isolated batch of four eggs were discovered in the 3344.24 Quadrant on a planet that despite vast vegetation only seemed to be inhabited by somewhat aggressive insects. After a long and extensive hands on research with the flora, we came to the theory that all other wildlife had died out due to a rather high level of poisonous and odorless gases coming from most of the plants themselves. Thankfully, the eggs were unharmed due to them being in a protective stasis, seemingly a survival trait.

After testing the eggs in different atmospheres they finally displayed activity whilst being kept very warm in an environment that replicated our own.

Anatomy and Diet -

Abrixanykus has proven to be perfectly evolved to catch prey mid-air with impressive wingspans and maneuverability. With incredibly sharp and powerful claws, long and sturdy gripping talons on each wing and a hard as steel hook-like chin, they are well equipped for mid-air combat. They have proven able to take down flying targets much larger than themselves.

Despite their predatory structure, they are in fact omnivorous and can sustain on local fruits and certain types of vegetation.

Their skin is hard enough to protect from most threats but surprisingly to the touch feels like warm velvet. The glowing patterns displayed both on their frills and the inner wings are theorized to attract mates or to display joy and excitement. If their colour dims it usually means they are agitated or unsettled. Expect this to occur during the first few days of introducing your very own Abrixanykus to their new home.

The vibrant coloured flames that constantly emit from their elbows, heels and tail are in fact an evolutionary trait. This allows them to continuously and effortlessly expel built-up lactic acids from their system in the form of an odorless, lukewarm flame-like substance, thus allowing them to fly for incredibly long periods.

Personality -

Abrixanykus are intelligent, loving and very loyal. They are known to desire to always stay near their carer as they are inherently protective. Don't be surprised if you your Abrixanykus finds comfort in walking just a bit behind you rather than beside or in front, as they simply wish to keep you in their line of sight whilst guarding your blind spot. They love to learn and thrive on being trained new tricks and meeting new people or species. They especially love meeting and befriending dogs and other reptiles.

Is there any way to see who has given you a DeviantArt membership?? 

138 deviants said No idea, sorry
8 deviants said Yes I know! (Please let me know! I am so immensely grateful!!!)

Thank you

I've always loved favouriting people's deviations and it's fantastic to see all levels of artist on this site. Favourites are such a simple thing, but it brings joy to those who don't get many and above all, each one helps your visibility with getting noticed. In turn, this inspires people to keep going, continue to work hard and focus on growing their skills.

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