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The Final Showdown (WIP!)



Argh, I'm delaying so much with this piece that I thought I'd post a progress pic to show I'm still alive =P

Gonna take a while to finish, but I'm really happy with the composition so it should turn out really nice in the end.

Okami and Oki fighting Orochi!

(Nagi can be round the other side fighting the other heads =P)

Oooooo I need to add in Issun too!
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Wow, just amazing! Simply amazing! Okami was such a brilliant game, the gameplay and animation was flawless~ I love what you've done here; I'm particulary fond of the way you've done Ammy's reflector c: And Orochi looks WOW! I'v tried to draw him before,and drawing a dragon in Japanese armour like that was no small feat. You've pulled it off so well, gosh amazing work! -Tips hat to you-