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Berserk - Guts vs Slan

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I've missed you, boy. It's been so long

Well! I've been working on this on and off for about a month. Feels fantastic to get this finished. I've poured so much love into this, and my god it was a challenge! The amount of revisions and changes is unbelievable, but now I'm happy and it's time to move on.

Best way to improve is to just dive headfirst into painting things you really don't know how to paint! Haha! I don't think I've ever had to use a mature tag before? I'm very happy with how the lighting has come out. I had so many different sources to think about.

So! The lovely Slan. Manifesting from the guts and intestines of trolls so she can torture poor Guts. At the current point in the Berserk manga he still has that astral wound that she inflicted across his chest. Hope he can get that healed finally in Elfhelm! (whenever we get a new chapter episode thingy... :( )

I'll be posting close up detail shots on my insta shortly!

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One day Berserk will either be completed.

Or the first season/series/show(?) however we wanna call it.

And only then I will return to read more.

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(I knew something was off when I saw the "53179F, looking for short date" account... Eh, whatever.)

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Love the fact that Guts's response to one of the most powerful demonic beings in the series rendering him powerless and pulling some kinky shit on is 'slight annoyance'

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I love Guts' expression

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He is clearly not having any of it! :XD:
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You are amazing !! perfect art ! Slan is my goddess !!
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Ahah thank you! She should be everyone's goddess :D
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This is so amazing! Berserk is totally my favourite manga/anime from all time!

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Ahah thank you! It is by far the best :D
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You're welcome! Yes, I love it so much!

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Told you you could do people!  ;)
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Farming Blighttown before I fight Queelag, this cannot hit any closer to home for me right now!
You did an awesome job!
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Yuz more berserk, looks amazing as always fleet!
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angry dude got molested by a slut 
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The QUEEN of All Sluts! Show some respect😏! When this bitch was human, she was this world’s analog to Queen Jezebel, fucking her way to the top, then fucking whomever she liked once there.
Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
....but, unlike Jezebel, she had the Behilet when the counterrevolutionaries came to feed her to dogs.
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Awesome work :heart:
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Thank you so much!!! :hug:
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There isn‘t nearly enough Berserk fanart, so this gem truly made me happy. It looks fantastic! Really well done. Guts’ facial expression is spot on.
Jeez... I can‘t wait for the new chapter (hopefully we get some Guts/Casca moments this time around).
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I know what you mean. It's nice to be able to contribute! Berserk needs more fanart!

Thank you! Really spent a while adjusting his look. Had to get him instantly recognizable with his face as armour and dragonslayer are kinda MIA, haha.

Oh god, yes. I know I'm gonna cry with a Guts and Casca chapter. I want those tears damn it!
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Exceptional work! Astonishing! Bravo!!!
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