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Fox Cerberus

Day 4 of Mythical Dogs Week and it's time for a wild fox Cerberus! (Yes, I know I cheated a little as a fox is obviously not a dog)

I had way too much fun painting this. I haven't painted anything snarly and angry for a while!

Cerberus is a three headed hound of Hades from Greek mythology who guards the Underworld. He is often depicted with a serpent for a tail, similar to a Chimera, although not always. He was eventually defeated and captured by Heracles (Hercules)



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It's adorable! I know I'm supposed to say "ferocious", but foxes are just too cute :)

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That's awesome

The shading is so great

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Me like, foxes look very different when snarling, even though from what I read they don't since they are unable to really move their lips. Which I find a bit odd since they are a Canid.

FleetingEmber's avatar

I know! I had to cheat and borrowed inspiration from wolves. Foxes just seem to open their mouths and scream at eachother ahaha. Needed something a bit more menacing looking haha

TenkoSama9's avatar

It is refreshing to see a snarling fox though, really the only time I see movement of the upper lips is when my baby girl is eating.

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I love the ferocious and aggressive expressions all three heads are making! 8D

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Great job ʕ=ᴥ=ʔ

rebeccawangart's avatar

Nice twist on one of my favorite mythological creatures!

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